I'll be honest. I had forgotten GodFinger hadn't been released in the U.S. yet, at least for iPhone. So, if you've been waiting for it, here's your chance. Ngmoco's GodFinger has finally come to iPhone users in the U.S.

In GodFinger, you are an all powerful deity who control the people and environment of a small planet. The planet environment is a side view cross section that you can navigate by swiping on the screen and pinch zooming in and out. When the game begins, you are given a very small planet with one inhabitant. As you demonstrate your powers to the inhabitants, they become followers and earn you gold and mana for their efforts.

  • Nate

    I forgot this game even existed. I played it for the first couple of days that it was released in Canada and then deleted it. Any new changes to it that actually make it fun?

  • Paul

    Oh, that would explain why it is shopping up as "new" on Appshopper. I was thinking "but I've had this for months" but had forgotten that it was just released in Canada first.

  • superslovak

    So Godfinger came out 7/1710 for americans?
    Lol I made level 50 yesterday suckers

  • vududaddi

    I just made level 50, too. So... now what?

  • Antonio

    It's not just out in the US, it was released in ALL appstores

  • Pyro

    ngmoco lost all of my respect the day it switched to that Godforsaken freemium model. Just let us play the game!

  • jc

    *yawn* next

  • gogo

    hurf blurf freemium derp derp I don't like free games derp

    • Wabaam

      You are a moron.

  • Derp


  • Fruho

    This game is bad. When was it ever compared to Pocket God? PG is a million times better

    • Bone

      Pocket God and God Finger are two different styles of game. They share a very superficial visual style and somewhat of a similar title, but that's it. I like PG more too... But GF isn't bad and it's free.

  • http://Toucharcade Ray

    So Godfinger came out 7/1710 for americans?
    Lol I made level 50 yesterday suckers
    Hey Bumpo, they released out in Canada first becuase they are the are Guinea Pigs. (As in Americans Guinea Pigs)

  • yoyo

    This game is not fun. Not worth a main page posting.

  • dogspawn

    I think its much better than Pocket God. There's no point in Pocket God. Godfinger has MUCH more going on.

  • flowerp

    This game is so well polished. Great art style and sound effects. I love all the interactive elements.
    Best part is that it's free.

  • http://ps3explained.com/ Flame

    The game weighs in at 20.2MB but the iTunes download limit over 3G is 20MB - shame!

  • Peterw_102

    i cant play because it says age out of acceptebale range

  • Hunter Putman

    Im stuck on how to complete the even more enchantment goal. Any Help?