One of our favorite developers, Donut Games, has just released a huge free update to their game Castle Smasher that adds more than ten times the original content. Released over a year ago, Castle Smasher was just the second title from Donut Games to grace the App Store. The concept involves launching stones at a castle in order to slowly demolish it bit by bit, setting the angle and power of your catapult shot before letting it fly. Think Angry Birds with a little Breakout thrown in and you get an idea of the gameplay, although Castle Smasher predates Angry Birds by a long shot. There were 5 different castles to smash, but due to the arcade-like aspect of having to start from the beginning each time you ran out of stones it was difficult to ever see all 5, and the first couple grew tiresome after having to play them over repeatedly. Essentially, it lacked some of the thoughtful design of the later Donut Games.

Now Castle Smasher has been given an update that brings it more in line with what you might expect. Rather than releasing a separate sequel, 50 brand new levels have been added that include the wonderful 3 star achievement system Donut Games is known for. New elements like extra bouncy or flaming stones and additional enemy types lend some variation to the smashing of castles. These 50 levels are incredibly well designed and fun. The original game remains intact, appropriately titled Arcade Play, and there's even a randomly generated Target Practice mode thrown in for good measure.

The Target Practice could easily be its own game, and when I had merely just wanted to check out what it was like, I was surprised to find I had blown almost an hour playing it. Castle Smasher was relatively enjoyable to begin with, but the 2.0 update has pushed it amongst the elite of Donut Games and is highly recommended.

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  • araczynski

    this game frustrates me to no end. i keep wanting to like it, but i suck at it and keep hoping sooner or later the devs will put in some easy mode or sandbox mode, or perhaps just a mode where you have unlimited ammo and have to take everything down before you get overwhelmed or something.

    ANYthing to make this funner.

    • araczynski

      ...but its been half a year of asking, so i expect this to be collecting digital dust for ever in my itunes.

    • araczynski

      oh, and another thing 🙂 devs should include some sort of built in 'fun mode' into every game by default. where you don't get any achievements/points or whatever, you just 'blow stuff up' 🙂

      I have tried a couple other games by this dev (the others were free, this one i paid for) just to see if they were any different in terms of difficulty/options and found them to be the same. so basically i now have no reasons to bother buying anything this dev makes since i know i'll have the same 'experience' with their works; frustration. something i'm not wasting a buck on.

      • samthelion

        I honestly don't understand what are you talking about.. I don't have this particular game, but the levels in their games seem to me very thoughtfully designed (eg. comet racer, superstar chefs, monkey flight, lucky coins, spikey's bounce around...). It's usually not so hard to gain at least 1 star out of 3 and proceed to next level... it might be a little harder on later levels, but that's how games works, if involving a little skill sounds frustrating to you, I think your problem.
        The "fun" mode you propose sounds actually quite boring to me... blowing stuff mindlessly without any kind of difficulties... sounds like a toy for little children.

  • himanshu

    it's not that difficult! But I agree with the fun mode concept though.

  • Clara

    Especially agree with fun mode because of kids. When I give my iPhone to my niece I want her to enjoy the game without having to restart whichever game level every 20 seconds.

  • Flip

    How does this game look in 2x mode on the ipad?

    • flow

      Looks great in iPad 2x mode here!

  • Emme

    I think I agree with you guys, it looks great, gameplay is fun, but it could be a little more casual friendly.

Castle Smasher Reviewed by Jared Nelson on . Rating: 4