Ngmoco has just released their first iPhone 4-specific title. Eliminate: Gun Range is presently an iPhone 4 only game that offers you a virtual firing range with full support for the high-resolution Retina display graphics as well as support for the iPhone 4's gyroscope.

The developer lists the following features:

  • G-scope™ virtual aiming control system with 3D gyroscopic precision
  • 12 high fidelity weapons from the arsenals of today's elite militaries
  • 144 target-shooting challenges set in three different HD firing ranges
  • Win medals and compare your results with others on global leaderboards
  • Requires iPhone4 technology. 3GS support and new content coming soon!

Here are full resolution screenshots. Click on the images for full size:

Obviously, we haven't played it yet, but it's great to see some early games with gyroscope support. We've been told that gyroscope controls will "feel" much better and far more accurate than existing accelerometer controls. We're anxious to give it a try.

App Store Link: Eliminate: Gun Range, $0.99 (iPhone 4 Only)

  • mebble

    good to see iPhone 4 exclusives already.

    • SalsaMD

      technically, as stated, they will be bringing 3GS compatibility as well...

  • LBG

    Looks great. And I'm amazed by the several updates with iPhone 4 enhancements and even this game - the first iPhone exclusive. And the phone hasn't even been released yet!
    The 3GS had none of this, even weeks after it's release.

  • Evan

    iPhone in mail = just bought this app


    Hopefully developers don't just implement higher resolution textures, but also take more advantage of OpenGL ES 2.0 effects and shaders. Those sandbags and bricks look to be just flat textures, where they could using some normal mapping for depth.

    • RhythmMan

      Yeah....what you just said. lol

  • 1337brian

    Ok in the menu screen it says "credits"... That's not Ngmoco charging DLC for bullets or something is it?...

  • chris

    looks really good

  • Diab

    I think it looks rather bland for something as powerful as the iphone 4, it can do more then just high res.

  • Maximillian

    I grabbed this today and it's pretty fun. Great response to the gyro.

  • Jiu Kwee

    did u have version for Android?

  • bvocal

    Always great to read pissy assed stupid derogatory remarks from elitists who have not seen, nor played the game. Right On!
    From one who has played it, it works great, it looks great and it's really fun.
    Buy yeah,, it totally suck because they used 2d textures instead of 3d shaders that use more processing, are slower and look like crap. Tool.