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iPhone developer Ryan Mitchell has just released Necromancer Rising [App Store], a large-scale, first-person RPG with an air of the macabre that should appeal to fans of dark and dank dungeon crawlers.

Necromancer Rising places you in the unenviable position of the last surviving Battle Priest of the king's army with a wife and child that were recently slaughtered and buried, and -- as if that wasn't enough -- robbed from their graves by the minions of the evil Necromancer, tunneling in caverns below. Your goal is to regain your former strength and visit grave vengeance upon the aforementioned Necromancer in the name of your beloved family.

The game features a highly detailed stats and equip system; your person features 16 equipment locations for weapons and armor allowing for a great many battle configurations. The author indicates that the game includes tens of thousands of items as well as 50,000 different weapons, in all. (All items are freely available to those who spend the time to find them, but for those who don't mind paying for a bit of a short-cut, certain particularly useful items are also available as in-app purchases.) There are 50 different levels to explore (with 49 end-bosses) and each is dynamically generated upon entrance, so no level is ever the twice the same.

See the developer's trailer video for a look at the game in play.

As yet, I've spent but a brief while with the title and find that what it lacks in polish in some areas (menu system, look controls, etc.), it makes up for with a pleasantly ghoulish atmosphere thanks to the creepy level and creature design, as well as the superb, moaning sound effects and evocative background score. The whole thing has a nice sort of campy Evil Dead feel to it that lends it a particular sort of charm that I find myself enjoying.

Our forum members have had a lot to say about this one. Hitch enjoyed it, while noting the lack of polish in some areas.

This is a hardcore RPG. If you're a casual gamer, I'd probably pass as of now. It has good graphics, sounds, and gameplay elements/length, but a crappy menu system and messy controls keep the game from living up to it's potential. Great game, but hard to work with.

8/10- Must have for PATIENT RPG fans, but needs quite a few updates to make it a must have for everyone.

SharpCarlos is enjoying it as well.

Overall, it's scratching my dungeon crawl itch. There's random loot in varying levels of quality with random affixes (just found a helmet that increases my intelligence). It runs smoothly on my 3GS. And it SEEMS like there's a lot of game here. The dungeon is 50 levels deep, and if there continues to be several quests per level, it'll take quite a while to burn through them.

Have a look at the game trailer (this early version of the bundled tutorial video might be helpful as well) to aid in your decision.

App Store Link: Necromancer Rising, $6.99

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  • PahnCrd

    The price seems a bit high. Anyone willing to try it out and see if it is worth it?

    • tsharpfilm

      For a 1st person RPG, $6.99 is very generous. The real question is whether or not this game is good, easy to control, etc. Form the looks of the preview, the graphics look like hell. But maybe it's more fun to play than look at.

  • arn

    if only there was a forum thread dedicated to people trying it out and talking about it.

    oh wait.

    • PahnCrd

      Yes yes... I'll go punch myself in the groin for forgetting about the forum. 🙁

  • dumas1000

    Meh, there seems to a flaw in the ability to block using your shield. There is a delay after each block, as if the shield has to recharge. Monsters often strike twice in a row though, and the second strike cannot be blocked.

    Drops are too weak in the beginning. Monsters drop 1-coin a piece. Items cost more than your beginning character can ever hope to afford. I cannot purchase potions, for example.

    Fetch quests rely on random loot drops. I'm told to acquire 10 of the same item. But it can take a very long time. I can kill 4 or 5 monsters, and only 1 will drop the loot I need. Or I can kill 2 monsters, and both will drop the required item. Totally random. But the mission to collect 10 items was taking way too long. Especially since my character is underpowered, poor, &
    potionless. And the none quest loot is worthless. It all sell for 3 gold or less. 1 potion cost over 50 gold. 1 hour of gameplay nets probably less than 100 gold.

  • dumas1000

    Well, the dev said the shield block is part of the strategy of the game. The shield is on cool down. I can understand that, but zombies throw two consecutive strikes, nearly every time, the second of which, you cannot block. I don't understand how that makes for strategy. If you go in there, at melée distance, you're going to get hit. He will punch twice, you will block once, and the second time, you will get hit. What's the point then of having a shield at all? The Dev made a tutorial, included within the game. He got in close on an enemy, but could only block half of the strikes at melée distance, and he died. And he's the dev.

    • squarezero

      How about blocking, then backing away? You can then push forward and attack. Usually works for me, at least for the level 1 zombies.

  • pachi72

    WOw the game looks soo stiff. Not worth it. after playing kick ass games like GTA China Town i don't wanna play this.

  • Jeff

    Truthfully, I've been playing this game a lot more than Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars. It's really fun - you guys should try it out.

  • Tim

    Reminds me of EverQuest 1 for PC. I'm kind of a graphics / polish whore as of late...

    I will probably not go for this one...


  • Jindo Fox

    Price has dropped to $4.99.

  • yoyo

    schrott !

  • EatKodosDaily

    yeah, looks under polished for that price.

    A game needs a lot of polish before I'm willing to give it a chance at a price above $2.99 (I know, I know, I tend to say prices aren't high enough, but when I say that, the polish is better.)

    • TheFamousEccles

      This game was worth the $7, I'd really advice picking it up before the price goes back up as planned.

  • Mihail

    Are you kidding me? This game looks like s**t - the animations are really weird too...

    • yoyo

      Thats right !