pppk_04Independent developer Polytron recently released details of their first iPhone game that's in the works. Polytron is best known for their work on the innovative, and as yet unreleased game, Fez, a 2d/3d platformer (video). Well, no, Fez is not coming to the iPhone (as far as we know), but Polytron is working on an iPhone-specific multi-touch game called Power Pill.

At Pecha Kucha, Phil Fish presented the idea behind Power Pill which places you in control of a super medicine that is working its way through a human body. The medicine is so powerful that it can't touch the sides of the body without causing damage. Your job is to squeeze, pull and morph the pill into different sizes and shapes in order to properly navigate the levels.

pppk_07The size control will use two-finger multi touch to perform the rotation, stretching and squeezing. Fish discussed that portions of the game may require you to be larger to sweep up "goop" or battle bacteria.

Different levels represent different parts of the body that may be afflicted by different ailments.

Fish also reports that they have been working on an iPhone-based level editor that will eventually be bundled with the game. Unfortunately, however, the scope of the level editor has been so time consuming that they haven't yet been able to focus much development time on the game, itself.

Here's Fish talking about the game:

No real time frame for game release was provided, but this certainly sounds like an interesting one to follow.

[ via CreativeApplications ]

  • http://www.squarezerostudio.com squarezero

    That sounds interesting, but Fez looks unbelievable. In any event, that Pecha Kucha seems much more interesting than the one I did in Boston earlier this year.

  • foolishwolf

    Fez DOES look unbelievable. Cannot wait for that. Nor can I for Power Pill.

  • jon

    they look interesting

  • Pheebau

    Fish is not his name, Poisson is 😉

    Fish is just the translation of poisson from French to English and I guess he put it on his slides as a joke...


  • http://polytroncorporation.com FISH

    please, call me Fish.