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‘The Relic’ Gameplay Video Released

therelicLast month we posted a brief preview of Chillingo’s upcoming hack and slash RPG, The Relic. Originally described as “Gauntlet on steroids“, this latest gameplay video does a great job showing exactly what they mean by this. Here is Chillingo’s latest description of the game:

Long ago, craftsmen of legendary art conceived an artifact of immortality; an engine of life to overthrow death and usher in the rule of peace. Yet one thousand years the Quinotaur reigns and fills the holes of the earth with horrors. Ascend from the deep where he has buried you, end the tyrant and destroy the source of his power – The Relic.

Play alone or with friends the intense hack and slash game that pits you against hordes of skeletons, spiders and evil wizards. Live the story, consume potions, collect spells and complete quests through a number of levels to uncover the secret of The Relic and finally restore peace to the world. Enjoy stunning graphics, animation and music that make the world of The Relic come alive.

The Relic will be playable with up to two players via bluetooth, and if you’re on WiFi up to four players will be able to slash their way to victory.

While still under development, The Relic is looking very interesting.