Lima Sky's Igor and Marko Pusenjak were profiled in the New York Times today as part of this weekend's iPad launch.

With the U.S. release of the iPad on Saturday, most developers have had no chance to test their games on the iPad prior. Only a handful of developers were given early access to the iPad, which left many developers scrambling to get iPads in hand as soon as possible. The Pusenjaks were uneasy about submitting an iPad version of Doodle Jump without first testing it on the units, especially since it heavily relies on the accelerometer. They got to work on the new version of Doodle Jump right after buying the iPad on Saturday morning in New York City.

“Plenty of people will see a nice spike in downloads today, but we’re more concerned with the long-term stability of our application,” Igor said. The brothers estimate that it could take a few days before they were satisfied with the game.

App Store Link: Doodle Jump, $0.99

  • Simeon

    It's a bit unfortunate for developers who aren't in the US. We are in Australia and have to wait until the end of the month to buy an iPad and see how our games perform.

    • Aaron Sullivan

      That sucks, man. Do wait until you get your hands on the hardware, though. I've found a few unexpected items pop up in my game. How far to measure a swipe, for instance, has to be lengthened because people are more dramatic on the big surface and start their swipes all weird sometimes.

      Also, I expected tilt to be tiring and added an alternative control method and make that the default on the iPad. Actually I was only half right. Tilting works _great_ on the hardware. It can still be tiring, but I'm probably going to make tilt the default mechanism anyway. I find myself using both methods while playing.

      Also, if anyone was thinking (and some devs are guilty of this already) about NOT having the game flip when you turn the device. I think you should reconsider. Once you start using this device, the Apps that don't flip around are frustrating. Especially now that you can lock the rotating when you DON'T want you expect it to rotate when not locked all the time. Apple was very right about stressing this.

  • Tocarina

    "With the worldwide release of the iPad on Saturday, most developers have had no chance to test their games on the iPad prior."
    It's US only, so why does it say worldwide...? 😉

    • Simeon

      @Tocarina: I'm not sure why it says worldwide. It is most certainly not available outside of the US, and the Australian iPad page indicates a "late April" availability (with no option to even pre-order).

      (For reference, you can see this here: )

  • aros

    It says worldwide because USA is the only country worth worrying about!

    jk im English anyway lol

  • doozer

    How the hell is doodle jump gonna be fun on that over-sized iPod Touch? the accelerometer control / movement needed will be far to overstated to feel as fun as the 'hold it in the palm of your hand' original.

    A great example of why and extremely SIMPLE and barely worthwhile game just 'works' on the touch/phone but will feel completely out of it's depth on the ridiculous iPad.

    Bandwagon + jumping. Yawn.

    • Aaron Sullivan

      I expected tilt to be less compelling on the iPad, but I find the opposite to be true. You can't get much more refined and accurate control with the larger device. Labyrinth 2 is a joy.

      I say this having no idea how Doodle Jump plays, though. You could be 100% right about that particular game. 🙂

      • Aaron Sullivan

        Um... that's supposed to be "you can get much more refined control" not "you can't" *face2palm*

  • JCat

    Doodle Jump in 2X mode on the pad is fantastic - was able to get much higher the ever!

  • SIlent Rocco

    Where is the TA article about the brilliant ABOVE?