After a brief appearance in the App Store two weeks ago, Gameloft's Prince of Persia was quickly pulled due to a "menu problem". Well, it's back.

Gameloft has been promising a "console-quality" game that pushes the limits of the iPhone throughout a dozen chapters filled with enemies, traps, and everything else you'd expect from a Prince of Persia game.

Overall, the response has been very positive. Forum reader Hitch left detailed impressions after the initial release.

I've been a big fan of the Prince of Persia franchise for quite a while, so this is a little tough for me to figure out. I just finished The Forgotten Sands on my PS3, and this doesn't really compare to it. But as an iPhone game, this is freaking great.

Similarly positive opinions are scattered throughout the discussion thread.

  • Sticktron

    Well of course it's not like the PS3 game, this is a PS2 game from 2004.
    It's a good port, seems like exactly the same game. Controls work but there are a few too many needed for this game to be ideal for the iPhone IMO.

    • PPhimself

      Is it really the same game like they did
      it with Rayman or is it just a short mobile version?

      • SalsaMD

        the same game

  • Mediocre

    Sigh, it would be nice if they just released the iPad game and iPhone game at the same time.

    • SalsaMD

      Better yet: if they release an iphone4 and ipad universal app at the same time...

      • torgar

        this !!

    • Micah

      Sigh, and it would be nice if people would stop whining about universal apps too.

  • Nigra

    Did anyone finish this game? Are you absolutely sure it's the full console version and not just a chopped iPhone version? That would be amazing

    • dede

      ful game. best game for iphone i couldnt believe my eyes

      • Nigra


  • ALtts

    this game is a waste of time. controls suck big time.