We City – In a similar vein of ngmoco's previously released We Rule, We City takes things into a modern metropolis setting. You'll build up your own city placing streets, sidewalks, grass, buildings, cars and citizens anywhere you like on the blank land canvas. While the look of the game may invoke thoughts of SimCity, the focus on We City is more on industrial production and interacting with friends, rather than trying to manage the ins and outs of a functioning city. For example, you may build a bicycle factory in your city. Over time, you'll start producing the bicycles and end up with a nice supply. Your friend can then visit your city from their game and place an order for some bicycles from your factory. The end result is your buddy gets some bikes, you get some cash, and you both get some experience for the effort. There are a ton of different items to build in factories, like clothing, toys, and even video games.

You must keep a mindful eye on such things, however, as some items are perishable and will go bad if you don't check in on your city often enough. In our demo of the game, we witnessed a factory full of bicycles become rusty and useless due to neglect, forcing you to start over in the production process. In addition to factories, you can also build residences where the populace of your city can dwell. These will generate money for you, but like the factories, must be checked in on to reap all the benefits. Once a certain rent cap has been hit, the buildings won't generate any more money until that amount has been collected by simply touching a bubble above the building.

As you gain more experience and level up, new factories and items become available, as well as an increase in your land size. There's plenty of items that are merely décor, too, to add some life to your city. The game will be free to download and play, but if you don't want to wait around to bear the fruits of your factories, you can purchase in-game DLC, called ZAP, that will help speed up the process of doing things.

We Farm – Taking the same basic core concepts of We City and We Rule, We Farm let's you build the virtual farm of your dreams. You'll start off with a plot of land and place your initial farm building. Instead of focusing on the production of bikes and game systems, you will grow crops to sell and raise animals to enter into competitions. Once you've placed a baby animal on your farm, you must continuously love it by touching a heart icon above it's head. The more you love your animal, the higher chance it has of winning a blue ribbon in competition when it's finally matured enough to enter into one. If you send your animal off and it does win a blue ribbon, that animal then produces a commodity that will earn you some income. For example, and award winning sheep will net you some sweaters, and a cow some milk, etc.

Like We City, and most of ngmoco's games for that matter, We Farm encourages being social with your Plus+ friends. They can visit your farm and place orders for the products of your animals or the vegetables that you grow. You must also keep a watchful eye on everything here too, as your crops can go bad if you don't care for them. Animals won't perish if you forget to check in, but the chances of winning a ribbon at the Fair decreases the more you ignore them. Much like Zap in We City, you can purchase DLC to speed up the process of maturing plants and animals (called GRO here). If you don't wish to do this, both games are completely playable right from the get go – you'll just need added patience. As you earn experience and gold, many new items become available to add to your farm, as well as expanded land to build upon.

Both We City and We Farm looked especially nice on the iPad, and the added screen real estate really helps once you've built up a massive area. Like We Rule, both new games will be free to play, so easy enough to check out if these sort of games interest you. Both games are expected later this year.

  • http://www.peitsch.de Sebastian

    A lot of text about a game that has had shitty servers when it started.

    No comment about that? I gave up on "We rule" after I wasn't able to connect for three days straight. Why should I play this game? Are there promises that this won't happen again? And will there be something interesting for me once I reach maximum level? Will there be a maximum level?

    Let me guess: too in depth. After all this is just an iphone game, right?

    But good to hear that it "looked nice". Awesome.

  • megatron

    they really need to sort their servers out before, launching these games!!
    i play 'we rule' & 'godfinger' everyday. and their servers are constantly down cause it cant 'handle the load' according to them. they allways on twitter making up excuses about why the servers keep crashing. the games do look good & i will play them. hopefully they sort these issues out by then.

  • Taragon

    Yea We rule was unplayable most of the time.

  • http://twitter.com/zilbernet Flowbee

    Same here. Finally quit playing We Rule because of the server problems. After all this time, and all the updates, it's still really flakey.

  • Matt

    From the sound of it, these games are exact rips of WeRule with different graphics. I played WeRule until I realized there is absolutely no depth to the game. You literally just build stuff and wait and your reward for building stuff is that you can build more stuff. This would be find if new stuff added a new depth to the game with some different kind of interaction, but it doesn't.

    Server issues and anything else aside, these games are just plain boring (in my opinion of course)

  • Ahiru


    they should stick with facebook with these kind of "social" games, idevices proved to be the best gaming handheld, so give us real games please...

  • akira01

    Rips of WeRule and a downgrade version of touchpets. OH MY GOD ...
    WTF with Ngmoco ?
    We want REAL games, not only tax-game that didn't work on their sh*t servers !!!

  • Rob

    These games don't look to be as friendly to design as we rule, as in the shapes of objects etc

  • WilhelmR

    We Farm looks pretty messy and simmilar to We Rule, but We City (which name doesn't really make any sense) looks pretty nice and i bet simcity fans will be excited 🙂

    I hope someday the mojo/awe/gro/zap stuff will be transferable between games..

  • Melissa

    Boy people sure like to b***h about a GAME that's FREE!! if you don't like them then try to make one yourself. It's not easy! These folks put in a lot of time and investment for our entertainment, and I personally appreciate all of the hard work they do.

    I cannot wait for the new games!!! Bring them on!

    • http://www.peitsch.de Sebastian

      Yeah right. God forbid we write down something like criticism of a game we actually played and were extremely annoyed with.

      "Free eight day old bread! Get your free bread here!"

      Why you didn't like your FREE eight day old bread? I don't understand. It was FREE after all, wasn't it?

      • Timothy

        @Sebastian: Your sarcasm just expresses your douchebaggery.

  • Caribou

    We Rule is pretty but so godawful boring...and that's before the server disconnects. "Limited depth" is an understatement...staring at a screen saver is more rewarding. Pretty isn't enough.