In late March we first caught wind of Warblade, an impressive looking vertical shooter that has already lived a long life on the PC. (Starting originally with the Amiga.) The plot of Warblade is extremely simple, an alien race is invading Earth and you must stop them by shooting up every enemy ship that crosses your path. While the game likely won't win any awards for story telling, the recently released gameplay video really looks great:

The graphics look awesome, and they even go through the shocking number of weapons you can buy in game while playing through quite a few levels. Also, as mentioned in the description of the video, Warblade will come loaded with 100 levels along with 15 time trial levels and boss fights. The game also runs at 60 FPS, but it isn't clear on which devices.

According to the EMV Software Twitter, the free version of Warblade was recently submitted. The last mention of the full version of the game is from May 6th, where a new beta version was sent to testers.

I was excited for Warblade when I first heard about the plans to bring it to the iPhone, and after seeing the game in motion, I can't wait for it to get here. Hopefully the free version comes with a decent amount of content to hold us over while the paid version is finalized.

  • Darren

    Certainly looks polished with a ton of weapons...i'm wondering if the weapons are too powerful looking at the video did anyone else think it looked too easy (i'm sure its not).

    Might check it out looks good.


  • Ultimate Zohan

    Zohan Approves!

    Controls look awkward?

  • ipod_david

    This game looks great! but the controls look too poor to the game to be good. hopefully there will be alternative control options, but I am excited for the lite version to try... keep me up to date 🙂

  • Acidbottle

    would i be correcting in thinking warblade was the PC version of the classic Deluxe Galaga that was released on the PD scene for Amiga?

    if so, im all over this like a randy bunny.

  • Bollie

    Warblade is indeed the pc-version of the amiga classic galaga deluxe.
    Have it on the's a brilliant game with lots of ingame secrets and tricks. Also some strategy involved as to spending your hard-earned money on upgrades on weapons, speed, shields and more. Great shoot-em-up and i am very interested how it will play on the Iphone.

  • araczynski

    would be an instabuy for me at a buck, but i don't see that price happening for a while.

  • Larry


  • Klaus

    It's here! Great!