While we were out at GDC 2010, Capcom released their iPhone version of Street Fighter IV [App Store] for the iPhone. It's a lightweight port of the highly respected arcade release that does an admirable job of putting that arcade experience in your pocket.

The iPhone version delivers eight characters from the various Street Fighter titles: Abel, Blanka, Chun Li, Ryu, Bison, Dhalsim, Guile and Ken. And while this selection allows for some decently varied combat, everyone has their favorite character, and given the size of the Street Fighter universe, many saw their favorite fighter overlooked.

Well, recent news from Capcom should put a smile on the face of at least some of the bereft Street Fighter fans out there. The studio will be adding one more character to the mix in a coming, free update to Street Fighter IV for the iPhone. Cammy, who was introduced in Super Street Fighter II, will soon fall in line as the ninth fighter in the iPhone release. A nice choice, as she is a particular favorite among fans.

See Capcom's video of Cammy in action.

No solid date has been indicated for the update that will add Cammy to the game's lineup.

[ via Kotaku ]

  • TheFamousEccles

    I'm thrilled they're adding characters, even if Cammy wouldn't be my first choice, I still would've gladly payed a buck for that update anyway. Here's hoping for T.Hawk!

  • teidon

    So they add a new row of characters to the top of the character selection screen. Does that mean they are going to add a new row of characters to the bottom too for a total of 8 new characters? I hope so. And I hope that Dan is one of them.

  • Whosatm

    If they add Vega, I will buy it.

  • andy

    Well out of my 900+ games on sf4 (i aint even that great) 99% of them I used cammy so I'm happy.

    • Deewin

      Cammy is a very newbie friendly character because you can easily spam her special just like you can with Ryu and Ken.

      • andy

        Guess you got beaten by one too many cammy's then...she's pretty low tier/rated compared to most the roster. I enjoy playing her style over others so whatever, she isn't about spamming specials.

  • http://techtrends.eu/ Christophe Lefevre

    i wish Sagat, Vega and Akuma !!!!!

    • Nekcik

      I'm with you with Akuma and Sagat, but I think i would rather have Zangief on it instead of vega

  • James

    I wish better backgrounds 🙂

  • maddoom

    only +1 char? >_<

  • 1337brian

    Here's to hoping for a price drop with the new update...

  • 14

    I wish they round out the old-school 8 already. It doesn't feel like street fighter without Honda.

    • munkee

      The old school 8 was with Zangief, not Honda.

  • Deewin

    if this game drops in price then I'm definitely buying this for my casual gamer friend who doesn't buy much apps.

  • http://x-ism.com Mike "Evorgleb" Belgrove

    I'm kinda glad they are adding new characters to Street Fighter IV on iphone. As I said over on X-ism, it seems like they will also be adding more based on where her pic appears on the character select screen.

    Personally I'm a Pre owner and I'm hoping that Capcom sees fit to port the over to the Pre since the Pre is the only other platform capable of running the iphone version and it'd only take a few days to transfer over. Hopefully Capcom will try to get the best bang for their development dollars.

    • http://www.blakespot.com Blake Patterson

      I don't think Palm is attracting many big studios after their terribly grave financial report a few weeks back...

    • RhythmMan

      PRE version? Why, so all 5 of you can play it? That would waste Capcoms time. Not their fault you bought a PRE.

  • jason

    Put in Akuma please

  • Tony

    Akuma and Sagat all the way!

  • Harv


  • Harv

    ps - according to the udon SF comic, cammy is a CLONE of m.bison. a clone. made so that if bison got crushed under a falling tree then he could shunt his spirit over into the awaiting cammy vessel.

    this means that when cammy grows up, she will look like m.bison.

  • Greg

    Correction:"Capcom released their iPhone version of Street Fighter IV [App Store] for the iPhone."

  • Anthony

    I want an iPad version Capcom!

  • pretty sweet

    akuma ehonda and sakura but honestly just remake alpha or turbo sf4 is garbage

  • Brett Wood

    Zangief! We need Zangief. I realize that the virtual dpad is the main issue, but I hope they can work it out eventually.

  • Steve

    Where's Zangief ffs

  • Gerald

    If anyone played SF4 on PS3 you would agree you wanna see SETH on the Iphone version.....that guy is awsome!!!!!!! thats my fav character now man.