Screen shot 2009-09-09 at 9.59.20 PMUbisoft also took the stage at today's event and said they were putting the finishing touches on Assassin's Creed II for the iPhone. The game is due for release for console systems this November and will also be released for the iPhone on the same day.

Ubisoft emphasized the diversity of animations and sound effects implemented for dramatic kill scenes and also emphasized exploration and customization. Through the use of photo library integration, you can even put your face on the wanted posters found in the game.

The game itself looks to use a different engine than the original Assassin's Creed for iPhone and has an emphasis on acrobatics controlled by touch screen buttons. See the keynote video to see it in action:

Assassin's Creed II is due this holiday season.

  • SalsaMD

    Still a side scroller 🙁 ... far cry from the console experience of AC2. Also not overwhelmed by the graphics, but we'll see...

  • capa's jump

    BOO! Looks like Gameloft (folks who made the first game) were more ambitious than Ubisoft (makers of this sequel).

    It's designed after their old cell phone side scroller games with 3D graphics. 🙁

  • Gavy

    That game is gonna be awesome even tho it's a side scroller

  • 5duc29

    That looks awesome! Can't wait for this one.. though they should finish the Altair's Chronicles. I wonder how similar will this be in the Xbox 360 version, story-wise.

  • Dan

    Atleast they arent trying to be too ambitious and fail. This seems like a test product, and once they understand iphone capabilities, they'll get it right the next time.

    • SalsaMD

      its been over a year already. They've had enough time...

      • http://deleted munkee

        That was Gameloft, not Ubisoft - their sister company.

        The game looks good. Besides, you can't really do worse than Assassin's Creed 1.

  • Qasim

    It doesn't look so bad. Sure it's a side scroller, but it looks nice.

  • Tesio

    Sad to say this game look quite poor in the gfx department. I am quiet shocked it looks as bad as it does. Hopefully the gameplay will make up for it, but the demo wasn't very promising

  • 5duc29

    I still think side scrollers are great, even for Assassin's Creed 2. The old games like Mario, Sonic, Metroid were side scrollers and are at best "classics" compared to the newer non-side scrollers. This one could be another classic for me. I guess there's no love for it anymore; Rick Rocketson, Alien Abuse, Rolando (?)..

  • Kevin

    Why make a sequal of a game, that failed terribly that it blew everyones mind out to different galaxy? Side scrolling for this game suck imo. But who knows, this one might be better than last one with more action and you don't have to explore town with invincible people throwing rock at you and sewer with wonderful traps and deadly water. Of course, I'm writing this without my mind because my mind is still in other galaxy.

  • Brian

    Assassin's Creed 1 was a huge disappointment for me. The basis of Assassin's Creed is the ability to freeroam, to make decisions, and the open nature of the world. This is basically a 2.5D platformer with an Assassin's Creed skin.

  • jackson

    i think that because its a side scroller its going to have better graphics and play a bit better and easier. in altairs chronicals sometimes it was hard to know wich way i was jumping. the gameplay will also make up for it for being more like ac2, with one hit stabs and throwing people off of ledges

  • crishnak

    Are you guys serious? I really enjoyed the first one (probably because I never played the console version).

    Ok, it was frustrating difficult from time to time, but not impossible to solve. I guess it would have been easier if they made it 3rd person.

    And this one? I´m not really into sidescrollers with crappy graphics. Even those "award winning animations" do not look as naturally as this guys thinks. Actually they look like crap.

    • killed95

      those animations suck but the once on the 360 are amazing

  • StanisGod

    one word WHOOOO!!!!!! and maybe a few more after.

    I LOVE AC for the ps3, and the itouch version was okay as well.

    i think ill snag both just to follow the hype lol.

  • Dejota

    It is like the old 2D versions of Prince of Persia, some of the movements of the main character are even the same.

  • mogul

    I don't know if Ubisoft actually chose to do a simplified graphic style or if they tried to do better graphics but failed. Or they are just lazy. Anyways, graphically it doesn't look good. It's too plain and boring. I like Ubisoft and Assassin's Creed on Xbox 360, but this is quite disappointing.

  • Droppin' Loads

    Looking forward to the American Idol app where I can play as Ellen DeGeneres hitting on Portia di Rosi.
    Also, looking foward to AC2!

  • spiffyone

    The first game on iPhone/touch was a port of a DS game.

    This "sequel" is simply a remake of sorts of the older 2D sprite based side scrolling Assassin's Creed for cell phones...but now with "snazzy" 3D polygon graphics.

    It's not really a new game, folks. That's why it doesn't look like it's taking advantage of the platform.

  • your personal robot

    Step backwards.
    Part 2 just a 2.5D sidescroller?

  • Victor

    besides some control issues in the first one I thought the first Assassins Creed was great as long as it wasn't compared to the original game. But this game looks like it's gonna be a typical mobile phone version of the real game. And it looks really cheesy.

  • Craig

    I cannot WAIT for assassin's creed 2 on my iPod touch, but what did the guy mean when he said "An exciting fan app and short films on iTunes?" What's the fan app?

  • TEI Thessaloniki

    I love this game 🙂

  • Guy

    This would be nice game, if it would have same 3D as like at first iphone assasins greed. this looks kinda nice but its sidescroller soo that is bad=(
    and the first one had lot of glicht/bugs, and some off those characters had wrong voices sometime.
    But i must check this one tho=)

  • Parker

    Assassins creed 1 looks like a way better game I own it on my iPod and at least it was a full 3d game this is just a side scroller with 3d graphics I hope they revise this game

  • justin

    is it out in the app store yet cause i havent seen it i been looking for it

  • Altair47

    Release date???? Shouldn't be out??

  • eziofurti


  • Kite111

    It TOTALLY came out day and date with the console versions.

    • DC

      Maybe they decide to not release it, and instead make a decent game on the Iphone for once. Maybe they didn't want to be one of those companies that take advantage of the gaming craze that's moving onto the iphone and instead want to embrace & improve upon the device as a gaming system. Maybe they realized that it wasn't right to feed off those stupid enough to buy a game that shares the same name as the one they bought for the Xbox360 or PS3 thinking it would be somewhat close to it in any way, shape, or form. Maybe they learned to care in light of it being Christmas time... or maybe they F****d up and are still going to release the same shitty game. That would mean that all the time they had working on it was spent with their thumbs up their asses. If that was the case then we could all be playing Avatar which is a much better game and could probably teach game makers everywhere what kind of a game you could spend your time making.
      Good thing that's not whats happening and AS2 came out on the same day and it the graatizt gemm everssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!

  • mc122

    Did anyone notices that they spelled Ezio's name wrong? His full name is Ezio Autidore de Firenze. NOT "da Firenze"

  • Alex

    Looks great but 5.99$ is pushing it.