The App Store is home to a huge number of ports, from an array of retro games to customized versions of open source titles like Battle for Wesnoth [$4.99 - iPhone / iPad] and Frogatto [$4.99]. Recently three more ports made their way to the iOS family of devices, and while I didn't think any of them were that great, they have enough notoriety behind them that surely someone will be interested.

Gorillaz - Escape to Plastic Beach, $1.99 [iPhone / iPad] - To go with their recent album release, the Gorillaz have created a three episode online game. The first two episodes are Flash based and free to play, while the third chapter has been developed in Unity and is pay to play for both the iPhone and the Unity browser plugin. It's hard to say which is the port, but the iPhone version sports tilt controls. Curiously enough, there's also an iPad version of the game for the same price, which has left me scratching my head as to why they didn't just make the whole game universal.

Gameplay is similar to that of Glu's Glyder [99¢ / Free] and Glyder 2 for the iPad [Free] in that you're just flying around through hoops and updrafts completing various objectives. If you're a Gorillaz fan the game might be worth checking out because they do a decent job of recreating the cool Gorillaz universe from the music videos, but if the Gorillaz don't do much for you, neither will escaping to Plastic Beach.

Somersault, $5.99 - Using the same Unity browser plugin from the Gorillaz game you can try out the first level of Somersault online for free. The computer game has won some awards and developers are calling Somersault the "indie game of the year". I'm not sure I'd go that far, but at least the control mechanic of using your finger to draw lines for your little guy to bounce off of works much better on the iPhone than it does on the computer with a mouse.

Somersault has some nice level design, and it's pretty cool how they managed to turn the "draw lines to bounce things" control mechanic in to an entire adventure game. The developers are also very active in our forums, which is always a good sign. If the above trailer looks at all interesting to you, at least give the free versions a try.

Furcadia, $4.99 - First going online in late 1996, Furcadia was among the first games available when MUD's were beginning to get graphical interfaces and turn in to MMO's. The game features highly customizable anthropomorphic animals for avatars, and much like Second Life focuses on user-generated content. These player driven parts of the virtual world are called "Dreams," and even though Furcadia seemed pretty lame when it was first released compared to other games of its day like Meridian 59 or Ultima Online, the art editor, map creator, and scripting language called "DragonSpeak" was totally ahead of the time and was basically duplicated 7 years later in Second Life.

While the iPhone client costs $4.99, Furcadia is completely free to play and you can download the Mac and PC client for free if you want to give the game a try. I'm not entirely sure how much (if any) interest most people will have in Furcadia on the iPhone, but if you remember hearing about the game 15 years ago, it was fairly cutting edge. If you would have told me in the 90's that the game would one day be playable on mobile phones, I would have never believed you-- What's even more amazing is there are still thousands of people online in game.

  • hoochie

    No furries on my iPhone.

  • Evan

    Somersault deserves an article on its own, without these other weak games

  • Wim Lauryssen

    Yeah, I'm pretty sure that the reason that Furcadia is still popular is because it's basically furry paradise. I don't need that on my phone either.

  • Jeremy

    I hate to break it to all of the youngins working at touchArcade, but Second Life does in fact predate 1996, though admittedly not under that name at the time. Scary but true.

    • Joe

      You are definitely a virgin.

      • Gamer.

        Joe's definitely an ass.

  • Sl1pstream

    At least SL can claim that they're not there because they have a weird fetish. Furcadia is all about the furries and players who claim otherwise are liars.

  • Shade

    What do you guys mean by "furry paradise" and "furies"?

  • Eric

    I was shocked to hear about Furcadia for the iPhone. I never played it (though I think I did sign up for an account once), but I seriously thought this had gone under some time ago. I always thought the concept of humanoid animals was cool, but not enough so to actually play the game.

  • Dr. Cat

    The game isn't about "furries", it's about user-created settings and content. In different areas people play humans, vampires, anime characters, Harry Potter, lego people, and everything else you could imagine. It's also got some arcade games, puzzles, and D&D type adventure games. New stuff still shows up every day, too!

    • Simon

      "the game isn't about furries", posted by Dr. Cat about a game called "Furcadia".

      Oh pleez

      • Wim Lauryssen

        That made me lol. Because it's true.

      • Shysheri

        Dr. Cat is one of Furcadia's creators and should be proud that this "little game" has held its own all this time. There's plenty of things to do in Furcadia from exploring and chatting to playing games. There's both furry and non-furry characters so its definitely not all furry. The Iphone client looks great, but if you aren't sure if its your kind of thing, you can download and play the game for free on your computer at

  • JCat

    Somersault looks fun, but $5.99 ... really?

  • Calcu

    Just as Evan says, Somersault deserves an article of its own.
    I bought it and I am very happy with it, a review could really help with this price discussion. I think 6$ for 6-10 hours of storygameplay isn't much.

  • Koraxis

    You can play a human with Furcadia but only if you're a grown-up with a job who can afford $3. If you can't why do you even have an iphone. You deadbeats on the dole and kiddies are shit out of luck. Oh, and YOU CAN'T ACCESS THE SEX AREAS. PERIOD. So much for those people who are trying to tell you it's about animal sex. They're just dead wrong. I don't get what their problem is. Maybe they're all those deadbeats on the dole and the kiddies who are shit out of luck so they're really bitter. Mind you I'm NOT a furry fan AT ALL and I'm having fun playing Furcadia, mates. I love the people cause they're friendly and will really talk to you. I meet people all the time in MMORPGS and it bugs the shit out of me that nobody will really talk to you, they're still just there to wank (only it's with monsters and hitpoints instead of pants down) and they don't care about you except as a tool to earn more gold. This isn't a game, it's like it says, it's a world.

  • hoper

    WOW!GORILLAZ GAME!!looks pretty good!