The excitement for Halloween seems to be in full swing, both in the real world and on the App Store. There has been an overwhelming amount of Halloween themed games to be released lately, not to mention quite a few great games that have been out for a while now with themes that perfectly fit the holiday. Here are five that have piqued my interest lately, but there are many more where these came from-

Skullpogo, $1.99 - A ridiculous game from the creator of Enviro-Bear 2010 [99¢] where you bounce on a pogo stick taking out pigs, bats, zombies, and other baddies. There are tons of power ups, and a scoring system that rewards combos of multiple bounces. I've had a lot of fun with the game, but I've always been a sucker for simple games that have tons of power ups that offer all kinds of positive and negative effects.

doodle-jump-halloween2 727765_2

Doodle Jump, 99¢ - No stranger to Touch Arcade coverage and already host to several Easter eggs, this beloved game of ours recently had yet another bonus feature added in a recent update. When you enter your name as "Boo", your character turns in to a glowing ghost and monsters get a Halloween makeover. This Halloween mode is incredibly difficult as all the platforms turn black, so you never know what to expect until you land on one. As always, Doodle Jump is highly recommended and this Halloween mode is yet another reason to pick it up if you haven't already.


Pet Sematary, 99¢ - Paramount recently released this iPhone game based on the 1989 classic horror movie of the same name. The gameplay is fairly basic, you tap on undead pets to protect humans trying to escape off the screen through 15 levels of increasing difficulty and then publish your scores to Facebook. That's pretty much all there is to it. If you're a child of the 80's, like me you likely have fond memories of being scared to death watching Pet Sematary. It's just unfortunate the game doesn't do more with the movie, as I see a lot of lost potential here. Regardless, you can't really have Halloween without Pet Sematary.

Ezone's Scarecrow, 99¢ / Free - A simple game by the creators of Galactic Gunner [$2.99 / Free] where you tilt your phone and tap your screen to see how high you can blast your scarecrow up in the air. Scores are tracked via Plus+, and a recent update added power-ups. Ezone has other halloween themed games such as Crazy Snowboard - Halloween Special [99¢ / Free] and Crazy Pumpkin [99¢ / Free] that are also worth checking out.

Zombie Pizza, 99¢ / Free - Appy Entertainment's latest game takes place in a world full of zombies, hungry zombies, to be precise. Gameplay is a mixture of matching and time management as you make pizzas based on an in-game cookbook to feed the zombies before they smash down your door and eat you. Zombie Pizza is a fun game with a ton of charm, and I recommend at least trying the lite version to see if it makes you smile.