This isn't a game by any means, so if you're looking for the next cool iPhone game to download, keep on scrollin'. If you like games, RPG's specifically, and have always wondered what would happen if you combined the functionality of a to do list app with an experience bar, Epic Win [$2.99] is right up your alley. Created by Rex Crowle, responsible for the visual design of Little Big Planet, and Tak Fung, the developer behind MiniSquadron [$2.99 / Free], Epic Win is a list keeping app by gamers for gamers.

On your first launch of the app, you choose one of five avatars. Three are unlocked initially, with the other two available via in-app purchase. Which avatar you choose has no bearing on how the rest of the app works, and you can change them at any time in the options. Tapping the pencil icon opens up a new task, at which point you set its "epicness" and date along with what type of feat said task is. These feats range from feats of strength, stamina, intellect, social, and spirit.

As you complete items off your to do list, you're awarded experience for the level of epicness you set and your avatar gains a point on your profile page for the type of feat the task was. When each task is completed, your dude travels down a curvy road, and eventually is awarded various pieces of ridiculous loot... And that's really all there is to Epic Win. Sure, there are more full featured gettin' things done apps on the App Store, but how many of them have loot or experience bars?

Yeah, you can technically "cheat" in Epic Win really easily by just constantly making and completing tasks, but the "game" portion of Epic Win really has no competition, and only serves as a neat little bonus for checking things off of a list. If you've found yourself looking for some more motivation to get things done on your to do list, and filling an experience bar is your carrot on a stick that will actually lead you to do things, Epic Win is what you need.

  • K.Nitsua

    This app looks very enticing. It sounds like something a bunch of guys at work can get into. We've always joked about tedious stuff at work being xbox live achievements and get gamer points - this may actually help us streamline it, haha!

  • Metalbear

    Been waiting for this for a long time....

    • jason


  • psyc

    The only problem I have is taking a good name for an app that does nothing to really describe what the app does.

  • Spencer

    @psyc except every time you do something, you can say "Epic win".

    Like, "I just replied to a comment on a blog post! Epic Win!"

    I think it's a great name for something that takes you through personal challenges.

  • mike

    Obviously... Task #23424 Stop playing friggin Video Games?

  • Adams Immersive

    I like the concept (and the trailer). But I like all To Do systems, the added effort of managing the list itself is a disincentive for me to do... anything! I’m always right on the edge of doing nothing, apparently, and it takes so little to pull me back over the edge...

  • Champagne01

    What a fantastic video! Genius.

  • Sera

    great "game" idea. i wished that my 2do would be like that.
    i think epic win can't get in competition with a real todo-app

  • Thrax

    Guys, is it just me, or the app has no sounds? It’s entirely possible, but I’m posting just to be sure nothing’s wrong.

    • Red

      It's not just you, I don't hear anything either.

    • Charlie

      Yup, no sounds, I just wasted $3. I'll be emailing the developers, it's pretty new. They better add sounds in an update SOON or I'm making a better version - it's a great idea.

  • Christian

    It's a fun idea but I'll wait for a universal version so I can use it on the ipad as well. If it doesn't have sound like Thrax says, that's a miss! Come on, you should get rewarded with a loud EPIC WIN! when you complete a task!! Or some handclaps like in Helsing's Fire 🙂

  • Skyr795

    It's a cool idea, but I'm not sure I would be willing to pay 2.99 for an otherwise bland to-do app whose only unique feature is making stats that do nothing go up or giving you loot that also does nothing.

    • Amy

      My exact sentiments.

  • Jon

    It seems ironic to me that in order to get motivated you have to pretend like your life is a video game. hmm...

  • Carl

    I know it's kind of far fetched but it would be really great if they could sync to toodledo's server so current users of the service can just sync their tasks to epic win's app so they won't have to re-enter tasks repeatedly.

    • Zubon

      I'm with you on this. I already have a long to do list - just punching it all out again, on an iphone no less, is a boring prospect. I went thru the options in the app but nothing doing. I'd like Sync with ANY to-do list, even google, would be great. It doesnt look good at work if i am sitting there tapping on the phone all day...

  • noah

    Mine must be broken, because I am completing tasks but nothing is happening on the profile page.

    This makes me sad... I can't "level up".

  • jason

    Im enjoying myself, this will be good for me, already forgot registering 4 class last sunday.. now I have virtual loots to actually entice me, vs real world loot

  • sammysin

    EpicWin is... Epic. :\

  • hapz

    Price is a little steep, considering there are even DLC..

    might wait a while for this one (me anyways)

  • Noah

    Okay, after using this app for a while it is a) fun, but b) leveling is painfully slow. It appears as if there's no leveling curve. I expected to level up after completing the intro tasks (which explain how to use the app), but alas, 2 weeks later with about 3-4 tasks completed a day, I'm still only about 10% into level 1.

    Kind of disheartening.