547319_2Raptisoft's Hoggy game is a great puzzle platformer that has stayed under the radar in the weeks since its release.

In the game, you control the title character Hoggy a strange blob-like creature whose girlfriend has been captured by the Moon Men. Your job is to collect the keys across 45 levels to unlock the doors to her release.

Each level requires you to collect all the fruit while avoiding baddies, bombs and other obstacles in your way. Hoggy is controlled well using tilt for movement and a single tap on the screen reverses gravity. Hoggy will flip from the bottom to the top of screen and vice versa with the tap of your finger. This maneuver becomes quite natural and is essential to your success.

The game's levels are varied with plenty of different enemies, obstacles and triggers along the way that keeps the game fresh. This video shows a couple of different levels you'll come across:

Hoggy offers great level designs, intuitive controls, and variety of enemies in a nicely polished package. A lite version offers 14 levels for you to get a feel for the game. Overall, Hoggy comes highly recommended.

App Store Link: Hoggy, $1.99, Hoggy Lite, Free

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  • http://www.fdg-entertainment.com Future777

    It´s good to see the game on the front page. Hoggy earned it! A great game!

  • drone9

    thx for this article!
    totally overlooked this great looking title in the forum.

  • Chad

    Hoggy looks suspiciously like Kirby.

    • http://twitter.com/BulkSlash Bulk Slash

      Yeah I thought that at first, but I bought the game and it plays very differently to Kirby.

      It's a little frustrating in places but overall good fun if you're looking for something that taxes the brain cells a bit.

    • http://www.reverbnation.com/ujnhunter Ujn Hunter

      Ha! First thing that popped to mind was "Hoggy looks like one tough cream puff!"

    • mike

      It is. :p

      More fake Nintendo games please! LOL.

      How about a plumber that can throw fireballs, call him...Antonio the Plumber.

      • PS

        Actually it just LOOKS like kirby it is fundamentally different in that this is a puzzle game and you can't inhale everything you see

  • http://www.iiistudio.com James

    This game looks great! I am definitely going to buy it. 14 Levels for the Lite version is TOO MANY. With that many no one will buy the full. Looks really good though.

  • Jakarta

    Looks great but not feeling the tilt for movement.

    • Cranker

      I don't usually like tilt control which is why I was not a fan of Rolando and more of Boiunce but I will give it a try.

    • Adams Immersive

      I’m wary of tilt controls, but using tilt just for horizontal steering is OK in my view.

      Whenever I object to tilt control in a game, I find it’s because it uses vertical or 360-degree tilting. That’s hard to get right. But this game seems to only need the horizontal. Other horizontal-only tilt games have been no problem for me. (Driving games are an obvious example.)

  • Jenny

    Look forward to trying this out! Also, you got the pay and free links reversed! Thought you should know!

  • MellowFellow

    Wow how many Nintendo games does this rip-off? I see some Kirby,Mario 2 level pieces and even Mario 3 has some influence in here.

    • http://www.reverbnation.com/ujnhunter Ujn Hunter

      I find it amazing how many iPhone games do this. Even apps that icons with actual Mario pictures etc... it's amazing. How does Apple let these through?

  • Klemens
  • Mr Slinky Spring

    I was looking for NOVA in Gameloft's page and found HAWX is out!

  • Oneiromancer

    I liked the lite version and will probably get the full tonight, but...is there any indication of future updates or extra level packs? The 14 levels in the lite version went by pretty fast, and I know that the difficulty increases, but with only 45 levels in the main version I've already played a third of them!

  • Jonah

    Bought the lite version, played through it, and sprung for the full. Great stuff here, especially the level design.

    As for the Mario 2 comparison, well, yeah: the urns and keys look a lot like the urns and keys from that game. But, well, so what? Most games for the iPhone are just ripoffs of old concepts with new graphics. I'd prefer an original concept with unoriginal graphics any day of the week.

  • Crickets

    Played through the lite version. Good stuff.

    I was also concerned about the tilt control, but found it to be extremely effective in this game.

    Great game play, try the lite version.

  • http://yes.com AntonioMontegio

    Oneiromancer - the lite version has a different set of levels 🙂 so u get 15 lite + 45 full game.

    • Oneiromancer

      Hey...that's awesome! Definitely gonna buy then.

    • ZildjianKX

      Isn't the first level the same in both the light version and the full version 🙂

      I've read reviews that you can't go back and play levels after you finish the game. Is this going to be fixed in a future update?

      Great game, btw.

  • Jonah

    Finished the game (minus a couple skipped jars), and I'm pretty satisfied. The boss fight was truly excellent, and I'm a guy who's usually disappointed by boss fights.

    The level design is great, but I have a few complaints about the world design. One, that you can't go back and play levels you've beaten, at least without restarting the game. Two, that it's possible to beat the game without fighting the (again, awesome) boss, and that when you do so you have to start a new game if you want to play said boss.

    The latter is especially problematic, because the actual end of the game is sort of off the beaten path so that it LOOKS like a secret, so if you go there early hoping to see everything, you end up accomplishing the opposite. This could be fixed by making the boss obligatory. And really, why shouldn't it be?

  • Oliver

    Jonah: totally man! I just did the same thing, then searched the net for someone preaching on this crazy design flaw. I thought, let's take a break from this wicked end boss and go check on that secret, might as well savor this killer game. Then WTF? Now it's over!! Freaking craziness, but otherwise stellar game. Haven't had that much fun since Archibald's Adventures 🙂

  • Hogg

    There are2jars that cannot Be resches how can i get there?

  • michael

    I just finished the game, have completed all the levels. was truly great!
    To reach the two (very special) locked level, you have to finish the one other level as a cube. the level to do so is the one that reminds marked with a question mark. how to do it? well, try... :0) if you finish it as a cube, you can break the walls and play the 2 great levels ;0) did enyone else also play these two levels?

  • ??

    I've tried and tried and tried beating that level as a cube but I can't figure it out! Please help!

    • Brodka

      You need to get the little red guy onto the second platform and have him redirect the falling driller guy to the right. He will take out all the bricks and the bomb.

  • Halloweiner

    Did anyone figure out the level with two cherries and grapes encased in the green bricks? I used the 8 ball to squish the green dude at the bottom which caused an explosion which let me get the cherries.... but once I ate the acorn and turned into a cube I was unable to make the diagonal jump to get the grapes.

    • Halloweiner

      Ahh nevermind I figured it out.

      • caRoO

        Can you tell me how to do it??? Plizzz

      • Slpd123

        I also wish to know how to do it, I kill the king but left only this jar

  • texastechgirl

    I am in the middle of playing the boss right now. I am at the part where I have an eight ball and 2 of those spikey wheels that shoot wherever you are. I can't figure out how to beat him! Help please!?

    • Seeya124

      You gotta use the spikey dudes to hit him as well as the 8 ball. First, use the spikey dude to hit him. Second use the 8 ball (he flips upside down after you hit him the first time). And third hit him with the other spikey dude.

  • Shannon

    I am playing the lite version and can't figure out the short green jar with two ice levels... Does anyone here have tips?

  • Kaycee

    i get to the boss level and around the part with the snowball things it crashes? anyone elses doing this?

    • Cyber553

      I crashed the game when I jumped on the brick bottom of the boss too soon (you have to wait until he flies into the next room and then catch up with him, very tight timing...). I restarted my iPhone (holding button & on/off button until the Apple logo appears) and when it rebooted my progress in Hoggy was backed up a bit (I lost 1 jar and my progress on the boss), but that was better than having a frozen game that doesn't work after getting so far. I love the game, beat the boss, got all 52 keys, now have to decide if I should spring .99 cents for the "Lost Levels" - I'll probably cave in and buy it soon, the game was really great!

  • Slpd123

    I also cannot figure out the two pool ball and the corn. I manage to get one side but I can't get the other side.

    Also got to the end where I am trying to hit the red boxes but it kept saying I am too slow. Help!

  • http://toucharcade katryna

    the ice level is super hard i cant beat it and neither can my cusins it is super hard i only passed the first pat but not the last sadly

  • Steve

    Ok. My daughter and I are both stumped by the ice level. Any tips?

    • Mike

      with the ice level, there are two different theories, one is if you jump onto the ice on an angle, you travel slower and therefore you won't catch up to the bad guy in front of you.

      The other is that the more time you spend on the solid pieces the faster you glide. So you have to jump on and off, get the cherry and get on the ice as fast as possible. Hope that helps...

      If anyone knows how to beat the boss where you are in the room with the 4 acorns and the three crawlie guys that would be reallllllly helpful!!!

  • Steve

    Just finished and got Hoggy's girlfriend back. Thanks Brodka for explaining how to get to the 2 vases behind the bricks. Still haven't solved the ice level, though.

  • Jon

    What the hell? A Nintendo rip-off? Are you people for real? Hoggy looks _nothing_ like Kirby! There's not even a remote resemblance, except for the circular shape, which is hardly something the Kirby team invented.

    Jesus Christ. I hate when people falsely accuse others of ripping something off.

  • Joske

    i have solved all of the levels, even the ice and boss one.
    i my opinion this is an awesome game.

    tip for the ice lvl : the speed at which you slip over the ice depends on the angle of your ipod when you though it. Just keep trying until you master it!

  • Jo

    i can't solve jar 10 no matter what i do. it's the one with two fluffy things on the left spitting out stuff towards two rows of fruits. it's really frustrating me. can anyone help?

  • Jo

    oops i meant fluffy things on the right

  • Gen

    How do I get past the orange and green jars in 14?! It's the ones where in orange there is an F shaped brick thing with the fruit in it and 2 fuzzy things shooting at it. In green there is the spikey dude that goes wherever you go and I can't pass it. Pls help