I met with the guys from True Axis in the hall outside of the media lounge on the last day of E3. Having flown all the way from Australia, and dead tired from three days of non-stop video game insanity, they let us in on their plans for the future of Jet Car Stunts [$1.99 / Free], its sequel, and a tilt-controlled sidescrolling shooter, Space Tripper.

Space Tripper is a port of the PC/Mac game with the same title by PomPom Games. True Axis have taken this game filled with bullets, enemies, lasers, bosses, and all forms of other mayhem and turned it in to what they're calling "the most optimized iPhone game of all time." It's immediately evident that they've put tons of work in to this game, as much like Jet Car Stunts, the framerate of the game is incredibly fluid, even with tons of things going on.

Controlled with the accelerometer, you tilt to move your ship and touching one side of the screen turns your ship around while the other changes weapons. Like any good shooter, there are times when your ship is absolutely surrounded by enemies and bullets, and as you can see in the following video, the bosses even fill up half the screen just like they're supposed to in a game like this.

While Space Tripper looked really awesome, True Axis is hard at work both in increasing the content available in Jet Car Stunts as well as putting together its sequel, Jet Car Stunts 2. Currently the sequel is little more than some concept images of the many cars they plan to have in the game. Everything from a monster truck looking vehicle with huge tires to a sports car with wings like a fighter jet will be included, and True Axis is hoping to make each car feel a little different. There are also plans for some kind of level editor, although no details have really been fleshed out yet.

A 26 level pack is coming to Jet Car Stunts very soon, and if you've been looking for an even greater challenge in the game, this DLC is going to be for you. The levels True Axis showed off included driving upside down, flinging around high-banked curves, and even a level with a crazy jump that required you to essentially bounced your car off airborne barricades like a jet powered pinball.

As mentioned, this level pack should be available any day now, and the sequel likely won't appear until next year. They're hoping to have Space Tripper released next month, and you can expect a review from us as soon as it hits the App Store.

  • JCat

    Space Tripper looks slick & mighty insane!

  • Mister Mumbles

    Space Tripper does look pretty good. It's too bad that the original developers, PomPom games have completely dropped support for the original game (older version) for Mac as well as the original Mutant Storm - you can't even get the old versions even if you wanted to as they're not available anywhere. Talk about poor customer support.

    That was a few years ago now. PomPom implied they were eventually going to bring both updated versions to Mac, but they haven't delivered anything. I stopped holding out hope some time ago. F*****g consoles!

    • Adams Immersive

      I wouldn’t call that poor support: those games are REALLY old, and porting them to newer desktop systems is neither cheap nor easy. The effort might well have been financially disastrous.

      Whereas bringing them to iPhone stands a good chance of paying for itself. I hope so! I really liked Space Tripper on Mac.

      • TheBunny

        Im pretty sure they were simple OpenGL + SDL implementations.
        So keeping them current or forward porting them should have been a trivial days work at most. What is more likely is the SDL + Simple GL used should pretty much still work today.

  • currymutton

    Well, I cannot see much about Space Tripper with that "hand on" from the video. Looks like it is a sharp side-scrolling shooting the platform lacks quite fiercely.

    Now I am wondering what kind of support it would have.

    • currymutton

      I mean support of control methods.

      • TrueAxis

        Just posted thinking you meant something different 😉

        So far accelerometer which is very responsive, we may add virtual joypad method but to be honest the accelerometer works so well that it will be the main input of choice.

    • TrueAxis

      True Axis are, as well as the conversion, publishing the game for Pompom... We have a good rep for support and you should expect to see updates that add value to the game 🙂

      • eev

        yep, TrueAxis is like a sunbeam in the dark kingdom of iphone developers.

  • DeInit

    Keep up the good work and we'll spread the word even further. Favorite dev of 2009, personally.

  • HelperMonkey

    Jet Car Stunts is amazing, but I can't say that it left me wanting "an even greater challenge." I have quite a knack for sending cars tumbling down through the stratosphere as it is.

    • luketrueaxis

      The level pack starts off very easy and ends very difficult to try and satisfy everybody. We put a lot of ideas into the level pack that we thought up while making the oringonal levels but didn't get a chance to put in the origonal game. I'm excited about seeing peoples reactions.

      • Doomboy

        Sorry, I can't work it out, but do you have to pay for the level pack? Though to be honest, I doubt I would be able to resist... 😉