In celebration of this holiday weekend, several game companies are hoping that you'll load up on some new games while loading up on burgers and hot dogs. Four of the biggest iPhone developers have discounted a selection of their games for this event, and a few other random sales are occurring as well. There's bound to be something on this massive list that piques your interest, so in between lighting off tiny explosives in the name of freedom and stuffing your face with barbecued treats make sure you hit up these sales before they're gone.




EA Games:

Other Sales:

  • VeganTnT

    Just a reminder that Galaga REMIX and Dig Dug REMIX do not work I iOS4.

    Namco is of course working on patches but you won't be buying a working title.

    Please be aware. Also, if any other titles are not working reply to this so it stays visible near the top

    • ColeDaddy

      Thanks for the warning. I was jonesing for DDR

    • Cyggie

      Pac Match

    • MrSpud

      Rayman doesn't work, can't hit switches. Also World of Poker is very laggy.

      • Gamer1104

        Maybe it's just a fairy glade problem (the second level) because I just played through a level way further in the game, the precipice, and there were at least two swithes in that level and both worked fine. I'm running iOS 4 on my third gen iPod touch too.

      • Gamer1104

        I forgot to mention, I'm talking about Rayman.

    • Robert

      When does naamco patch Their games? Their controls in galaga remix have had a response bug in them from launch and they have never fixed it. People complain all over the reviews, ive reported it, ive even gone through their customer support and was completely ignored once it was routed to the galaga team

  • Zeitfraktur

    Seems like the EA sale is not happening in german store this time.

  • Vaxoid

    Also Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter on sale. $4.99 → $1.99

  • kennfusion

    This is why I wait for most games these days. I have almost purchased Ms. Pac-Man, Galaga and Pole Position many times before at their previous prices but always waited. And now I get them all for $0.99 each.

    Just like last week I got a bunch of EA games for $0.99.

    And bonus this week was picking up Highborn for $0.99.

  • RhythmMan

    I'll never pay full price again. I bought 7 of gamelofts hit games when they first came out for $7 (NOVA, Zombie Infection, etc). Same with EA games. Then the 99 cents sales started and I could have bought ALL the best games for the price I paid for 1 GAME!! Loyalty only hurts the consumer, buyer beware....

    • yoyo

      lol. That's like saying i could have bought a new car 20 years ago. instead i waited and instead of full price i am getting it for $500.

      If you want to be the first to have something, you pay full price. Otherwise be happy with the older games and pay less.

      • Robert

        Correct this is how capitalism works. I love it!

      • RhythmMan

        Lol, ok if that car dropped in cost by 80% in only a month. You're analogy is totally wrong but I see your concept. Still, flawed logic sorry

      • jon

        It wasn't the best analogy, but he has a point. There is always (for everything) an extra cost for being an early adopter. This has been especially true of video games for decades. If you don't like it then don't buy games on release day and wait like everyone else who doesn't want to pay full price. There is no reason to moan about it here.

    • Ahiru

      and what about all the titles i got for 9.99 back on app store launch days.... they were all gone to either .99c or free later on...

      i don't regret though, cause back then it was inpredictible (well, the games were coming out, the "price" tag wasn't really labelled). usually, cell phone games are like what, 5.99-9.99 right? and forgive me, but they are CRAP.

      now, i agree that one should never pay full price right away nowadays, game sells better when it's purely .99c or simply free-for-a-day. that's a fact that everyone is aware of right now.

      • Ahiru

        *unpredictable - sorry about the typo

  • kennfusion

    Well DigDug Remix and Galaga Remix don't seem to work in iOS4 on a G4 so turns out $0.99 was paying too much for them.

    • Adams Immersive

      That has worried me about some of these recent sales—are they selling something they KNOW doesn’t work? Even if they plan to update the apps, that’s pretty low. (Although an app could work in their testing and still fail for some users—there may be room for benefit of the doubt.)

      • chris

        yeah, that bugs me too a little... but they got my 2.00. laughs

  • RhythmMan

    But I'm glad TouchArcade shares these sales, now everyone can relax and wait for one of these articles before buying anything. Saves lots o money. (if you didn't already pay full price like me)

  • Gut

    Would be great if they would put the iPad games on sale too!!!!!!!

  • Scenomorph

    Wow, I would have grabbed Ace Combat, but they still haven't fixed the ridiculous in-app purchase system that should really come bundled. There is absolutely no way that I would buy so much "bonus" crap that should be integral.

  • Adams Immersive

    Fantastic Contraption and Tetris are two I can recommend. The former I knew I liked from the Flash version (you can try it online) and the iPhone version did not disappoint. The latter I expected would be terrible with swipe controls... but it actually feels great. I like Tetris better than with keyboard controls, even. (Granted, I never reach the super-fast levels, so I can’t judge those.)

  • Folle Rec

    Lame. Scrabble in our country's store hasn't been updated since version 1.3.1. Plus there's no sale. Regular price at $4.99. Sheesh.

  • Xeliorones

    Wooo EA games aren't available in my country... I will never ever buy a single EA game (well if they hide behind some other trademark I could not know).

  • bebo

    Ghosts 'N Goblins is now 99 cents also

  • MaGCoL

    I only bought Brain Challenge and PAC-MAN for the iPad.

    Finally some iPad games on sale!

  • M.E

    I suspect the guys behind I Dig It has a slight case if hubris....

    But, yeah, cheap iPad games.. Anyone? Anywhere?

  • John

    World at War zombies worth it? And if so, which one is better?

  • M.E

    You can buy 2 as in-app at a discount. :p


    IS that pac-match party working on 3GS ios4?

  • sergio

    I wasn't going to buy Transformers since the demo kinda blew, but at 99 cents I feel like I'm losing money now if I don't buy it.

    • M.E

      You can't lose money by Not spending them.

  • Dermenata

    Roswell Fighter is free right now

  • Xeliorones

    @Sergio: I don't think the demo of transformers is the demo of transformers, it's just a parallel thing, I read few reviews of it and grab it at lightening speed despite I also drop the free app. 🙂 From Glu I also grab Space Monkey and the Stranded. And I'm hesitant for brain genius.

    That series of independence day is unsane, let see what I grab:
    - All gameloft but Sparta but you can add RF 2010.
    - From Namco, Galaga Remix, Dig Dug Remix, Pac-man ipad, Pac-match HD.
    - I would have grab Highborn if I didn't owned it already.

    And few other not listed:
    - From Alawar (see forums), Tank-O-Box HD.
    - From Big Fish Games (see forums), Atlantic Sky Patrol, Azada,
    - Hi, How are you
    - The package
    - And one or two free for the event but I don't remember which one, oops.

  • Xeliorones

    To counter balance a little how insane editors on iphone are or seem to be:
    - The point is some of their games has been added in my wish list.
    - I would probably not have buy most of them (all but transformers, perhaps the package, RF 2010). Not that I regret in fact some I played a bit surpass my expectations.
    - And even for those I would have buy the chance I heard of transformers was very thin because it's an old game.
    - I have some many games to play more or waiting that it's insane to have buy even more or at least that much more. I even reach a point where I have to delete games not yet tried(!) because of the ipad limits.
    - If I look at it globally, the iphone/ipad market grab me a significant amount of money in one month despite the low prices.

    I think they are insane, but are they really, I don't know. 🙂

  • appsnail

    looks like some nice deals, specially the gameloft

  • Johnny No Tooth

    1000: Find 'Em All is ace. I emplore you to play it with you want something a little bit different.

  • joseph

    What sucks is finding this website on July 6th.

  • Jayson Elliot

    I would have bought The Settlers for $0.99, but they've already jacked the price back up to five bucks.

    On the iPad, maybe. On the iPhone, never.

  • zisel

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    I love ABC player and iGolf!
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