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‘Chopper 2’ on a 42″ TV Controlled By… Your iPhone

As if bluetooth iPhone to iPad control wasn’t enough, Majic Jungle’s followup iPad trick is outputting the iPad game video to a 42" TV while controlling the game with your iPhone:

I know it shouldn’t be that much different than the first video, but somehow it feels quite different. While Apple should allow this functionality to be built into future iPad apps, Majic Jungle hasn’t committed to delivering it in their release:

This video shows the iPad version plugged into a 42 inch LCD TV via the standard Apple component cable. It is also being controlled with an iPhone over bluetooth.

This setup uses only available public/documented APIs so could technically be made available. However this is only a proof of concept, the initial release of Chopper 2 may not feature this functionality.

Chopper 2 remains in development and will be coming for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch platforms.