A title that has been getting a lot of attention on our forums, and rightly so, is the upcoming dual-stick shooter, Revolt, created by the three-man team of Kristopher Peterson, Jaap Kreijkamp and Sean Neville.

Revolt is an exquisite looking shooter that departs from the usual dual-stick model of unlimited ammo run-and-gunning by throwing a surprising amount of strategy into the mix. The gameplay promotes taking cover and rolling to avoid enemy fire, and ammo needs to be carefully managed across 15 weapons and 5 weapon types. A mixture of lasers, grenades and missile launchers serve to create some of the most impressive explosions and combat effects we've seen on the AppStore, too. To boot, Revolt seems to take its storytelling seriously, the gameplay spanning over 8 campaign levels and an impressive 20 survival arenas.

The story behind Revolt's development seems equally impressive, being largely a labor of love for Peterson who started development in May '09 on his own and was joined soon in September by Kreijkamp to form what has mostly been a two-man development team. Lack of manpower certainly doesn't show, as Revolt's stunning level design and attention to both lighting and shadows are really setting it apart from the usual shooter suspects. The full feature-list as provided by the team is as follows:

  • 8 Story Levels and 20 Survival Arenas
  • 15 Weapons
  • 8 Unique Enemy Types
  • Weapon and Armor Upgrades
  • Advanced Gameplay
  • Destructible Environments
  • 3 Difficulty Modes
  • Kickass 3d Graphics
  • Killer Music and Sound Effects
  • High Score Leaderboard

The developers have already promised to add to that sizeable feature list, with a character skill system, more levels, weapons and enemies, and OpenFeint integration scheduled as planned updates, so there is a ton of content to look forward to.

Be sure to check out the impressive trailer above and keep an eye on our Revolt discussion thread for further updates from the developer before its upcoming but as-yet unannounced release date.

  • JackieTran

    WOW! I want it

  • waht hi

    I normally hate these types of games (minigore is so overrated), but this one looks very good.

  • B34$T

    I wonder if Chillingo is gonna pick this up. They pretty much picked up all other 3D dual-stick shooters :p.

    • Loner

      What would these guys need Chilingo for? They have almost completed the game and soon to release it.

      • B34$T

        I'm not saying they need the publishing. Its just that Chillingo has a sweet spot for these types of games (eg. Guerrilla Bob and Pirates Gold)

        I'm also cautiously optimistic about this one since I don't want to be disappointed like Guerrilla Bob.

  • Best RN

    Any multiplayer features? I would love to go around shooting my friends or have them help me on survival.

  • Lions

    I need this game like yesterday.

    I can't believe all this from 2 guys. Man they must have one hell of a work ethic to crank this out.

  • Vicente

    Ok, now we are talking...

  • http://www.peitsch.de Sebastian

    Just goes to show how "good" Minigore really is.

    This game has more sound variety and animations in the TITLE screen than Minigore.

    There should really be a dictionary addendum - Minigore = teh hype

  • Rad

    Looks Cool !

  • MaroonFree

    Haha Killzone Liberation anyone? That was actually a pretty killer title on the PSP. Please don't bash on these guys for expanding on all of the mindless slaughter based "Dual stick shooters". They're actually just putting out a full title for a genre that's been around for quite a while.

  • menom

    A fair while back, I was sure this would be one style of game I'd get real soon after they came about, but they all seemed too vague to me so I've yet to get a top down shooter

    think this will be the one for me - looks great with superb lighting and believeable action - can't wait...

  • dumas1000

    I can appriciate top-down duel-stick shooters, if they are well concieved, but I have honestly yet to get into one. Not my style, I guess. I'm looking for somewhat more of a console experience, I suppose. Guerilla Bob is probably the best, so far. Although it annoys me that the enemies shoot back in that game. If you look at all the Minigore-type games so far, the enemies are basically all melee-based, except for Guerilla Bob. Also, Garter's and Ghouls is very underrated. Still, I'm waiting for one of these games to be good enough for me to play them for more than a few minutes. The biggest issue I think is storyline, or lack thereof. These duel-stick games tend to have very weak to essentially non-existant storylines. I two I mentioned above are basically the only story driven games in this genre. Survival mode is just not my thing.

  • TheFamousEccles

    There are too many dual-stick shooters for me to get excited about one.

    Now if someone were to make a dual-stick/match 3/tower defense/physics puzzler, you could count me in.

  • Mr. Gates

    Robotron !!! Google it people ! this is Robotron under a different name ! IN #3D ! ! ! I love it , they even give the date 2084 in the opening credits ! How could I be the first one to see this ? ? ? There is nobody mentioning this even in the TouchArcade article ? It is Sooooo Obvious ! Robotron WAS the first duel stick Shooter

    • http://www.twitchfactor.com Twitchfactor

      You are correct. It cracks me up when kids call all "dual-stick shooters" "Geometry Wars clones". Or even better, they call Geometry Wars a "Asteroids clone".

      Robotron was first, back in like 1984.

      I HATED Robotron, back then, BTW. Love all the "dual-stick shooters" now, though. Could be because my skills are better, but I'm pretty sure it's because most of them aren't remotely as hard as the original Robotron.

      This one isn't really "Robotron", though. It looks to be more Alien Syndrome meets Robotron. Or Colourful Alien Breed Evolution.

  • RhythmMan

    The character art style reminds me of the game "state of emergency". Looks fun

  • araczynski

    looks nice, should be fun.

  • Zuriyahe

    I'm interested! Count me in!

  • Mr. Gates

    this needs to be Addressed : ROBOTRON !

    Don't be shy people !

    • RhythmMan

      Doesn't look at all like robotron's wireframe graphics. There's a lot of top-down shooters like smash tv, and such. Ok it's been addressed. Unless your the creator of robotron looking for royalties I dint get the obsession with telling everyone to investigate the history of top-down dual control shooters.

      • http://www.twitchfactor.com Twitchfactor

        Robotron wasn't "wireframe graphics", BTW. It was "raster", better known as "pixels".

        The guy probably wants people to be educated because most people that talk about games spout BS without ever doing any research and for some strange reason can only reference games that are no more than 5 yrs old.

        If more people actually knew game history, they'd stop bitching about a lot of things like; innovation. They'd realize that a lot of the things they call "innovative" or "revolutionary" are actually "evolutionary" (which is usually better than truly revolutionary or new, anyway).

  • Omkm

    Looks really nice.

    On the Minigore sidenote I gotta say that animations and sound clips are not what make Minigore such a nice experience – It just flows, unlike Guerilla Bob which somehow doesn't.

    But Minigore IS overrated, as are Doodle Jump and all other games that make you start from the beginning every game. I don't understand why gamedevelopers feel that somehow iPhone players have goldfish memory and only need one level. Who cares if you can play it with a different toon? It's still the exact same level.

  • aros

    Hoping this is like Killzone Liberation on PSP, that was an awesome game. Cover mechanic is sorely missed from titles on the Idevices so far.

  • Iblackdude

    Arial shooters..... Not for me
    give me a James Bond Clone and we can talk 🙂

  • -=XX=-Nephilim

    Oh wow! 😮

    looks like must buy to me 🙂

  • http://www.mayblogmaynot.blogspot.com Maniacfive

    This looks good, like what Guerilla Bob should have been.

  • RhythmMan

    Since were on the topic of top-down shooters. I miss that bloody and dark game called "Loaded". Think it was called Blood Factory in Japan. You were escapees from a mental asylum and had to slaughter everyone to get out of the facility! Haha, what a great idea that was for a theme!

  • benj

    looks really good! hope it plays better than guerilla bob though.

  • banjanor

    Looks great, a good step forward in dual stick shooters IMO, (it has a plot and great level design!) but I think them claiming the music to be 'kickass' is a bit exaggerated....

  • Ashraf

    This really awesome... i want it.