Like many other developers, Imangi Studios has been hard at work creating an iPad version of their game in time for the iPad's launch. Harbor Master has been their most successful title on the App Store, and come April 3rd, Imangi hopes to launch the "HD" version of the title that has been reworked for the iPad's larger screen.

Here's the first teaser screenshot from the iPad version:

Harbor Master for iPad - Click for Full Size image

Harbor Master is a line drawing game that requires you to juggle the docking and undocking of ships from their respective docks. All the while, you need to avoid collisions, cyclones and even pirates.

The iPad version seems to take advantage of the added real estate by offering more docks and ships to juggle as compared to the iPhone version (screenshot).

1000 Harbor Masters Giveaway

Imangi is celebrating the imminent launch of the iPad version of Harbor Master HD by giving away 1000 copies of the original version of Harbor Master to TouchArcade readers. Apple has recently begun allowing individual apps to be gifted to individuals and Imangi is taking advantage of this by giving away 1000 copies of their game for free.

Click here to signup

To qualify, you simply need to be one of the first 1000 readers to sign up for their mailing list. It's a low volume double opt-in mailing list, and you can easily unsubscribe at any time. You need a U.S. iTunes account to be able to redeem the free App.

Harbor Master remains available in the App Store for iPhone and iPod Touch users.

App Store Link: Harbor Master, $1.99, Harbor Master Lite, Free

  • LordBron

    This is gonna be great! My son and I play this game at the same time on the iPod. It'll only be that much more fun for us to double team on the iPad version!

  • Alex Ferrigno

    DAMN THATS COOL! pity i already have it

  • Chris

    Not in the US 🙁

  • Glenn

    Sounds great however the graphics do not look like they are improved. With the power in the iPad I was expecting aq much nicer looking screen shot. The Water looks plain sad...

    Developers need to update the games to use the graphics better on the iPad instead of changing the interface and slapping a few more trees etc into the games..

    • Adams Immersive

      They’re using the extra screen area to show more action. What else would you expect of the game? (And the art has been updated too—look at the original iPhone version.) Different people like different art styles, but that’s just personal taste. (I like the water fine.)

      Extra area is all the iPad offers. (It may have additional hardware power, but that could be burned up pushing the extra pixels—most people don’t really know yet.) And that’s not putting the iPad down. Extra area is great, and that alone is enough to make a revolutionary gaming experience.

      As long as iPad game graphics use every pixel of the iPad (no blurring or pixel-doubling or wasted margins) then they’re taking advantage of the iPad.

      Anyway... I never thought of using the Gift option this way. A nice new option for developers!

    • Lord Gek

      C'mon, it isn't like the developers have even had much time with the iPad, I mean many have yet to even get their hands on a real one.

      I'm thinking most of these "Launch Day" conversions are more than anything else placeholders with bigger plans down the road.

  • Radek

    I totally agree with Glenn, its totally useless pasting graphics from iphone to ipad, developers should update their graphics + add more interactivity and more features to their new & old iPad games...

    • Kshep

      The art isn't copied / pasted from the iPhone version. It's completely new art (other than the boats), just take a look at the screenshot from the original Harbor Master that was linked to in the article.

      • Radek

        hahaha omg 🙂 That was only metaphor saying that the graphics was taken from iphone to ipad only upgraded to Hi-Rez to fit the iPad, what I am saying here is to take entire game to the other level, everything is the same like in iphone, I am talking about like adding more water effects, beach (now is yellow only), land , more interactive and look like iPad can handle and of course a lot more features, there's so much stuff you can add and change, and its just Hi-Rez nothing more....use more imagination even the word imagine is in your logo 🙂 and creativness and bring more stuff to's worth it 🙂

  • Scott

    I have to say I ALSO agree with Glenn

    Animate that water (sort of like Backflip already did on the "iPod")
    Animating water is something a lot of iPod developers skip right over most of the time and go with a static blob.

    The ships could look a little bit cooler too.

    I don't think Glenn is saying to change the art style of the game, that's what gives it it's own characteristics.
    Just "update" it.
    Look at Zen Bound 2 or The Deep Pinball. They look awesome, yet the same.

  • guibs

    Us only dang it!

  • voynix

    Is this the start of us iPhone users being left behind as game sites start to cover the 'sexier' iPad?

  • Vaxin

    Looks cheap, not much of an improvement for a game which was already a rip of FC.


    You people flame Gameloft for making clones - even when the clones are some of the best game experiences you can find on the iPhone - yet you happily accept clones of line drawing games.

  • HyphyCus

    w00t! Got one!

  • Daniel

    Thank you Imangi! I won too 🙂

  • omg

    i got a copy thru my email too! kudos to imangi and their promotion.