Cyan Worlds recently released a free version of Myst that will allow you to relive some of the 1993 classic adventure game. While technologically rather simple from today's standpoint (mostly static images), the game's graphics and soundtrack were remarkably immersive. The game starts you on a strange island where you must explore your surroundings, solve puzzles and figure out the backstory.

The free version of Myst allows you to explore Myst island while the full has 5 additional ages to explore. Removing that additional content shrinks it down to 124MB, so still a sizable download. Meanwhile, the full version has dropped $1 to $4.99.

If you've never experienced Myst, here's your chance.

App Store Link: Myst Free, Free - Myst, $4.99

  • http://www.jindofox.com jindofox

    Why is this glorified slide show so huge? Surely they could have compressed these oldschool graphics without losing much, especially on the small screen.

    • thewiirocks

      Old school or not, this "slideshow" originally took up an entire CD. They've compressed it down quite a bit, but there's still a lot of data there.

    • Yacko

      Apparently you missed the following sentence in the story:

      "While technologically rather simple from today's standpoint (mostly static images), the game's graphics and soundtrack were remarkably immersive."

      And I would add to the immersion, the story. Further why did people play Infocom text games and continue to play interactive fiction, games without any pictures at all? It's all about mood and the thinking process, not your overactive and eagerly twitching forefinger.

    • Thaurin

      There's a lot of video in the game, too, isn't there? Also, ambient sounds.

  • BacaraMac

    Cool, I played this game on my 486 66 back in the day. I have wanted to buy it, but wanted to try it first. I am sure this will earn my 4.99 soon enough.

  • Twazzock

    I own Myst on the iPhone, but I find it far too inaccessible and time consuming these days. Games have come a long way, and unfortunately I don't believe this holds up for any other purpose than nostalgia. Personally I find the design rather dull, compared to games like The Longest Journey and Syberia which had beautiful, lovingly crafted visuals. I'd recommend the iPhone game to anyone who played Myst when it first came out and loved it, as it works very well on the platform, but it's aged badly and I don't think it'd be enjoyable to a first-time player.

  • Johnny

    Great game! Still after all there's years... It's cool that they provided the entire Myst Island in the free version as it can lead to many, many hours of gameplay for those that do not seek hints online trying to open the gates to the other ages. I've purchased the game and I'm having fun with it. My understanding is that if you visit all ages and gather up all of the hints to solve the game (any one of the three endings) that the game offers somewhere around 40 hours of gameplay. Cool.

  • mark

    yeah this game was huge on the PC when it first came out, it was revolutionary because it was one of the first games to come on CD-Rom and the these graphics were unheard of at that time. It was (and is) a difficult and frustrating game but it does offer an immersive story and environment.
    i got the demo and its great to relive the memories but the initial island is actually enough for me.. i like it coz i can relive the memories without having to shell out any money or use up over 600mb on my ipod touch. Myst is now a playable museum artifact in gaming.

  • randy

    Myst isn't for everyone, no doubt. It takes a lot of smarts and patience.