img_0312LucasArts' Secret of Monkey Island has been put on sale this weekend for only $3.99 (down from $7.99) [App Store].

Originally released in 1990, and having seen several revisions following the initial release including a port to the Sega CD, this Special Edition of The Secret of Monkey Island [App Store] is the best version of the game yet. It has been completely re-imagined with new art, complete voice-overs, and a new live instrumental musical score. The iPhone version really is an impressive effort.

The game has also seen a 1.1 update which fixes a number of 3GS related issues (graphics, crahes), audio bugs, and tunes the control acceleration and sensitivities.

App Store Link: Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition, $3.99 (Weekend sale)

  • Capone

    Can someone who downloaded version 1.1 please tell if the controls are now working better? Thanks.

    • Jehova

      are they?

  • differenz

    Got it last night! Great game.

    Capone; I don't know if the controls are better but they are kinda confusing at first.. got used to them by now.

  • Scott

    Controls are a lot more responsive now-I'm actually going to finish playing it.

  • Capone

    Thanks for your answers.

  • Jeff

    the graphics are more clean, and the touchpad controls are more like 'accelerated' now, kinda like a blackberry ball or a trackball, and the double tapping is more lenient. Was just wondering if they were ever gonna update this, guess I got my answer =)

  • Jim
  • mrkgoo

    I did a direct comparison of 1.1 to 1.0. The graphics are nicer, controls are MUCH faster (with selectable sensitivity), and tapping has been improved.

  • Igor

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