Hungry Shark is a tilt-based high score and exploration game that places you in the role of – unsurprisingly – a hungry shark. You'll start as a young shark and must keep eating to grow in size and keep your constantly depleting health sustained. There's an enormous variety of food to munch on, from tiny fish and unfortunate swimmers up near the surface to more exotic deep sea creatures and scuba divers farther down below. In essence, it feels like a mash up of Feeding Frenzy and Ecco The Dolphin, but with a lot more gore. We reviewed the game when it was released a couple of months ago, and found the compelling high score objective coupled with the satisfaction of chomping down on lesser creatures hard to put down.

This past weekend saw the release of a major expansion to the game. Simply titled Hungry Shark – Part 2, this update brings a huge new level that's selectable along with the first one, and is in fact even larger than the original. With different areas to explore, new sea creature fodder to indulge your appetite, more hazards to be wary of, and 10 additional unique items to find, the update effectively doubles the size of the original game. There's even an absolutely humongous crab boss to battle that practically fills the entire iPhone screen. Scoreloop is now integrated to flesh out the high score system, and tilt calibration has been fine tuned. A gameplay video showcases the new level and boss crab:

Hungry Shark was a terrificly fun game to begin with, and this latest update adds even more of a good thing. As if that wasn't enough, developer Future Games Of London has stated in our forums that work is already underway on a Part 3. A release date hasn't been mentioned, and it's unknown whether Part 3 will be a free update as Part 2 was, but we're looking forward to it nonetheless. If you have an insatiable appetite for seafood and careless humans, look no further than the newly expanded Hungry Shark – Part 2.

  • Ovalprocess

    This has been one of my favorite games and is on my Home screen. The graphics look good on the iPad. I bet an iPad specific version would look fantastic. The graphics look brighter and a little better than what is shown in the YouTube video. If the gameplay looks fun to you in the video, then you should like the game.

    I usually don't like tilt controls, but in this case I think they fit the game well and give a feeling being in the water.

    Part 2 is just as much fun as part 1 and makes the game even more worth getting if you don't have it already.

    I love jumping out of the water to eat birds sitting on the ocean surface. I saw a killer whale do that in real life at SeaWorld.

    Knocking the fisherman out of the boat and the jet skiers into the water is also fun.

    • Jared Nelson

      I agree. This game has joined the likes of GI Joyride and Doodle Jump as "go to games that are guaranteed fun" when I don't feel like thinking about what to play. Sometimes I don't even bother with high scores, but rather space out while I cruise around and gobble up lesser creatures.

      Really fun game that needs some more attention.

  • Gamer.

    That title looks....familiar:

    • Dayv

      Yeah, I noticed that too.

      Not cool, FGOL.