The incredible hype surrounding Pixelbite's upcoming Reckless Racing (formerly Deliverace) has been growing fervidly since we previewed the game back in March. But disappointingly, the game's release keeps getting pushed back, and when we'll actually be able to have the complete game in our hands remains uncertain.  This delay has allowed a competitor to steal much of that thunder, and for gamers who are looking for something similar that's available right now, LilRacerz [99¢] is a new top-down racing game from developer Blast One.

While not quite as ambitious as Reckless Racing, LilRacerz is a fun arcade-like experience with excellent graphics, a ton of tracks, and plenty of upgradeable vehicles to unlock. If you were ever a fan of Super Sprint or Micro Machines games on systems past, then this is as close as you can currently get to those classics on your iPhone. There are a couple of minor issues with the game, but any negatives are quickly forgotten as the core racing gameplay is so incredibly enjoyable.

There are 17 different tracks in Lilracerz, spread across 9 cups in 3 difficulty leagues. You'll race on desert, ice, dirt, and tarmac courses, and each surface handles as you would expect. The purposely floaty physics and handling of the vehicles can cause some miscues while racing, but is also what makes it such a blast to play. Some races you'll beat your very first try, blowing away the AI racers, and some races will take multiple retries before completing. One wrong move can spell the end for a race, but this inconsistent difficulty doesn't really diminish the overall enjoyment of the game. The nicely detailed 2.5D graphics give a firm nod to the 16-bit and arcade eras while still being impressive in a modern sense. An awesome chiptune soundtrack accompanies the action, adding to the retro-feeling vibe.

The weakest aspect of the game is the somewhat flimsy upgrade system for your vehicles. You'll collect money spread across the track as well as by completing races which can be used to purchase upgrades in grip, acceleration, speed, or steering. I seemed to be able to play a huge portion of the game with the very first stock vehicle, thus collecting an enormous sum of money and fully upgrading my later unlocked vehicles in one shot, rendering the whole thing kind of pointless. It's not really a huge issue, and could easily be tweaked in a future update.

Speaking of updates, the dev has been actively discussing ideas in our forums such as a hard mode, reversed tracks, night time racing, and new vehicles. There's even talk of some kind of multiplayer functionality, which would indeed be a very exciting addition to this fun single player game.  One nice addition already included is Crystal implementation, with many achievements to unlock and a leaderboard for every track.  Once you've beaten the single player campaign, going back to compete for times online is a great way to extend your play time.  If you're looking for some fast-paced arcade style racing, you can give LilRacerz a test drive for it's current sale price of 99¢.

TouchArcade Rating

  • Peter Cooper

    Looks similar to Black Mamba Racer which I was addicted to for about the first two weeks of owning my iPhone 🙂 Look forward to trying this one out now!

  • Brian

    Ok so Lilracerz is great and I think they got disrespected by TA by them even bringing up the other game!

  • Hendrik

    Nice classic racing game! With the graphics and music it has the flair of the SNES and PSX time period back when games were more about fun unlike these days.

  • Noman

    Does this game have tilt controls or only touch?

    • Crunc

      For this type of racer, you don't want to use tilt controls.

  • Steve

    Mmmm... looks like crap graphics compared to the upcoming Reckless Racer.

    • blastone

      this is an old school arcade rally racer, its got deliberate pixel style, it was made with memories of super sprint and super offroad racer in mind.

  • Oliver

    Does not run smooth on my 3Gs (no jailbreak, rebooted). Car movement is smooth, but the tracks stutter a bit.

  • Mark

    Plays really smooth on my 3G!! So somethins up with your phone! I love this game really nice pick up and play but I still have a lot to go on it 1 more league left.

  • Dan

    Black Mamba Racer is better.

  • Tim

    This sucks it looks nothing like deliverence did. Wheres the cool 3d graphics???

  • Todd

    Haven't been able to play it yet. Crashes to app screen every time I try to start it up on my 3G.

    • blastone

      delete it and reinstall. Then you shoudl be able to enjoy it no worries

  • manxspud

    I'm quite cautious about getting games on my 3G these days as most newer games run badly, however this is just great. I need more simple quality adictive games like this to tide me through 'til i get a 4G. Highly recomended!

  • Dte

    This game is pure fun! I don't understanf THE complaints about THE graphics.. Nothing wrong with that... Isn't gameplay more important??

    Dev said that cming update THE upgrade part gets à work over.

    I love it, one more cup to go 🙂

    • blastone

      Update is coming, stay tuned to the forum post 😀

  • Crunc

    I loved Black Mamba Racer, so I'm definitely going to download this.

  • Mike

    Hey guys,

    Does it play similarly to the flash version? I hope not, because the flash version leaves a lot to be desired. Where's Super Offroad when you need it???

    • blastone

      I can whoeheartedly gurantee that this iphone version plays 0% like the flash version. I'm the firts to admit the flash version is a bit naff, but the iphone version its sweet. Its FAST, the graphics are pimping and its got awesome sound.

      The physics are also infinitely better.

  • PermiaN

    I've been playing this as Deliverace has failed to materialise and it is a cracking game. All of those that question the graphics are surely not gamers, one of the best 59p's I've spent on an app...

    • blastone

      gameplay is king 😀 thanks for the great feedback

  • Mohamed Mansour

    I loved Black Mamba Racer, so I'm definitely going to download this

  • Stan Winstone

    It's decent but the steering controls could use a tweak. Also graphics are not very well detailed. I thought I was picking up coins on the sides of the roads for a while before I realized those are supposed to be spectators...

    • blastone

      that sounds like justification for a hit n run to me 😀

  • blastone

    ** NEWS FLASH **
    Version 1.1 is getting a brand new super tough leage for the best of the best, cheating will be a pre requisite.


    For the best suggestions and ideas and feedback in the LilRacerz thread post I will make the user a driver in the new league!

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