A couple weeks ago we first caught wind of Archetype, an online first person shooter by iPhone developer MunkyFun which is comprised of veterans of LucasArts and the creators of both Shift [99¢] and Ivory Tiles [99¢] for the iPhone. Much like ngmoco's Eliminate [Free], Archetype is said to work over WiFi, 3G, and also EDGE connections. Players will rank up as they play, earning experience and winning medals along the way.

The main differentiator between Archetype and other similar online shooters is that Archetype will be playable with up to ten players at once, in teams of five, with an assortment of six different weapons to choose from. We're anxious to see how the game works, and likely won't have to wait too long as per the Archetype web site the game is launching in "early July" for $2.99.

For more information on the game, including a few hands-on impressions from a few people who managed to snag the game early, check out the thread in our forums. I'm not entirely sure how MunkyFun is going to be able to provide a solid 5v5 first person shooter experience that will even play well over EDGE, but needless to say we're going to be keeping a very close eye on this game to give it a try once its released.

  • iPadGamer

    Instant buy for me. This looks fantastic.

  • dumas1000

    I hope this game works, but the honest truth is that until we hit its global release date, there is no way of telling whether or not it will. When at the very least hundreds of people are on this game, then and only then will we see if the framerate remains stable or if the whole damn thing just lags out. You can't really judge these sort of things now. Even if you have the game today and are playing it right now, it's not an indication of how the strain of a global release will effect server stability.

  • Efirmage

    Me likey!

  • Bryan

    I will cross my fingers for an iPad release.

    • Name goes here

      I'm wishing for an iPad version as well.

      • DT8479

        There may be an iPad release because the devolper(s) should know that there would be a large profit, although you still can load iPod and iPhone apps to your iPad and play them full screen, but i have no idea if the resolution would be good or not.

  • Pete Jones

    Are those H.E.V suite arms?


    Looks good to me

  • Yo Bro!

    Looks intense, might pick it up.

  • ekiwi

    Inspired intro to the video! Hard to get a handle on how smooth the game controls because of the rapid cuts in the rest of the trailer but full points for the in-game graphics. Looking forward to.

  • Chukha

    I don't understand why but the game is already available in EU. I tested it a few hours and it is a very good O-FPS. There is no special iPad version, but the 2x mode is quite good also.

    In comparaison, I played a little to Eliminate Pro, and I prefered Archetype a lot.

    Cya IG 😉

    • Name goes here

      How does the controls feel in 2X mode when playing on the iPad?

  • rsct

    its all about that medieval -looking AX. YEAAAAAAAH!

  • UGUR93

    Its not available in Germany 🙁

  • Blackryn0

    Do you have to pay like eliminate pro for energy and stuff or is it just a nice straight up shooter?

    • Venalin

      straight up shooter

  • http://appsnail.com/iphone/ avi

    this is totally one of my favorite games! very insane look and feel