Whether or not you remember it or were even aware of it, earlier this summer Sony launched a fairly silly ad campaign starring Marcus, a sassy kid who has had it up to here with games like Paper Toss [Free] for the iPhone. Sony released a few other videos starring Marcus as part of the "Step Your Game Up" campaign, but this was the video that started it all:

The basis of the video seems to be that Marcus is outraged that on the App Store you're charged for a "fake version of a real game" despite the fact that Paper Toss, the game shown in the video, always has been and likely always will be free. After the initial surge of Marcus videos, the ad campaign seemed to die off, until this week when Sony released their next video:


The latest video highlights Sony's PlayStation Network "$9.99 Favorites" section with five year old games like Twisted Metal: Head On and Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee. What they neglect to mention in this recent video is that new PSP games, such as Madden 11 which is available on the App Store for $7.99 sell for just as much as their physical media counterparts at $39.99. They also leave out the fact that if you own a PSP Go and are limited to downloaded games only, you will often need to wait for games to be released on the PlayStation Network after they're released in stores, and sometimes they're not even released for download at all.

Then if you add in Sony's requirements of needing to be running the latest system software which can take hours to download and install to even browse the PlayStation Network store or that when you're downloading a multi-gigabyte game on your PSP you can't do anything with the system but wait for it to finish... I could go on and on. It should be interesting to see what Sony's next move will be, as declining PSP sales along with the failure of the PSP Go seems to be driving them to desperate measures to try to regain a foothold on the mobile gaming market.

  • MidianGTX

    But then the App Store sucks for Resident Evil, Final Fantasy, Tomb Raider, SotN and Metal Gear Solid 🙂 Swings and roundabouts, hence me buying both.

    • http://zererico.tumblr.com Zererico

      That's why we buy Real Racing, Chaos Rings and Archetype.

      • MidianGTX

        I bought them too... then I bought the others on PSP. Are you trying to say they're identical?

      • John

        Totally different games, and all are tiny compared to the average DS or PSP game.

      • http://zererico.tumblr.com Zererico

        You don't understand. PSP games and iPhone games are more like Console and Handheld. Completely different ways of playing.

    • Wegmans

      Dannnnnnggg 150 comments? This kid is hilarious in movies/ 30 Rock, but comes off as offensive and desperate here. I don't think it's very clever, they should have chosen the fart apps instead:

      "Why would you pay to listen to farts when you can do it for free, see??"


    PSP is better because of patapon, GOW, and Dissidia. Oh wait I forgot one, METAL GEAR SOLID PEACE WALKER!!!!!!

  • Hawkmankt

    Weak Sony. Keep trying bitches.

  • jc

    Jebus but these people are annoying.

  • noah

    I think the difference is basically the PSP was made for Games. The iPod touch was made for listening to music. Gaming was an afterthought. A great afterthought, but an afterthought none-the-less.

    • Adams Immersive

      The iPod Touch came out of a long-term touch computing project, which certainly had far more than music in mind.

      D-pad gaming on iOS devices is a (fun, great-looking and cheap!) afterthought. But there’s a LOT more to gaming than the traditional D-pad. Multi-touch for instance... There are a lot of great games in the iPod that could never be as good without touch (or tilt as the case may be).

  • GDSage

    I think the more pressing matter is why the writer of this article / blog post feels the need to address a PR video, which in case you hadn't noticed all PR-related stunts from any company (yes, including Apple) are out of context tosh, in many cases just pure lies.

    Or to put it simply... PR stunt filled with spins and lies, news at eleven.

    • http://www.squarezerostudio.com squarezero

      I agree in general, though I think this particular campaign can be criticized for just being spectacularly wrongheaded. As you well know, Sony's real competition in the portable gaming arena is not the 3Gs (or iPhone 4) but the forthcoming 3DS; the fact that they choose a strawman target (both in the choice of games, but also platform) reveals a profound lack of strategy. As someone who appreciates the PSP as a platform, I find that troubling.

    • Ben


    • http://www.mentation.nl/thanatist/ Thaurin


      • Brendan

        +1, not +2, oi! It doesn't go up every time someone replies.

      • Sean


      • Yrogerg212


  • nsolo1717

    haters gonna hate?

  • sal

    lol at you can play it in real life for free

    • http://doesnothaveoneyet ultimo

      But, how many'll carry or find a trash can & the papr to toss & allowed to do so?

      • Jack

        marcus advocates wasting paper. that shit is not free, it's harmful to the environment.

    • joe

      he left ot the cost of the fan 😉

  • Flynn

    Wow, someone's getting really stressy here. Do you even realise that this sort of thing has been going on for decades? Sega's Genesis adverts were always about how the thing did things that Nintendon't.

    You might not have realised, but Sony are only targetting the iPhone 'cause they know there's no point in going after the DS. It's the most successful videogame console ever created, you can't try to belittle it because it'll never work. The iPhone is already looked down upon by almost every gamer out there, so all Sony is doing is patting itself - and gamers who own true handheld videogame consoles - on the back by pretty much saying "Would you rather play Metal Gear Solid Touch, or Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker? Assassin's Creed: Altair's Chronicles, or Assassin's Creed: Bloodlines? Alive 4ever, or Age of Zombies?"

    But seriously, stop being so butthurt about it all. It's common tactics in videogaming. Besides, as low as you think Sony are being, it's not like they don't have a point. If iPhone owners didn't constantly try to act like the iPhone is anywhere near the level of the PSP and DS, chances are Sony would stop ridiculing it. As it is now, the iPhone is the place to go for indie games - why can't you guys just be happy with that?

    • Soupbandit


    • Hamranhansenhansen

      You're missing the point.

      Handheld-level gaming is just an adolescent phase iOS is passing through on its way to surpassing console hardware, which revs every 4-5 years, while iOS hardware revs every year, and doubles in speed every year. When PlayStation3 was released, iPhone did not even exist yet. iPhone did not even have apps 2 years ago, let alone games. The OS X core operating system under iOS is from the Mac, it will have no problem scaling back up to multiple CPU and GPU cores. And there are more iOS devices in use today than PlayStation and XBox devices combined, and iTunes is on 90% of PC's.

      So saying that there are still some things that Sony does better than Apple is like, duh. Apple just got started and this is Sony's wheelhouse. However the pattern is just like iPod v Walkman and MP4 v CD so what is Sony doing to keep that from happening?

      Instead of making commercials mocking the games on iOS, Sony should be doing something to get those developers onto their platform, and offer their users $1, $2, $5, and $10 games so they don't have a reason to go buy an iPod as well as a PSP/PlayStation3.

      And Sony is one of the most unprofitable phone makers. Where is their real phone?

      • bazz

        True, totally agreed with...

  • Zonko

    You can smell the fear, which is probably why, if the rumours are correct, the next PSP will also be an Android phone.

    While I wouldn't argue that the PSP is better for deep games (there's nothing on the iPhone to rival Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker for example), the quality of iPhone games is rising to the point where it's even getting mid tier PSP ports. ( Final Fantasy 1 & 2, and Crimson Gem Saga are out now, and Final Fantasy Tactics War of the Lions is coming soon) If the trend continues - PSP sales continue to drop and the iPhone continues to do well, I think we'll see portable gaming split evenly between phones (iPhone, Android, Windows Phone), and the Nintendo DS/3DS. PSP really won't get a look in, and I say that as an owner of no less than 3 PSPs...

    Oh and that kid is incredibly annoying.

    • Eric

      I think it is more likely that Sony will release a PSN enabled phone, not that it will be the next PSP.

    • http://animeworld.com Marc

      This is sort of the point here; it's not that the PSP doesn't have good games or it couldn't have a future, it's the obvious sense of fear and lack of direction from Sony as a company that these ads embody.

      It's not that Sony is hitting back, it's that they don't even seem to know what they're aiming for. Nintendo, at least, seems to get who their "enemy" is (though from a consumer standpoint, competition is a good thing), and are trying to do what they did in the console wars--sidestep the fight by changing the game.

      Problem with Sony is that they seem to think they're still playing the same game they were ten years ago, a game the lackluster performance of the PSP has proven they weren't equipped to fight from the beginning. Setting up a straw man and then failing to even land a solid blow on it isn't confidence inspiring.

      Aside: Sony, why have you fallen so far? I used to consider myself a fan of Sony hardware, until they repeatedly released products with insulting UIs and "features" designed by either the marketing department or the lawyers working for their content division. The ill-considered Sixaxis was a horrible sign that they really had no strategy past marketing bullet points. Backdoor rooting my PS3 for extra copy protection was sort of the last straw for me.

  • Samka

    sony what a piece of utter garbage. Go dig a hole and die in it. PSP is a portable games console, iPhone is a phone. totally unfair advertising they should be ashamed of themselves.

    • Johnny82

      If this was sarcasm I apologize.

      But seriously, Apple did the same with their PC vs MAC commercials. A lot of it was just BS. And what was relevant, was relevant YEARS ago and is no longer today.

      • http://zererico.tumblr.com Zererico

        PC and Mac were computers. PSP isn't a mobile phone.

  • Gamer.

    Ya know... I see these videos online on blog sites, but I have yet to actually see them on TV where they matter. Maybe I'm not watching the right shows, but then that probably means other iPhone gamers aren't either...So these ads probably mostly cater to people that have already bought a PSP, rendering them pointless and ineffective.

    It's pretty obvious Sony is stooping to smear-ads when the PSP-GO was a reaction to the Apple App Store and the new rumored PSP also follows Apples App Store strategy.

    • Soupbandit

      More like a reaction to 3ds

    • Johnny82

      stooping? Refer to above post. Apple did the same thing... shame on you.

  • RM

    Let me know when I can get games like Angry Birds for $0.99 on the psp.

    • diffusion8r

      Like Angry Birds is actually a proper game in the vein of MGS: Peace Walker.

      • RM

        well hard to complain when it's $0.99 vs $39.99

      • ImNoSuperMan

        Dunno about that but its quite a bit of fun 🙂

      • http://loewald.com/ Tonio

        GTA: Chinatown Wars is on my iPhone and cost me $9.99. I bought it because I couldn't locate a physical copy of the DS version in stores.

        Yesterday I bought a N.O.V.A (a very attractive FPS from Gameloft) on my iPad for $0.99. Just in terms of money saved on DS / PSP games, my iPhone has paid for itself. (It also saves me money when I look up reviews of XBox 360 / PS3 games in stores when I'm on the verge of buying them.)

    • Crunc

      Wait until the PSP gets Angry Birds... for $9.99.

      • Soupbandit

        Noone would want angry birds even if it is free

      • Bamsemums

        Tell that to the 6 million people who've already bought it.. 😛

    • Jack

      Let me know when I can get apps like iFart for $0.99 on the psp.

      p.s: Im waiting for iFaeces in iphone

      • Soupbandit

        No way that's outdated. Get the iconstipatedsounds for $1.99

  • zoqi

    Well I own both. But this is a bit too much Sony :/ Apple has gotten a great gaming platform and the PSP is growing old. Time to use those cash on releasing a new and better PSP rather than silly advertisements.

    • Arlene


  • Funny

    What it doesn't mention in the article is that madden for psp is much better than the iPhone version. It has better graphics, controls, and is more fun. The iPhone is getting there, but most games can't compare to psp quality games.

    • Cyggie

      I guess that's what your paying $32 dollars for.

      • Soupbandit

        I'd rather spend $60-70 for black ops than getting a free game called wastebasket 🙂

      • Cyggie

        I'd rather spend $1 on Meow Meow Happy Fight and be able to carry it wherever I go and have $59 dollars left to pay bills and buy food.

      • Soupbandit

        Cyggie not all gamers are 40 and need to pay their own bills. This commercial is targeting people way younger than you.

      • Cyggie

        Ouch, the truth hurts.

        *reaching for my geritol*

      • Brendan

        Where can I go to get Meow Meow Happy Fight for a dollar?

      • Arlene

        seriously, i find that the iphone is great mobile gaming, but not as much as DS. i'll play high end games on my ps3 thank you. DOWN WITH THE FAN-EURISM!!!

      • Cyggie

        @ Brendan
        US app store

        @ Arlene
        If you promise to stop hating the fanboys we promise to stop hating the haters! 🙂

    • Shadowsfall

      In a few more years it can and probably higher.

    • jsrco

      I have both systems... main difference is that most games on the i devices are made by small development teams with no budget. PSP games are made gaming publishers and paid developers.

  • ecco6t9

    Funny to watch SCEA spiral out of control on the PSP.

    They can't attack the DS anymore and soon they will have to attack the Zune.

  • RttaM

    I fucking hate you Marcus!

  • Jack

    You guys are getting desperate too..


    OMFG WHAT?!?!

    PSP software updates are smaller than iPod ones, and everyone usually downloads iPod ones even if you don't need to.

    • chris

      i do not understand i guess could you explain.. you never have to install firmware updates unless you want too.. or if you restore your ipod.


      • chris

        i see you said usually, well everyone i know who has one dose not upgrade every time a new isox is out.. they normally wait for a version update.. 3.x to 4.x etc.

    • HawkEye

      Except that with the exception of rare cases where the game requires a new OS API, the games on the app store do not actually REQUIRE an OS update to run. Sony blocks new games from being run without the latest firmware as a ridiculous anti-piracy measure (which never works). Installing them is kind of a pain.

      I had my PSP sitting off dead on a shelf for about a year and when I finally imported and tried to play Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep, it blocked me from playing until I updated the firmware. Then it made me charge the PSP to over a certain percent (even with the charging cable in) before it would let me update the firmware, which then took about 10 minutes to finish installing. At that point I could then start installing the game's files on the memory stick, because apparently developers have figured out their UMD read speed is so slow that they need to cache files on the memory stick to be able to run complicated games decently fast.

    • wotsurbeef


      Sony & Nintendo NEED to rethink there corporate strategy on games, make them cheaper, sell a fuck ton more. its the app store way!

      Easy yeah?

      • Soupbandit

        Nintendo is doing amazing. That best selling gaming device in history lmfao

      • Arlene

        What are you talking about. Nintendo is the TRUTH, GOD, etc. Apple is doing better.

    • MidianGTX

      I'd rather have the occasional software update than 50+ app updates every time I turn my iPod on to be honest.

      • HawkEye

        Er, those updates are to add new features or fix bugs. Sony's PSP titles rarely if ever are updated after release. I don't see how pushing a download all button and waiting while they sync is a downside to the app store?

  • Crunc

    I wish the iPhone had a slide out game controller somewhat like the PSP. If it had that, it would be perfect. Fortunately there's still plenty of game in the system, even without that, but it sure would be nice.

    • chris

      on engadget there was a article saying that feature is coming to a android phone.. time will tell..


      • Zeus

        ...but then you're stuck using a fucking Android, and having Google monitor and transcribe all of your calls.

    • Soupbandit

      Your buying a phone not a gaming device. That's like syaing you wish your ds or psp could make calls

      • birkenstalk

        No it's not. The iPhone has established itself as an amazing game platform and a slide out game controller would just optimize the experience.

        The DS and PSP don't have the components to make phone calls. How is there any correlation between these two?

      • Arlene

        Can we stop talking about gaming platform vs phone and do some sustainable talk like multimedia platform, thanks.

    • http://www.toucharcade.com Mr T Bailey

      To me the iPhone's touch and tilt interface is what sets it apart from these other devices, and has inspired some very original and inventive games because of this, thus pushing gaming forward and evolving it rather then keeping it stuck in the past by having to stick with physical control buttons.

      That combined with the accessibility of the appstore to both buyers and game makers has also pushed gaming forward by making it available to indie game devs with original and creative ideas that otherwise would not have seen the light of day.

      Thats my $0.99 worth of opinion.

  • PahnCrd

    The PSP is becoming more marginalized every day. I game a lot when out and about and the iPhone is so much more convenient to just have with me and so takes over for handheld gaming and everything else. I haven't touched my PSP or DS in months.

  • RhythmMan

    Hey Sony, step YOUR game up. Last place in hardware and software sales behind the big N and Microsoft! And dare we say, behind iPhone sales (when Verizon gets it).

    Ironic since Sony just announced they are making an android PSP/phone. Bashing the competition while JOINING them at the same time? Like saying you're going to kick someones butt while admitting defeat. Get it together Sony, this is embarrassing!

    • Soupbandit

      You can't compare a gaming device to a phone. That's like me saying that apple needs to step up their game because they're behind in sales compared to mcdonalds....seriously some of the stupidest comments ever are found on this page...

  • Der-Kleine

    I somehow would like to see Apple doing ads with iPhone vs. PSP. because they're just extreemly stupid the way sony does it.

    • Soupbandit

      Apples too smart to be wasting money...the iphone commercials look great

  • SR

    I think this ad campaign is not too bad. The message they're trying to get across is clear enough: the PSP is intended for the non-casual market.

    I find it sad that Touch Arcade feels the need to diss Sony for this. I come to Touch Arcade for news on iOS games, not for blatant displays of Apple fanboyism.

    • Snipyro


  • http://cymonsgames.com Joe Larson

    Cute kid, I like him.

    Seriously, folks, can't we just get along?

    Sony's ad campaign isn't desperate. It's an ad campaign. The iThings, lacking a input pad, have a certian disadvantage when playing games. The statement that the iWhut isn't built for playing games is not false. That's not to say some games haven't worked around it extremely well. But the PSP is a superior gaming device.

    You're article makes you sound like an Apple fanboy. Everybody's got their place. Even PSP and iPhone.

    Tho Android is superior to them both.

    • Ubisububi

      Geez, I hope you were kidding with your fanboy comment followed closely by your "android is superior" comment.

      Unless, of course you were referring to the fact that gaming on an Android is better because it's free; and by "free," I mean Android users don't buy apps, they steal them.

      • http://zererico.tumblr.com Zererico

        Yep, they steal puzzles and sudokus, because also they don't have time for stupid shooting games for kids.

  • Yog Shoggoth

    Funny ads 🙂

    Gotta love marketing people. Clueless doesn't come close.

  • menom

    Yes this says a lot about Sony's mindset; pure fear

    Ads like that will only appeal to stupid adults and very young children -
    neither group have much money - nice target audience Sony!

    Apple, meanwhile continue to develop and refine a platform of iOS devices that appeal to smart people who appreciate quality and versatility

    I know who's approach to business I'd rather be a part of...

    • Soupbandit

      Lol no this made my little sister want to buy a psp, it actually works on little kids and dude she can afford 20 psps if she wants my grandma gave her alot of $

      • birkenstalk

        you and your sister and grandma are gonna keep sony psp alive.

      • Soupbandit

        I'm a nintendo fanboy not sony

  • Shauns

    Sony just exposed themselves as being nothing more than desperate with that commercial. I have a PSP and an iPhone and i like them both buy if you want to compare games, compare like for like. Pitting a a free casual game on the iPhone against £20 to £30 PSP games is just deceitful. Try prince of persia, gta, chaos rings, street fighter, dragon warrior, brothers in arms, x2 snowboarding, need for speed on the iPhone. Are they better than their PSP counterparts ? - no. But they offer a lot more value for money, are with you all the time and are really enjoyable.

  • Synther

    Please. There are much better games on the PSP, thats true, but for just a quick game or fear for getting bored you should get an iPhone.

  • Mark

    The most pathetic post I have seen written here.

    The author should grow up.

    • birkenstalk

      Grow up = Only post about what you're interested in. Sounds like the kind of logic a child would believe.

      • Mark

        This was a fanboy post. Simple as that. And regardless of gaming console / TV programme / game / bike/ F1 team /phone / smartphone / or anything else fanboyism is juvenile. Hence my saying he should grow up.

      • soupbandit

        Something that I consider juvenile is your stubbornness on what is categorized as "fanboyism". It sounds like you are under the mindset that everyone should interpret things the way you do. Sounds like a trait a child would have.

      • B34$T

        The post was pure fanboyism. There was almost nothing related to iPhone other than the fact that Sony was going after the people who like iPhone games. If you read the article it is a complaint as to how the PSP GO is a fail.

  • Sam

    Don't bring out games on the app store and then diss it! Haha. Apple should pull their game.

    Hopefully they can see that PSP isn't as revolutionary as it was years ago and just quit whining and release some decent games. THEY are the reason there's fake versions of real games - I'm looking at you, Goldeneye!

    • Jack

      You bring up a really point that would have more of an impact if it were expressed eloquently. I'm too lazy.

  • Coiled String

    I love my PSP, I just forget to take it out that often as I'm usually distracted by my IPAD.
    As both offer different experiences on the move.

  • voynix

    Comparing a games console to a phone? That doesn't say much for their games console if they're worried about cell phone games. A games console should blow away a phone when it comes to gaming! Those game clips didn't do anything for me.

    • Soupbandit

      This is exactly what I think. Now this article which is trying to defend the iphone makes both sony and this site look stupid...

  • swockster

    Two different markets...I'd rather play for extended periods on my PSP...it doesn't leave me with 0% battery and the games are longer/better graphics.

  • http://www.itouchappreviewers.wordpress.com iTouchAppReviewers

    This is WEAK to say the least. Seriously? Picking THAT game to make the iPhone look bad? That just makes Sony look bad because EVERYONE knows there are "real" games on the AppStore. (e.g Archetype, Final Fantasy, All sorts of baseball games) AND they look SO much better with iPhone 4 retina, way better than they look on a stupid PSP.

  • superslovak

    Maybe Sony should take a hint, they are failing and apple is strides ahead of them. Make fun of apple all you want they will still come out on top. I was expecting better from Sony perhaps I was expecting too much.

    • Soupbandit

      Go play your ps3 instead of wastebasket!

  • tsharpfilm

    I have a PSP, and it's been sitting my closet gathering dust for the last 3 months. 🙁 I just don't care for it anymore. Sure, it may have better battery life and graphics, but the game selection is still crap.

    • Fastica

      Crap? Did you tried Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker (and MGS Portable Ops), Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core, Final Fantasy VII, FF IX, FF Dissidia, Monster Hunter, Patapon, Jeanne D'Arc, Resistance, Syphon Filter series, WipeOut, Killzone Liberation, God of War, etc, etc, etc.

  • Soupbandit

    And the author of this article leaves out the fact that everything marcus said is true and the iphone is a fucking phone that can't play games for shit. Seriously some games are okay once in a while but trashing a psp commercial? Seriously?

  • BazookaTime

    Is this the kid from that failed cartoon network show?

  • arr4ws

    i have a psp... and its collecting dust. ANyone want to trade it for an iphone 4g?

  • Gerrit4

    The PSP definitely seems to have an advantage for D-Pad games, but I've been very impressed with the way that the Iphone uses the touch screen, tilt etc for incredibly innovative gameplay. It's got a ton of free games, and there are often very good games that go free for a day.

    I have no interest in owning a PSP. What am I supposed to do, carry around a game system and a phone? I'd never use the damn thing...

    • Soupbandit

      Because you've never played good games...

      • soupbandit

        If anyone would like to know what games THEY enjoy, feel free to contact me.

  • Matto

    Valkyria Chronicles 2, Kingdom Heart birth by sleep, Phantasy star portable 2 , all coming in late aug/sept , the psp is all but "dying" and games are selling very well. So before saying 'desesperate' , try to get some informations on psp status before ...

    I love my iphone and games on it but pro-apple posts like this are as irritating as the stupid sony ads. Well, apple-fans are well-know for over-reacting :b

    • Yrogerg212

      Agreed. Please, defend your beloved Apple to the death, but get the facts right.

  • Icepulse

    Guess that kid hasn't seen “Let’s Golf” or “Real Racing” for the iPhone.

    Also, why is a grade-schooler schooling an young adult about gaming? See… the kid has TWO devices. He needs the second one to phone the gentleman and call him a sucker. The adult realizes that lugging around two devices is a pain-in-the-ass, and that the PSP is as dead as Dillinger.

    • Soupbandit

      You do know this ad was on channels for kids? Are you still watching dora the explorer? And seriously what's wrong with two devices. That's like saying to get only 1 game console....

      • Icepulse

        I don't hear you disputing my point about the fact that the games the kid is boasting about aren't any better than the two games I mentioned.

        Also, if I WAS watching Dora, it's safe to assume that I WOULD know that the commercial aired on a channel for kids. You're contradicting yourself.

        Besides, if it's aimed at kids, why disparage a 20-something, out-and-about kind of guy like the one holding the iPhone? And why not let the 20-something show "Chaos Rings" or "Rogue Planet" or "Palm Heroes" or "GTA: CW" or "Warp Gate" or "Civ: Revolution" or "Madden 2011" or "N.O.V.A."..... or one of the other scores of great titles for the iPhone?

        Get with the program, kid.

      • Jared Nelson

        Saw this commercial twice while watching Monday Night Football last night. That's not children's programming.

      • Doomboy

        Well, I would say most iDevices were out of most kid's reasonable price ranges, unless, of course, they are spoilt brats. And you don't have to carry around multiple game consoles at a time...

  • Big Albie

    Regardless of what you may think of Sony, this is a smart and creative move. I wouldn't be surprised if TA's article and others that are bound to emerge wasn't exactly what Sony wanted. Look at all the discussion that it's generated just in this forum alone. You may not like Sony and its views, but the buzz is what they wanted. Considering how this may snowball and the outrage expressed by Apple fanboys (which btw is only perpetuating Sony's message), Sony will get its money's worth.

    • MidianGTX

      I was thinking the same thing. It's a ridiculous advertisement, but with all the people feeling the urge to comment on how ridiculous it is, it's done wonders.

      • Big Albie

        Word of mouth is the key, and just by commenting on how much like or dislike it, word is traveling. People who weren't looking at or even considering Sony are now. Will they buy? Who knows, but Sony is generating awareness.

  • Yo bro!

    How can you compare a PHONE with a PORTABLE GAMING DEVICE.

    • Jack

      You can if you have a pea brain..

      • http://doesnothaveoneyet ultimo


    • Byron

      Enlighten us. Please explain the difference between an iPhone and a mobile gaming device. Oh, and while you're coming up with this thesis please review this video. Id Software's new Rage engine running on an iPhone, can't do that on a PSPoo (I own both but my PSP is collecting mega dust. It's too big, and my phone is always in my pocket). http://www.engadget.com/2010/08/12/carmack-blows-minds-with-id-softwares-rage-running-on-iphone-a/

    • Lavey

      PSP is dead, App Store is the future, and iPhone 4 hardware is x100 better than PSP.

      • MidianGTX

        If only it had the games or developer support to prove it.

  • http://www.mrjackgames.co.uk/ Mr Jack

    Stay classy, Sony...

    The trouble Sony have is that the PSP is a worse gaming platform than the iPhone. It's slower, it has less memory, the screen has a lower resolution. It may have joypad style controls but, frankly, I'm far from convinced that's actually an advantage compared to the touch screen and accelerometer sported by the iPhone.

    And then there's the development environment. XCode is simply better than the second rate SN Systems tools offered for the PSP (I was working on both last year), and whereas you need a specialised DevKit for the PSP, you can just pick up a iPod Touch or iPhone from your local store if you want to develop for iPhone. The specs mean that getting stuff running on iPhone is much easier, especially if you're porting from another platform, and Apple's gentle testing regime (yes, really, getting past Apple review is trivial compared to getting a game past Sony or, worse, Nintendo) means much less time jumping hurdles. And 3rd party platforms like OpenFeint are an absolute joy to program for compared to any of the console platform three's in-house offerings.

    And that's before you consider the natural advantages of a platform like iPhone (or Android) which people are going to pick up for all sorts of other reasons, not just to play games.

    Sony got the PSP wrong from the start, and need to have a really big rethink about their whole model.

    • MidianGTX

      You forgot the part about the PSP's best games being better than the iPhone's best games.

  • Renocide

    U mad...

  • birkenstalk

    soupbandit, white knight for the psp, is spending way too much time on a website dedicated to iphone gaming. he needs to get his psp out of his sock drawer and STEP HIS GAME UP!

    • Soupbandit

      You know i actually only posted like 3 times but someone else is posting under the same name.....

      • soupbandit

        3 posts? That's bullshit. I'll break it down for you: soupbandit posted everything that is blatantly ignorant.

  • Mister Mumbles

    You know what's funny? This article (which may be unnecessary) and its ensuing comments. Seems like most people act like they've never seen competing brands battling it out in commercials before. It's not about being desperate, it's about taking a pot shot at the other guy. I did get a laugh out of the "wastepaper basket" ad. I don't even put that kind of 'garbage' onto my Touch.

    Just remember to not get your undies in a bunch over something unimportant as this.

  • Kevin

    I don't understand why people say the iPhone isn't made to play games why else would apple bother to put an Accelerometer and gyroscope and a high res screen in it? So you can call people and listen to your music? Sure.......

    • http://img413.imageshack.us/img413/4988/mobilegameshandyspieles.jpg Alienmario


    • Johnny82

      Well the accelerometer wasn't introduced for gaming, now sure where you got that idea. Did you notice how the screen flips for you when you turn your iPhone? Could it possibly, just maybe have something to do with that?

      As for the Gyroscope, yeah that was probably added in for it afterwards though. Keep in mind, its been years and they have only now put that in. Its also only existed for a few months now. Not like its an argument dating way back.

      • Johnny82

        Oh, and the high res screen wasn't for gaming. Its for the camera nit-wit. Also, for porn. Gaming just gets to take advantage of it.

      • Soupbandit

        Sonys helping advertise Step Up 3d

  • Icepulse

    I won't lie, though..... I wish I had "Socom: Tactical Strike", "D&D Tactics" and "Metal Gear Ac!d" on my iPhone.

    • birkenstalk

      Yeah, there are some games that would go great on iPhone like Metal Gear Acid. That was an amazing game and I think it would work really well. I wish some great platforming games would translate as well on iPhone, but I have yet to play a good one. It seems like you need a Dpad for the kind of precision that games like Mega Man required.

  • http://mugampi.com DeShaun Zollicoffer

    I love appstore gaming but, the PSP has/had better games. I think the reason I game on my iPhone 4 more is because of convenience.

    • Jack

      Yeah, and we also have many super duper excellent apps like fart vs zombie, iFart, fart sound, fart piano, etc...

      • Jack

        And also, sarcasm is the pinnacle of valid points.

        (that was sarcasm!)

      • samthelion

        good point!

  • myron

    i love my iphone but when it comes to gaming psp is better only for one reason and thats cause of actual physical buttons theres only so much u can do with touch screen controls cause u need space on the screen for the game and madden is ten times more playable on the psp then on the iphone because of buttons and because of the many actions u can do on the psp which u can't do on the iphone cause of buttons but if there is one aspect of gaming that the iphone dominates the psp in that would be racing games tilt controls are so much better then d pads and joysticks for racing games. other than that the psp is much better in gaming

  • araczynski

    never seen those before, funny stuff 🙂

    anyway, i'm not paying 9.99 for a game on either device.

    both can 'step off'.

  • Icepulse

    Ooooh! Plus, you have to buy the "brick" 3000 to play the old UMD titles, because Sony doesn't give enough of a shit about it's old customers to make a system for DL'ing those older UMD-only titles that we choked up $30 a piece for.

    I say SCREW Sony. At least Apple makes it easy to re-DL your apps for free, when you change / upgrade your device.

  • Ashura

    Please, both platforms have their good sides and clearly the person writing the article knows NOTHING of the PSN. I've never had troubles with new releases hitting the PSN, ever. If I have to pay a little more cash for better controls, guess which one I'm gonna pick? Anyway, I like the ipod/iphone for casual gaming, but other games don't make the cut on it.

  • Der-Kleine

    has anyone noticed the girl sitting next to him on the bus? She doesen'T look verry interested... 😀

    • Cyggie

      Fer shizzle!

      • soupbandit

        Yeah, hey Marcus, step yo game up!

  • Cyggie

    Instead of showing Paper Toss why don't they show Abstract Wars or Trundle. Both free. Both Amazing!

    • soupbandit

      Because that would negate their deceptive ad. They had to use a game that would be an easy target. PSP has its share of equally bad games (that actually cost lots of money) but the funny thing to me is, when they have the chance to show what the PSP is capable of, they showed those old shitty PS1 ports.

  • Miffy

    Well TBH I have yet to play a good game on the iPhone, they all feel like flash games or something. Just gonna stick to gaming on Windows.

    • LKR

      Which is why you're on an iOS gaming site. Makes sense.

      • Johnny82

        Got to admit, this is a pretty good site to find some of the good games and weed out the crappy flash ones right? So why wouldn't they be here?

        Some of the games to feel cheap. In fact, the majority do. However, I've found a lot of gems 🙂

  • Johnny82

    Total Apple fanboy piece.

    • soupbandit

      What an amazing observation. Pointing out that something is an "apple fanboy piece" shows you were bothered enough by it to post a comment, and you are a sony fanboy. Don't you have a website you can go to that caters to you?

      • Yrogerg212

        Your logic makes no sense. Nothing here proves he's a Sony fanboy.

      • soupbandit

        You just proved you're a sony fanboy too. you guys are too easy.

        never lose.

      • Johnny82

        LOL, I have an Xbox 360, no Playstation or PSP. Not that it matters. Im guessing you are an Apple fanboy as well...

        I can't even imagine what its like to blindly follow something. I constantly switch brands. Being loyal in a capitalist market is just dumb.

        Oh, and I am selling my 360 along with 23 games because I don't play it anymore. I play mostly on my iPhone and notebook (windows 7) now. On top of all that, also selling a Mac Mini as its hindered compared to windows 7. Macmini with Snow Leopard will sell for about $400.00 because Apple people are so stupid hahahah 🙂 Doesn't even matter that its only 1.6ghz LOL

      • Yrogerg212

        Soupbandit... Please shut up.

  • awp69

    I have two kids with PSPs both of which haven't been played in months. My older one constantly plays with his iPod Touch. The younger one constantly asks to play with my iPod Touch.

    If even younger kids are getting more enjoyment out of apps than the "fancy" games on their PSP, Sony should just give up. I love being able to have 50+ games at my disposal at all times -- the total cost of which only would buy a few PSP games. Yes, they may not be as deep as PSP games (although I would argue that some do have depth). All that matters is that I enjoy them and this smear campaign is a joke.

  • Jessinho

    I still dont umderstand y os Sony saying the iPhone is a bad gaming device when they make games for the iPhone!!!!!!!

  • Daxmort

    Sony's media campaigns have always been completely stupid, but that doesn't make the PSP a bad gaming console. I will agree that the prices for media downloads are absolutely ridiculous, but a lot of the games on the PSP are still far better than those on the iPhone (God of War, Patapon, Loco Roco, Little Big Planet, the list goes on).

    But as the iPhone is essentially a phone with a long list of useful additions and the PSP is an overglorified media device, it can be forgiven for not actually having those games.

    But that still doesn't make the PSP bad. It's just Sony's terrible advertisements and immaturity making it look bad.

  • Jared Nelson

    Well of course the article is geared to sound defensive of Apple, this is an iPhone gaming site! "Fanboy" is a bit much IMO but of course TA will defend the bashes Sony makes against Apple in these ads.

    I think the real story is that Sony actually feels the need to bash the iPhone, so obviously it's a real threat to them. Which two years ago would have been the craziest notion ever. I own both, and a DS, and haven't touched the PSP or DS in MONTHS. They have great games but the convenience factor and sheer amount of quality games on iPhone is more than satisfying. Not to mention the much cheaper prices.

    You don't see Apple making ads bashing the PSP or DS do you?

    • Johnny82

      No, but they used lies to bash another competitor in another market....

    • Whosatm

      Literally after the first day I got my third gen Touch, I haven't touched my DS; I got it last Christmas. That says a lot considering I have a flash cart with all and any game at my disposal for free. The DS just doesn't feel convenient enough for me anymore.

    • Big Albie

      Sorry Jared. In Eli's case, fanboy applies. I don't mean that as a diss on Hodapp, but he is. On the other hand, this is an iPhone gaming site so what'd you expect?

  • Bok Choy

    Sony sucks and those ads are just obnoxious.

    • Johnny82

      Yes, and the BS spread by the Mac vs PC commercials didn't appear obnoxious? They were based on BS.

      Eli showed his true colours today, that is none. He is blind obviously. Stupid sheep.

  • PahnCrd

    This wreaks of fear.

  • http://apptapper.org Iphoneprogrammer

    And were still argueing over this stupid topic why? All this ^ is bullshit....completely unecessary.

    • PahnCrd

      ... also fun. Maybe you have lots to do, but I'm bored right now.

      If nothing else, Sony cannot simply dismiss the iPhone as having a significant effect on the gaming handheld market as I am sure they wish they could.

      Note, I have a PS3 and a PSP and don't care about Sony or Apple. However, this marketing is hilariously transparent.

  • A gay baby

    You Apple fanboys and Sony fanboys make me sick. The iPhone is not the first touch screen gaming device, and the PSP does not have the best graphics or games. The Tiger Game.com does both of these. Duke Nukem 3D, Resident Evil, Mortal Kombat, 3 of this years hottest games can ONLY be found on the Tiger Game.com. Try playing Lights Out on your PSP. Not gonna happen. AND you can check your email on it and play solitaire for FREE. Not to mention the cool address book. And did I mention its all controlled by a TOUCHSCREEN with a top of the line stylus? Shove that up your iOasS $teve Job$. No worrying about having to find a plug, this baby takes 4 AAs.

    • Wegmans

      I bet less than 1/2 of a % would want to use a stylus, I've had many Palms in the past and found myself using them less and less

    • Wim Lauryssen

      Uh...shill much?

    • Bibulb

      Game.com POCKET, thank you. The original Game.com is just too damn big. (Although it's got better networking options, if you get that expansion!)

      I've got a Tapwave Zodiac with an SD card for Duke Nukem Mobile. Considering what Tapwave went the way of, I've begun considering Duke Nukem the sign that a platform's going to die shortly.

  • Kevin

    I have a psp and have played a few fun games my favorites being patapon 1 & 2. but the psp has lots of flaws mostly being the umd vs digital pricing, I can get almost any psp game on umd for about half the price of the Psn version. Plus I can hardly even check the psn store on my psp cause there is always a firmware update and by the time I charge my psp and update it Im usually busy playin an iPhone or xbox game.

  • http://chungyen.com Chungyen Chang

    just posting to say I like both devices.


  • henderson101

    PSP NHL 07 vs iPhone Hockey Nations? Hmmm.... no flaming contest. PSP all the way.

  • JCat

    Great that the actor playing Marcus is making money .. but this ad just annoys the crap out of me. The ad execs try so hard to tap into pop culture and come off embarrassingly uncool. The character portrayed is a kid who's all up in your face making the adult look stupid (most ads are like that these days).
    It sends off the usual "you're a stupid if you don't buy my product" signal, and reminds pre-teens that it's cool to be obnoxious. The ad execs later go back to their beach house and sip on their mai-ta's, while parents and teachers are left with these easily influenced little humans. Don't get me wrong - the PSP is a fine piece of hardware.. but Sony's ads as usual suck. In the past, they've had many ads pulled in other countries, because they're desperately trying to get the word out, no matter how mean spirited it is.

  • Spk

    Guys lets be honest here. we'd have listened to the advert had it used Kevin Butler 😀

  • http://SA hilariousness

    I read through all of these comments just to see soupbandit troll the fuck out of everyone. He is either a troll, or a complete and utter schizophrenic:

    Soupbandit says:
    August 17, 2010 at 3:08 pm
    More like a reaction to 3ds

    Soupbandit says:
    August 17, 2010 at 3:07 pm
    Noone would want angry birds even if it is free

    Soupbandit says:
    August 17, 2010 at 3:06 pm
    I'd rather spend $60-70 for black ops than getting a free game called wastebasket

    Soupbandit says:
    August 17, 2010 at 3:04 pm
    Your buying a phone not a gaming device. That's like syaing you wish your ds or psp could make calls

    Soupbandit says:
    August 17, 2010 at 3:03 pm
    Apples too smart to be wasting money…the iphone commercials look great

    Soupbandit says:
    August 17, 2010 at 3:03 pm
    Lol no this made my little sister want to buy a psp, it actually works on little kids and dude she can afford 20 psps if she wants my grandma gave her alot of $

    soupbandit says:
    August 17, 2010 at 4:41 pm
    Something that I consider juvenile is your stubbornness on what is categorized as "fanboyism". It sounds like you are under the mindset that everyone should interpret things the way you do. Sounds like a trait a child would have.

    Soupbandit says:
    August 17, 2010 at 3:00 pm
    This is exactly what I think. Now this article which is trying to defend the iphone makes both sony and this site look stupid…

    Soupbandit says:
    August 17, 2010 at 2:59 pm
    It's the gameplay not how it looks. And idevice gamers shouldn't even start comparing graphics….

    Soupbandit says:
    August 17, 2010 at 2:58 pm
    Go play your ps3 instead of wastebasket

    Soupbandit says:
    August 17, 2010 at 2:58 pm
    And the author of this article leaves out the fact that everything marcus said is true and the iphone is a fucking phone that can't play games for shit. Seriously some games are okay once in a while but trashing a psp commercial? Seriously?

    Soupbandit says:
    August 17, 2010 at 3:11 pm
    Because you've never played good games…

    soupbandit says:
    August 17, 2010 at 4:57 pm
    If anyone would like to know what games THEY enjoy, feel free to contact me.

    Soupbandit says:
    August 17, 2010 at 3:21 pm
    You do know this ad was on channels for kids? Are you still watching dora the explorer? And seriously what's wrong with two devices. That's like saying to get only 1 game console….

    soupbandit says:
    August 17, 2010 at 4:49 pm
    Yeah, hey Marcus, step yo game up!

    soupbandit says:
    August 17, 2010 at 4:47 pm
    Because that would negate their deceptive ad. They had to use a game that would be an easy target. PSP has its share of equally bad games (that actually cost lots of money) but the funny thing to me is, when they have the chance to show what the PSP is capable of, they showed those old shitty PS1 ports.

    soupbandit says:
    August 17, 2010 at 4:44 pm
    What an amazing observation. Pointing out that something is an "apple fanboy piece" shows you were bothered enough by it to post a comment, and you are a sony fanboy. Don't you have a website you can go to that caters to you?

    Yrogerg212 says:
    August 17, 2010 at 4:58 pm
    Your logic makes no sense. Nothing here proves he's a Sony fanboy.

    soupbandit says:
    August 17, 2010 at 5:21 pm
    You just proved you're a sony fanboy too. you guys are too easy.

    never lose.

    *****Jesus Christ. Get a life, Kid. I sincerely hope you're trolling and 16 years old, because adults that genuinely behave like this make me sad.****

    • http://SA hilariousness

      Sorry for the crazy long post, I just wanted to make it clear for any newcomers that there was a fountain of shit spewing from one particular individual and it'd be better to just ignore him.

    • Soupbandit

      Hahaha, you missed some really good ones, though.

  • Brazilian Rider

    I don't understand why Hodapp is getting into this... for Christ's sake, it's a damn commercial!

    Stop worrying about this and review games.

    • Cyggie

      When was the last time a post on this page generated almost 200 responses in five hours. i'd say he's pretty smart.

  • Soupbandit

    Toucharcade Gets Desperate: Releases Sony Smear Article

    • soupbandit

      I get defensive when people attack Sony because I'm a little kid that feels threatened by any negative comments associated with my interests. I'm also really dense.

  • http://SA hilariousness

    I also love how people seem to think this is just some random author. You are all visiting this man's own website where he repeatedly mocks you. He doesn't give a shit about being fair or unbiased, he just tries to recommend and share iOS information and games.

    This entire community is embarrassing sometimes. (Eli knows this and openly makes fun his community on a certain awful comedy site.)

  • anthonyafterwit

    I think there's room for both. If I'm on a train or a plane, I want a PSP. If I'm on line at a store or waiting for a movie to start, it's nice to pull out my phone. That said, those commercials are friggin' funny. That kid is awesome.

  • http://SA hilariousness

    They both reach their own niche audiences, and that's all that really needs to be said about the competition. It's good that multiple devices exist and push their own boundaries and technologies.

    Choice is good! Just get whichever one fits your lifestyle the most.

  • PotatoSkins

    did sony take any notice of GamesCon and Rage for iOS? i'm sorry but that game looks like it could give the ps3 a run for its money graphically, i think sony have admitted defeat here releasing these commercials, without actually saying "we've been defeated".

    • Wim Lauryssen


      "Give the ps3 a run for its money"? Really?

      The only reason it's not on the PSP (and I really don't see why so many people get this wrong) is because Carmack decided not to make a PSP version. Not because the PSP isn't powerful enough to run it.

      • http://isthisreallynecessary.com Rob

        What does the game not being on the PSP have to do with anything?

      • http://www.frogatto.com Jetrel

        Uh, mostly the fact that devs are now choosing the iOS over the PSP.

      • Der-Kleine

        Have you seen the awful texture quality of PSP games? It wouldn't look quite as good.

  • Mark

    I thought TA was above fanboyism.

    I've read all the posts made here over the past couple of years. Some of those from arn or Blake I don't entirely get because they relate back to games they loved and played, games I never did. So while I don't get the enthusiasm I can see that it is just that. And that is really important here. Same goes for other reviewers who find a game that really clicks for them. You can tell those posts from the more run-of-the-mill ones that crop up. None of these are wrong and they all make TA a great place.
    This post is a fanboy post and you can't get away from that. I thought TA was above that. If arn and Blake are indeed fanboys (I don't think they are) they do an excellent job of hiding it and running the site in a passionate manner. Lots of differences between the two. I would imagine that most people find fanboys a turn off, they make a site less credible, they stop being the first site to check for information.
    It doesn't matter what the author writes elsewhere, what matters is that TA has a post which doesn't sit well with others and which - for me - lowers the tone. Please make it the last.

    • http://SA hilariousness

      Well, you thought wrong. Whoops.

      Eli never claimed to be impartial at any point. You just never noticed because you agreed with him before.

    • B34$T

      I totally agree. I know that Hodapp, Blake and Arn are Apple fanboys but they usually hide that when they write articles on TA. This post really seems stupid in itself and I really hope Hodapp didn't write it up just to start a flamewar.

  • mzeb75

    Usually a smear campaign means your getting your ass kicked. Which it is. I have an iPhone 4 and a psp. I gotta say i enjoy the iPhone games as much as the psp. If i had to decide wether to get a psp or say a iPod touch I would go with the touch. Same money but faster and much more portable.

  • mzeb75

    Oh and let me say to follow up the games on iPod or iPhone are very good at a fraction of the cost.

  • Soupbandit

    Sonys helping advertise Step Up 3

    • soupbandit

      I thought this was so funny that i posted it twice. please notice my existence.

  • Eduku

    Making this article was a bad idea.

  • dumaz1000

    Hey, don't hate. Congradulate. I guess Sony just didn't get that memo.

  • Matthew Lowery

    I have yet to find a game on my iPod that even nearly compares to some of my PSP games (eg. Killzone, God of War, Modnation, Metal Gear Solid, Loco Roco, Patapon and LITTLE BIG PLANET). The nearest any game has come to any single one of them is Zenonia 2. If I had the choice between the two for games, the PSP is the easy choice for me.

  • Soupnigga

    My bad, ya'll - I'm literally retarded.

  • Jared Nelson

    Just in case anyone's curious:

    birkenstalk, soupbandit, and jack are all the same person.

    Soupbandit (with a capital S) is a different person.


  • WauloK

    Awesome free plug for the guys who made 'the wastebasket game' 😀

  • Gromit1704

    My PSP has not been gathering dust since I got my iPod Touch in February. It is so convenient and goes everywhere with me and I have 40 games with my all the time.

    I suspect it is the iPad that Sony are really worried about. The convenience and value for money of the app store combined with the bigger screen is gonna really start to eat into Sony's profits.

  • http://www.frogatto.com Jetrel

    It's true that there are a lot of AAA titles that are on the PSP, and not on the iOS, but that's changing.

    Every successful release Square, EA, and all the others make, on the iOS, throws more inertia behind it. We've started getting the first crop of AAA titles, and as time goes on, we'll eventually have more than the PSP.

    • Soupbandit

      No, sadly square enix isn't doing as well on the idevices as they are on sony...

  • Karma32

    Sadly, Sony is the ghetto console maker of the gaming world. It's sad how pathetic Sony has become...I haven't touched the PSP or PS3 for a long time, except to play bluray movies on the console, the only good it's worth

    • Soupbandit

      WTF? What about FF13...

  • Yeong-Tae

    Sheesh, you guys need to come here to Japan and try and make this conversation. 'PSP is dead?'. Really? Would have never guessed it, seeing as over half of the people riding the trains in Tokyo can be seen playing one. I am no Sony fanboy - I own the PSP, PS3, DS, Wii, and iPhone, and I love them all equally - but I think some of the hate comments against the PSP are just ridiculous....but then again, so are the hate comments against the iPhone.

    Seriously, both devices are incredible in their own way and each has exclusive games that are awesome. The iPhone has Chaos Rings, but I don't think the iPhone would ever be able to play a game like Dissidia. Is one better than the other? Maybe, but not enough to merit an argument, and it depends on the user anyway. Because the truth is, they're both excellent. So why bash either one? Why make comments like, 'does X device have Y game? I don't think so!', when either device can make the same claim. I love The Creeps or Defender Chronicles, but I also love PixelJunk Monsters and would happily pay more for it (and did, twice actually). Crisis Core is so freaking awesome, but I would miss out on a lot of fun if I didn't have the incredible Chaos Rings.

    Yeah, they're different and each system has its own exclusive titles, but they are all excellent and it's not cool to bash them just cause you're a fanboy. If you don't have the money for both of these spectacular gaming devices, then get the one you think you'll use more and be satisfied with that - but please refrain from hating just because you can.

    • Fastica

      The first coherent post!

  • zero

    all i gotta say is there aren't any games on the PSP that let you kick a dude in the balls. but there are on iphone!

    • Soupbandit

      You have to do it on your phone cause your a pussy in real life.

  • Mark Rod

    Iphone gaming will end up killing quality big budget games for good. People are paying $.99 for a throw away game which makes the app maker 20 x the profit than the blockbusters are making companies like EA per man hour, EA has noticed and is gonna take over the app store gaming but the prices will be $9.99 and the product will be sub par compared to XBOX style game development but still no private gaming app maker can match.
    I noticed the article says Madden 11 is $7.99 on the I phone and $39.99 on the PsP... that line explains Iphone fanboys to a tee, price over gameplay. Madden 11 is unplayable on the iphone tap Brett Favre's ass to throw the ball is not a game or fun I don't swing that way EA.

    Iphone is a better device but at $400 retail plus $1000 yearly contract it better be, compared to PsP 3000 price of $169. Chill on the PsP sucks it's like comparing a Ferrari to a Ice cream truck.

    • Name goes here

      You do know that there is an iPod Touch? It starts at only $199.99 and it has no contract. And madden is not un-playable on an iPhone. You don't have to touch anyones ass, unless you want to o.0

      Grow up and stop acting like a Sony fanboy 😉

      • Soupbandit

        You do know iphone is a phone....

  • Kev

    I currently have a 3rd Gen Ipod Touch, a Nintendo DS and PSP. On the whole the PSP has been the most disappointing, I hardly ever use it. Most of the PSP's games are just dumbed down versions of what I can already play on my PS3 or rehashes of games I already have for the PS2. I also find the weird placing of the analogue stick hard on my hands and the unit's large size makes me not want to carry it around.

    I play my iTouch far more and with a bit of searching I've always been able to find games that are just as good as PSP games and many that are better. I've yet to see an RPG with Ravensword or Xenome level of 3d graphics or complexity on the PSP and I've yet to see a game on the PSP that can outdo Real Racing's graphics. Also as a lot of people don't even know, the PSP's top resolution of 480 x 272 is smaller than even a first gen iTouch's res of 480 x 320 and way smaller than the res of an iphone 4. I won't even go into how bad the battery is in the PSP.

    The bottom line is that the idea that there aren't good full games on the app store is a myth. Both systems are capable of offering a great gaming experience. It's really a matter of tastes as for me I just find that the iTouch and iPhones provide a more full and portable gaming experience than the PSP does.

  • Arlene

    Can we stop with the fan-fascism?

    Can we stop talking about gaming platform vs phone and think about something more sustainable like multimedia platforms? (being satisfied with one mobile device is awesome)

    Can we be happy with what the psp was, the iPhone and other phones will be, and how Nintendo can still learn new tricks?

    Can we accept that there are genuinely exciting games on the iPhone?

    Can we admit that first tier game on the iPhone are not fully on par with their counterparts?

  • Dave

    Recently, I noticed a trend over at Free App a Day. Almost every game has a positive Touch Arcade comment or review. I started thinking about what I read on this site, I subscribe to the RSS feed, and realized the negative comments are few and far between.

    Then, I read this article and know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Touch Arcade has no journalistic integrity. I can't imagine visiting the site again, because there is clearly a bias towards these games. I enjoy iOS games, but would rather see reviews from someone who isn't a simple advocate for a particular system.

    Think about your role, Touch Arcade. Are you part of Apple's public relations, or are you responsible critics/journalists who give the public discerning opinions?

    Read this article to see why responsible gaming journalism is important.

    • Dave


      • GDawg


    • arn

      "Almost every game has a positive Touch Arcade comment or review. "

      That's because many devs are pulling quotes from the forums, not the reviews.

  • Mr. Gates

    FanBoiiii Circllle Jeeerrrrkkkkkk !!!!!!

    WHo's got the Soap?


    You all Dropped it \

    Ohh No!!!!

    What to do???

  • mrdyer1984

    The PSP and the DS are great systems, but being 26 now, and having a big persons job, I can't wi

  • mrdyer1984

    The PSP and the DS are great systems, but being 26 now, and having a big persons job, I can't pull out a PSP or a DS after a meeting. I think the iwhatever platform is hitting a hard to reach business gamer that the PSP and the DS just can't. That video is marketed to kids plain and simple.

    • Soupbandit

      I think you should rephrase that into saying that you're too embarassed to use a ds or psp because you're a old man

  • http://www.fx4boutique.com BikiniBabe

    I think the Marcus ads are pretty funny 🙂

  • Adam

    Whatever, I do what I want!

  • jasonn

    haha! love the ads! very good!! shame the psp sucks, hope they hire that kid again for the psp2 ads.

  • Gert

    I think Sony is unintentionally flattering the iPhone.

    If the PSP maker spreads ads saying that iPhone is a bad gaming platform, they are really saying that they think iPhone has become a *really serious* gaming platform...

    • Soupbandit

      They're saying that their competition(Nintendo) is the best selling gaming device in history and every non-retarded human being knows this so they set their ad campaign against a company that makes phones...

  • RJDude99

    This is outrageous and disrespectful to iPod touch/iPhone users! Plus it's a load of bull! I use my iPod way more than my psp and find the big games just as fun as psp games!

    BTW did anyone see he forgot to mention minis on the ps store? Half of 'em started as iphone games! So Sony is saying iPhone games suck, but sell them!

    • Soupbandit

      Tell me which games that started out from the app store are selling well in the psn store....

  • Michael

    We didn't start the flame war.

    • http://www.blakespot.com Blake Patterson

      It was always burnin' since the world's been turnin'...

      • Soupbandit


  • Akira01


    Gta China Wars
    Toki Tori
    NFL 2011
    Espgaluda 2
    Super Monkey Ball
    Puzzle Quest
    Rolando 2
    Crimson gem Saga
    Chaos Ring
    FF. IV
    Broken Sword
    Monkey Island 1 & 2
    Warfare RTS
    Civilization Revolution
    Rogue Planet
    Helsing Fire
    Denki Blocks
    Pop WW
    Real Racing
    Sim City

    All under 10 dollars, even under 5 most of the time.
    And all the indies gems for only one or two bucks (Doodle Jump, Drop Seven, Edge, Canabalt, Parachute Ninja, Soosiz, Zen Bound, Sword and Poker, Eliss, Iblast Moki, Dark Nebula, etc, etc...)

    And tomorrow:

    FF. Tactics War Of Lions
    Fate of Mana
    Galactic Keep Dice
    Projects from Blueside, Mistwalker, Square Enix

    It's only the beginning

    Sony is dead, their business model is dead.
    ' cause there are real games now for the iPhone, for very low price.
    Game over

    • Jack

      Wow, just because apps store selling games with lower price sony is dead?

      I suggest you to look at other sony products before showing your lack of intelligence here. Thank you.

    • Fastica

      All the games you post < Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker

      • Akira01

        One game, you don't buy a game device for only one game

    • Soupbandit

      All those games suck except for gta chinatownwars and FF4. The sad thing is that gta chinatownwars is a port of the ds to the psp and then another port to iphone. Double ported harharhar and the funniest thing of all is that there is no FF4 for iphone because the remakes only on ds...

  • Space Kitty

    Heh, this kid kind of makes me hate my PSP.

  • rozetta

    Despite the fact that these ads were rather desperate looking, I'm glad they aired them and they created some attention.

    There's no technical reason why games with the depth of PSP games can't be made for the iDevices. I believe this is a trend that emerged with the fact that a lot of flash-style games have flooded the market for 99 cents. People are reluctant to buy more expensive games and the bigger software houses get this impression that if they took the time to port or product real games for the system that they'd lose money.

    I really hope the software houses would change their stance on iDevice gaming and just give it a try. I'm willing to bet that people would pay more for a "full" game and this would erase the misconception that this is a platform for purely short-attention-span flash games. Not everyone only has 5 minutes to sit down and play - some of us will actually spend a whole evening playing if a game is engaging enough.

    Of the newcomers, I think Gameloft could really step up their act in this department. Their games have polish and playability, but tend to be way to short and offer no incentive for replay. They seem to be only half-way there.

    Additionally, I think that the larger companies should stop this practise of porting DS games to iDevices. The phone is so much more capable than a DS and even though the price of the game may be cheaper than it's DS counterpart, it feels like a cop-out on their part and you end up with something graphically mediocre. This goes also for the Korean companies who straight-port games from their local mobile phones.

    One of the best things for this platform would be, as mentioned in this thread, to port existing PSP titles over.

    • Soupbandit

      Without Ds ports you wouldn't have gta chinatown wars 🙂

  • Eric

    Pathetic Sony. This will bite you in the keester soon.

    And those games? Way better games on the iPhone. (And probably on the PSP Go too.)

  • Christian Bale


    • Jack

      your CAPS LOCK failed. Check it.

      • Straega

        It didn't fail if it made all the characters in uppercase format.

  • Trogador

    Sorry, I come on here for iPhone/iPod Touch app information. Not childish complaints and pretentious comments about how your preferred source of entertainment is better than other companies.

  • Fastica

    I have an iPod touch (with hundred of games) and then I bought a PSP. I'm so happy with the PSP. I'm 60 hours in MGS Peace Walker and is one of the deepest and more engrossing games I've ever played. Now I use mi iPod touch for web browsing, music and some casual games, and the PSP when I want to play "real" games. Oh, yes, you can't do anything while downloading a game in the PSP, but after it finished downloading you can play for 6 hours without recharging the battery. I can only play 1 hour with my iPod touch.

  • Jorlen

    Ouch. Sony's marketing department have truly lost touch. This is difficult to watch.

  • http://www.blakespot.com Blake Patterson

    Also worth noting that the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 are quite a bit more powerful than the PSP.

    • mike

      just wait a couple weeks... iPod touches with Retina display !!! Can't wait

  • Mike

    Nintendo got it right by marketing the DS to kids and people who live in retirement homes. Sony is marketing the PSP to people between the ages of 18 to 30, which is where a lot of smartphones are also marketed to.

    Sony has 2 problems. First of all the PSP is too big for someone in that age category to be carrying around. I always use my ipod touch for gaming because I always have it with me anyways for web browsing at work, music while driving to work and budgeting my finances thanks to Ace Budget. When I am at home my PSP also does not get played because when given the choice I will always go for playing a game on my PS3, a 4.5 inch screen is nice but not when compared to a 46 inch screen.

    Secondly, carrying around an Iphone or an Android phone is cool for someone between the ages of 20 and 30, carrying around a videogame system is not.

    I love my PSP for the Metal Gear and God of War games which both destroy any iphone games, but other than that it just doesn't get played much.

    If Apple could come up with a way to add actual controls to the Iphone/ Ipod Touch without taking away any of it's portability and style both the PSP and the Nintendo DS would be in a really bad position.

  • Freddie

    Tbh I think the iphone gets way to much credit for its games, I want to play a long in depth game even if it is just a handheld one, I want to play something like mgs peace walker. The fact is iphone games are never that in depth, their short little five minute games and those sort of games are never gonna last me on a 5 hour long car journey. They dont even last me for a 15 minute journey. DS > PSP > iphone

    • rozetta

      This. The quality (and especially depth/replayability) of games on the iPhone need serious evaluation.

  • Anonymous

    I realize this is an old post (a few short months). But with stuff like this coming out on iOS, the PSP games in this ad look really outdated.


  • wwwfdf

    bell & ross watches
    To clarify my last post, like myhzak said: local saving would satisfy my needs 😉