As we noted in our EA Hot For The Holidays roundup, the successor to the original SimCity for iPhone SimCity Deluxe [$6.99] is now available in the App Store. While not exactly a sequel, this new version is more of an enhanced version of the original iPhone iteration. From our preview of the game:

This sequel of sorts is basically little more than a makeover of the original SimCity [$2.99], it's a little disappointing that EA is releasing this as a separate game instead of applying these fixes to the existing one, but I suppose you could say the same about most EA sequels. SimCity Deluxe is going to have seasons (and disasters to go with each) as well as graphics that look a lot like SimCity 4 for the PC. In the game you will finally be able to modify the terrain with touch controls, which actually was a lot of fun. The new UI is also substantially less clunky, although still suffers a little just because there's so much you can do in the game and packing all those functions in to a sensible touch-based interface is never going to be easy.

After spending a little time with SimCity Deluxe, it certainly is an improvement over the original, and works rather well on the iPhone touch screen. If you have yet to own SimCity on your device and were thinking that the cheaper original version would suffice, that doesn't appear to be an option anymore. Curiously, the original SimCity for iPhone seems to have been removed from the App Store to make room for its deluxe big brother. I'm not sure if this is a permanent removal, but for the extra few dollars you're probably better off going with this newer version anyway.

Oddly enough, SimCity Deluxe isn't universal, and an iPad version of the game is nowhere to be found in EA's lineup of upcoming games that they've announced. The larger screen seems to be a natural fit for a game this complex, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that EA eventually realizes this as well.

  • Keith

    Anyone know if this game has 3d terrain? I.E. Hills and mountains?

    The preview says there is editable terrain via touch screen - but no mention of if this is flat terrain or 3d terrain.

    Flat terrain is a definite no buy for me. If I can make hills and mountains - I'm sold.

  • Farick

    Anyway the purchase.

  • surge

    Seriously? Not a universal app? Guess I shouldn't be surprised - its just the usual EA crap.

  • mlkaufman

    Wow, not for the iPad? I have never gone from "must have" to "not interested" more quickly.

    • TonyRockyHorror

      Same here. I had the first version of this, and when the deluxe version was announced, I decided that I wasn't buying it unless it was going to run at native iPad res.

      • Peter

        It's not even just about the resolution. A scaled-up interface just doesn't cut it...

    • Maniacfive

      Give it a month, Sim City deluxe for iPhone 4 $9.99 and iPad $14.99. thats just how EA roll. All about the money for them, 'Project $10' on the consoles, non universal or device specific apps on iOs.

  • axled

    and what about those of us who bought the original hoping for updates? that's a little disappointing, but I guess what should we expect from EA

    • wegmans

      We'll never be able to build that stadium...

  • Chuck U Farley

    Nice try EA but I will pass.

  • JCat

    No Sim City on iPad is ridiculous. Games like this makes sense on a larger screen. Ah screw it - will who ever owns the RollerCoaster Tycoon license bring it to the iPad already! Then EA can keep all their sims...

    • Josh

      If a rollerCoaster Tycoon came to the iPhone it would have to be 2. 3 sucked on so many levels.

      • Maniacfive

        So true! RT3 was just so much fail.

  • AttackOfThePwned

    So is EA cherry picking which titles are exclusive to iPod/iPhone and iPad?

  • Spblat

    Retina support? If not there's no chance I'll pay for this update.

  • HipHopTouch

    EA suck.

    No matter their power, not updating your apps that people have paid for, removing an app from the appstore to force people into buying this one etc. EA has no soul.

  • Diz

    Yes. Finally. It's out. Fudge yes!!! All of you nit-picking about junk, go back to playing your Slap Chop Samurai or whatever Facebook-looking games the vast majority of noobs are into these days.

  • Dee

    It's a permanent removal and i've seen it done before with gameloft's suduko game. EA probably wants to sell more copies of this game by removing the old version.

  • wegmans

    Well... thinking about it! If they ironed out the bugs in the old Sim City in the app store, then it may be worth it..

    PS Off topic but Helsing's Fire is fantastic, I can't get enough!

  • WilhelmR

    Why am i not surprised about EA removing the original version from the app store? Guess I should backup that file since i won't be able to download it if my hd dies.

    Dear readers, please support indie devs instead of this junk.

  • Vidya

    I have it and there is no terrain changing at all, and you can't even start a new blank map, you can only load a starter city or scenario or do the tutorial city. Wtf?

  • John Lewis

    I think big company no way can harvest from Apps Store field. Just read the list of their staff who joined product development, not less than 50 pp, for 3 to 6 months? . How much they have to earn to pay for those? how many copies have to sell ?

  • Anonymous

    I just purchased this app and i am enjoying I enjoy it as a good time waster, but i have on issue that is bothering me. I build a seaport in the dimenthins that is required and have power and water serving this area. i also have a rail station set up next to is and roads on three side, but it never develops and it is pi$$ing me off. Can anyone tell me if these is something more i need to do. Do I need to build a Marina next to it for it to stare dev eloping? Any help would be arreciated. Thanks all.