screenshot-1Wandering around the PAX floor today sniffing out iPhone news I came across Ash from Subatomic Studios showing off Fieldrunners [App Store] while handing out swag to anyone walking by. It's no secret that Fieldrunners is going to be a premiere title for the PSPGo's equivalent to the App Store. The game is obviously getting tweaked for the PSP, but the two new levels not found in the iPhone version of the game will be coming sometime this holiday season via downloadable content (DLC) at 99¢ per map.

If you haven't seen the two new maps, check out this trailer for the PSP version. Frostbite is the winter themed one, and Skyway is the air field map.

Another interesting point of the discussion may be of interest to other iPhone developers, according to Subatomic Studios, porting the game to the PSP Go was an easier transition than they initially expected. At the $250 price point it's hard to say what kind of a customer base will be available for Sony's App Store, but any competition to get Apple to streamline how things work on their own App Store is a good thing for everyone.

Subatomic Studios also has some new games in the works, although they were reluctant to talk about them. They said we could expect some announcements next year.

  • Slapshot

    I did not see a Sky themed level.

  • pahncrd

    Awesome. That means we will be getting more maps eh? Fieldrunners is a game I always find myself coming back to on the iphone.

  • arta

    I see the ice one, not the sky level.

  • Kita

    I'm still waiting for their next big iphone game since Fieldrunners was one of the first polished iphone games to come out. I'm highly skeptical of the psp go though, not sure if the mainstream people (hardcore gamers will never adopt it) will plunk down 250 for a handheld gaming system. From what I understand, these psp app games are exclusive to the go.

    • PrivateJoker

      I class myself as a hardcore gamer and I have a PSPGO pre-ordered. I don't know what makes you such an expert Kita.

      • Kita

        The general consensus on gamefaqs is that people just aren't buying into the idea of a more proprietary handheld system that's on it's 4th revision. I understand that the Psp Go is Sony's attempt to counter piracy and keep the brand alive but they've already been conducting polls that talk about a touchscreen handheld before the Go was even announced. I've already bought the psp twice and I would rather wait 18-24 months after the Go releases and buy the next true psp instead that will do a better job of taking on the DS an iphone.

      • Moroboshi

        I don't think the opinions of the fanchildren at Gamefaqs are of any interest. I consider myself a hardcore gamer and I'll be buying a PSPGo. I like the idea of having proper console experiences on a tiny device which weighs next to nothing, and has all it's content stored entirely internally. No more silly discs or cartridges.

        The PSP has some pretty fantastic games, - stuff like Disgaea 2, Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker, Final Fantasy 13 Agito, Gran Turismo, Soul Calibur, and Little Big Planet should make it well worth the money.

      • ZZMitch

        I thought the PSP was geared more towards "hardcore" gamers?

        I won't be buying to GO at launch, but I hope to have it by the end of the year...

  • ocha

    I'm a little on the hardcore side but I plan to buy the PSP Go.
    One thing though is these Minis on PSP should work like all other games on the Playstation Store and play on all systems not the PSP Go exclusively unless I'm mistaken. The consumer userbase is already there outside of the PSP Go.

  • Rad

    "iPhone version of the game will be coming sometime this holiday season via downloadable content (DLC) at 99¢ per map."

    @ .99 cents per map you won't see me upgrading, a multiple maps pack maybe.

  • Scott Babcock

    My handheld gaming goes all the way back to the Lynx (and gameboy). I have been playing handhelds for over 20 yrs.
    I paid $500 for a PSP from Japan.
    If you want to know the truth, I would do it again.

    I would spend $1000 for a handheld if it was great. I think a lot of people are ignorant about handheld systems.
    I actually value them much more than consoles. Instead of having to hermit in front of a TV for 10 hours a day, I would rather have the freedom to play anywhere I want.

    How would you know what hardcore gamers will or won't adopt?
    I am hardcore and I have my PSPgo Pre-ordered.
    And I can still love my ipod touch, PS3, 360, Wii, DS, etc, etc.

    As far as 'mainstream gamers'...I probably play 1 percent of the titles they play so I could care less.

  • Moroboshi

    Fieldrunners is a rare case of a game which will actually play better with a touch screen than with buttons. That said, although I enjoyed Field Runners I think Star Defence is the best tower defence title on the iPhone. (with an honourable mention for Vanguard Storm)

  • spiffyone


    The consensus among most "core" gamers, not just on GameFAQs but other sites as well, is that the ones buying the Go are either non-PSP owners buying it for form factor alone or are PSP owners (usually original 1000 model owners) who want it for the same reason. The rest are content with sticking with their 2000s or 3000s because, honestly, the digital download games will work for all of them anyway.

    I still think if Sony wanted to appeal to the crowd that digs mobile platforms like iPhone/touch, etc., they would have been better off putting PSP tech into a Sony Ericsson phone and/or their Walkman line of portable media players.

  • Snap

    Just to clarify, PSP Minis, as they are called, will be able to all existing PSP owners. That's 52 million if anyone was curious. The "Minis" are not exclusive to just the PSPGo even though the share the same launch date.

  • sanuku

    99¢ is to much for each Map. Espacially if you remember how few the Game itself has. I hope that they really change their Mind because Fieldrunner was a good TD Game but with a lack of Maps.

  • QuebecRage

    I have nothing against the PsP (in fact I have one) but fieldrunners without a touch screen ???? TD games are perfect on the iPhone because of the natural, fast and easy way to control the games.

    So happy we'll get the 2 new maps 🙂

    I love this game so much (this and The Creeps)