The remarkably popular Doodle Jump [99¢] is officially coming to the iPad, according to Lima Sky's Igor Pusenjak. They've actually been hard at work on the iPad version since they first got their hands on the devices, but instead of simply rushing a high resolution version of the same game to the App Store, the Pusenjak brothers are experimenting with all kinds of different graphics sizes, screen orientations, and features for a truly great Doodle Jump iPad experience.

In other news, Doodle Jump has been downloaded over 4,000,000 times so far, easily making it one among the very best selling games on the App Store. Lima Sky also has updates planned over the next three months to add even more awesome stuff to the game.

If you're somehow unfamiliar with Doodle Jump, you simply must check it out. Doodle Jump is an extremely simple tilt-controlled jumping game that is both easy enough to be fun for casual players in the early game, and challenging enough to allow for a hardcore ceiling of online high scores that reach in to the millions.

App Store Link: Doodle Jump, 99¢

  • David

    With over 70 million iDevices and 4 million downloads, that is only a 5.7% market penetration rate.

    When you say something like "If you're somehow unfamiliar with Doodle Jump" it implies some sort of incredulity. What is so incredible that someone might not have heard of a product that 94% of the device owners have never downloaded?

    • Matt

      True, but it's not like this is CNN or another general news site -- people who are explicitly interested in iPhone gaming come here. So the percentage of viewers familiar with it is bound to be higher than your stat (not that we can calculate it).

    • Adams Immersive

      It’s just phrasing for emphasis, not an insult. Also note: if a writer says he’s dying for an upcoming game, don’t send sympathy cards to his family 😀

    • Kirk

      Yes, but just because only 4 million of the 80 million owners have bought it that doesn't mean only 4 million people have heard of it.

      I've heard of it and even played it yet I don't own it.

  • Silent Rocco

    Heard of perhaps, just not interested in downloading.
    It's famous, it's good, it's not a must-have.

  • Ultimate Zohan

    chances of a Lite version coming?

    • http://*sigh* henderson101

      PapiJump has a lite version and is pretty much a similar idea.

    • http://www.cavanaughphotocom Ken

      I doubt you'll ever see a lite version since the full game is only 99 cents. If you're on the fence don't be. The game is brilliant.

  • http://*sigh* henderson101

    I purchased this on Saturday. Gosh, I'm not a real person - I'm a number!!

  • andreas

    The most overrated game in the history of App Store.

    • Chris

      How can you say it's "overrated"? First off, it's one freaking dollar. Secondly, the game's controls work incredibly well. Third, I've played the game for over five hours since I downloaded it probably a year ago and it has never crashed once that I recall. Fourth, the devs are constantly adding small details and enhancements via updates that continue to add more band for your original mere dollar.

      If a game is well made and even kind of fun for a dollar I just don't see how it can be overrated. Maybe the genre just isn't your cup of tea.

      • Chris

        *more bang, not band 🙂

      • Bob

        It's overrated because it's not that fun or good.

        It doesn't crash... well whoopty doo, it's well programmed. Good for them.

        A lot of games give free updates. Again, whoopty doo.

        Yeah, it was $1... AND? Price has nothing to do with a game getting far more accolades than it deserves.

      • Mister Mumbles

        I'll have to side with Andreas and Bob here. I bought the game a while back, and I don't understand what the hoopla is all about. Frankly, I think it's pretty damn boring. *shrug*

        Don't get me wrong. Simple games can be fun, but this is a bit too simple for me. Different strokes for different people.

    • Yog Shoggoth


      A fine example of "can't please everyone".

      In the UK charts alone, Doodle Jump has 10,982 5* ratings.

      Fear not, because 1,396 felt as you do, at 1*.

      Ignoring the in-betweeners, that's 12.71%, stat lovers.

    • Marc

      I hope they bring out an iPad version too, i've got an iPad so I hope it comes out in the next month or something.

  • Future777

    Way to go, Igor! Congrats!!! 😀

  • festival

    PapiJump is the original.

  • Bob

    I bought it. I play it every now and then. Mostly it annoys me. I don't see the appeal one bit. VERY over-rated.

  • simone

    this game is good,but there are other games that imo deserve to sell more than this but this is the market,congrats to the devs for make this good game and kudos to update it constantly.

  • Brinkman

    Those guys have made bank on such a simple game. Congrats!

  • JCat

    The game is a great pick up and play for 5 minutes every so often. It's one of those games you don't delete because you tend fire it up every so often to improve you score. You climb higher then then you did before, crash, and don't look at it again for another week, but you usually do.

    I already have it on my iphone, and it looks just perfectly fine in 2X mode on iPad, so won't be getting it again. It's doodle-style art, it's fine in double res.

  • eev

    well, i bought it because it was in top10. but not really played it, the game is too simple and not very fun. i think a lot of people bought it because of the same reasons.

  • Johnny

    Never played it, never will. HYPED beyond reason. There's too many crappy games like this in the AppStore.

    • uh

      Uh... you've never played it yet you can make the informed decision to say that it is hyped? You realize that there are so many crappy games like this BECAUSE of Doodle Jump, right?

    • mike

      Wow... now there is a man with principles... Vowing to never playing a videogame about a guy bouncing on platforms endlessly.....

      *slow applause

  • Josh

    I first played Papi Jump and after looking at Doodle Jump I just kept telling myself it is the same thing just $.99. After giving in and buying it I found it to be completely different. The controls are somehow more solid and the various platforms and designs make it a brilliant time waster. I can jump on a for a minute or 10 minutes. It is just something you can pickup and play anywhere.

  • :o

    The reason some people think it's overrated is just because it happens to appeal to a larger amount of people.

    I'm a person who does NOT like Pocket God; yet there are tons who think differently.

  • Christian

    Congratulations to the creators of Doodle Jump for blatantly copying Papi Jump and profiting from it. Unoriginal and boring, they only started introducing updates once they realized they were knocked off the "top paid games" perch by Angry Birds. If you haven't bought this game, don't bother. Just download Papi Jump; it's free.

    • Stephen H.

      Funny you should say that. Doodle Jump was released way before Angry Birds. Lima Sky has released updates the whole time.

    • Stephen H.

      Funny you should say that. Doodle Jump was released way before Angry Birds. Lima Sky has released updates the whole time.

      You are right about one thing, though. Doodle Jump is inspired by Papi Jump. However, it improves the concept in every imaginable way, even down to the tilt controls. As other commenters have said, it just feels better. Plus, the game looks A LOT better than Papi Jump. The game is only $0.99.

      No need to flame the game just because you aren't the one rollin' in the cash.

      • Christian

        It RARELY released any updates until Angry Birds toppled it (NO theme updates; now they're scrambling to regain the number one spot). I'm not mad either, I just find it hilarious that the developers reskinned Papi Jump and profited off of it.

    • Frank F

      Wow Christian - I'm impressed with your intelligence and perception. Angry Birds is a knock off of every other crash the castle game out there, just reskinned with cute birds. Kind of the same thing you accuse DoodleJump off. And yeah, DoodleJump was released way before Angry Birds and has been updated almost every two weeks since I've had it. If anything, Angry Birds is releasing updates because it is copying what DoodleJump has been doing all along.

      • Stephen H.

        Thank you, Frank.

      • Christian

        The updates were pathetically minor prior to Angry Birds taking the number 1 spot. Try reading what I've written before replying.

      • Dr Joe

        Releasing an update for an app is copying because another app frequently releases updates? Man, you are stupid.

  • Banck

    What is interesting so muc in that game that people downloaded it 4milion times ? I don't get it. Are people so much stupid ?

  • Banck

    Of course congrats, but my question is actual.

  • GreyDawn

    Quality gaming of the 21st Century right here.

    Welcome to the future...high tech gizmos and 80s-level gaming!

  • mike

    Yeah, well it gets updated every 2 days, so... 4 million DLs sounds about right..

  • Charlie

    I don't understand the huge dispute surrounding Papi Jump and Doodle Jump... It's a 99 cent game. It's a meesly dollar. Just download them both for crying out loud! 😉 Here's my official review of Doodle Jump:

  • SherviN

    Hi, This is Shervin, and my screen name on the All-Time leaderboard is SherviN. I'm ranked 10th in the world.

    Let me make one thing clear. The first time I played Doodle Jump, I told myself "What the hell is this! it's just a another version of PapiJump". I stopped playing for a few days, then I started playing again and saw my score improve everytime I play, I met the monsters, blue platforms, exploding ones, black holes, different themes, stats, the leaderboard, facebook integration, friends' scores, and on and on.... I realized that PapiJump was missing all of those features, I found Doodle Jump way more addicting and way more fun due to the original FEATURES.

    making an app similar to another one is very easy, but making it so that it's better than that one is definitely harder, and deserves appreciation.

    I can bet a 1000 dollars that everyone of you who are saying "doodle jump sucks" haven't even exceeded 100,000. This is why you think Doodle Jump is worse, compared to Papi Jump, it's because you lose in a few minutes, unlike me who can keep playing for quite a while. Just keep playing, and don't judge the game the first time you play it. You just have to get better at it, and you'll see how fun this game is actually.

    Shervin forootan

    • Meow

      I agree play for a while then it's very fun

  • SherviN

    I'm now 2nd in the world. Check the "All Time" leaderboard. high score= 4,001,972

    • Charlie Jeffrie

      You are 2nd, almost 1st lol.
      You however could be impersinating the guy comming second by making the same user name as him which I will do now to prove that you are lying.

      I'm now 1st in the world. Check the "All Time" leaderboard. high score= 4,196,867

    • Charlie Jeffrie

      Also you have obviously jailbroken your iPhone as you put emoji of fire beside your name.

      Download iFile from cydia and you can make custom a doodle jump level like I did.

      • Charlie Jeffries-Tipton

        Sorry "Charlie Jeffrie", but why impersonate me you little freak, it's abit hypocitical of you don't you think?. And by the way Shervin, this is real "Charlie Jeffries-Tipton" who actually DID get 4,196,867. And as I said before Shervin, even though you got those few points under mine, we are just as good as each other.

      • SherviN

        haha I've just seen this, I can't believe some people just waste their time trying to impersonate you.

    • Jaxon

      How did u get flame in ur name

  • Dr Joe


    I just want to add to the others saying that Doodle Jump is defiantly the most overrated pile of crap on the App Store. It is a fun game for hours on end if you are a 5 year old child. Other than that its is boring after the first couple of goes and is a very amateur game.

    On top of that I wasted a dollar on it, when there are many more entertaining games which are the same price or even free. The game itself is OK, it does its job as a game that kills a couple of minutes. The thing that gets me is the retards (like SherviN) who parade around saying its the best game ever and get all defensive about the game. Just take a look at the all the 5* comments on the App Store. The seas of capital letters, the horrendous spelling and the overuse of emoji emotions just about sum up the mentality of the people who love this game.

    To be honest, I am a little jealous - that I didn't make the basic game first. Because as we all know that the creator is cashing in mega bucks. Im just annoyed that I didn't realize that people were so stupid and would pay for such a basic game.

    SherviN, I would like my $1000 now as I have scored 100,000 and still got bored. I bet you won't give it me because as usual, you're one of the retards full of lies and false accusations who bums off the game.