As if bluetooth iPhone to iPad control wasn't enough, Majic Jungle's followup iPad trick is outputting the iPad game video to a 42" TV while controlling the game with your iPhone:

I know it shouldn't be that much different than the first video, but somehow it feels quite different. While Apple should allow this functionality to be built into future iPad apps, Majic Jungle hasn't committed to delivering it in their release:

This video shows the iPad version plugged into a 42 inch LCD TV via the standard Apple component cable. It is also being controlled with an iPhone over bluetooth.

This setup uses only available public/documented APIs so could technically be made available. However this is only a proof of concept, the initial release of Chopper 2 may not feature this functionality.

Chopper 2 remains in development and will be coming for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch platforms.

  • Adams Immersive

    I’d like to see games that (optionally) use ONE device, hooked to TV like this, and you tilt/tap/swipe on THAT device to control the game. So you’d hook either an iPad or an iPhone up, and use it as a controller (tethered by the video cable) but it’s also driving the game itself.

    But having two devices is cool too, “just because you can," and offers more seating options 🙂

    • :o

      While this would be cool, since it'd obviously be a hell of a lot cheaper, have you tried gaming on an iPod Touch/iPhone with it plugged in? The cable really gets in the way.

    • Johnnie

      pad racer is for sale now in the store -- FOUR people can play. (You need FOUR iphones AND an ipad!)

      Now that Pad Racer is approved by apple, there will be a zillion "phone as controller" games coming in the next few months.

  • David

    One of my first games was Broderbund's Choplifter on the Apple ][+. I may have to get this TV out or not

  • XCool

    Am definitely getting Chopper 2 when it comes out! Dave, please enable this feature!

    Now, if Real Racing HD does this too, I'll gladly buy it!

  • MrFooknuts

    Great, you've only got to spend well over a grand to get ps2 standard gaming.

    That has got to be the most pointless thing I've ever seen.

  • spiffyone

    *looks around

    *raises hand to mention AppleTV

    *watches as the common sense of others jumps out the window

    • daverJ

      *confused about what Apple TV has to do with this topic.

      • spiffyone

        Well, if people really want to play games and other App Store apps on an Apple digital download device on their HDTV sets, wouldn't it make more sense to have a better featured AppleTV fulfill that purpose? Leave the iPad and iPhone/touch for the on the go usage (better the latter, really), and have the more powerful home centric device (if Apple plans a upgraded model) for running said apps on HDTVs as well as true HD ATV specific apps. As the home device would be quite a great deal more powerful than either iPhone/touch AND iPad, we might get some exclusive games and apps worthy of being used in our living rooms on the big screens.

        I bring it up every now and again, and find it funny how the ones that hate that idea somehow think iPad TV output to be a better option.

  • Altrez

    WiFi please. I want to use my Touch to control it 🙂 I don't have bluetooth on my 2gen touch. I think this is a very good idea. it unlocks more functionality from the devices you already own.


    • Johnnie

      Altrez, Pad Racer is wifi OR bluetooth. Check out the sneak video.

      My guess is Apple will only approve "phone as controller" games if they are BOTH wifi and bluetooth.

      Four people can play PAD RACER - it's better with wifi.

  • Johnnie

    This story is getting heaps of play but

    PAD RACER IS ALREADY ON SALE !!!!!!! Selling like hotcakes. Four players, hilarious fun.

    Now that Pad Racers has finally been approved by Apple, there will be dozens of "phone as controller" games coming to the store.

  • BushDoc

    I think it's technically interesting, but useless in everyday gaming.
    Its looks like a 10 years old console game from the ps1 or pre ps2 era. IMO it's a weird and strange idea to spend lots of money (iphone+ipad+cables) to play visually low quality game on a big tv screen like this.

  • erlend


    If games like Warpgate HD start doing this, it won't be useless in everyday gaming anymore.