3448347672_10766a14c1jpgPixel Mine's Underworlds [99¢ / Free] is a hack and slash RPG that I really found myself enjoying back in April when I originally reviewed it. Since then the game has seen a few updates which have added things like music, online leaderboards, and other tweaks but none have been anywhere near as substantial as the impending 1.2 release.

According to Bill Money of Pixel Mine, Underworlds content updates are going to "chapter system" that will work very similar to D&D modules which are self-contained adventures that use your existing character usually with minimal relation to other modules short of a story hook to get your character to the beginning of the next one. The second chapter of Underworlds will have more than twice the content of the first chapter and the level cap is getting raised to 50.


The new town of Termon will act as a hub for your adventures and will feature a magical fountain for restoring health versus McTavish's caravan in the first chapter that left you chugging potions to heal yourself in town. The quests found in Termon and the surrounding area will have multiple solutions to allow players to choose their own path, and through the main quest you will come across various side quests to create a much less linear experience.

Chapter 2 features five different maps, compared to the single map found in Chapter 1. Some of these maps are dungeons which are repeatable. Players can return to them as many times as they want to fight harder monsters with new treasures. In these different maps you will come across over 20 new monster types and spell casting NPC's.

IMG_0077Two new in-game movies have been added along with a pair of new feats, all unlocked through questing. Giant Strength increases your character's size and strength for 10 seconds and Bullseye increases your dexterity for a short period of time so every hit you do is a critical hit. Since a hack and slash is nothing without piles of loot and treasure, Pixel Mine has also added thousands of new armor and weapon combinations.

The Underworlds 99¢ sale will persist at least until the update is submitted, so if you've been waiting to pick this one up, now is your chance. If nothing else, now is a good time to try the lite version. For more screenshots and information on Underworlds Chapter 2, check out the thread posted in our forums.

App Store Link: Underworlds, 99¢ - Underworlds Lite, Free

  • QuebecRage

    About time but it may miss 2 things:

    - The game begs for another class (ranged or Magic). Playing as the same melee warrior type feels like an incomplete game. Is it that hard to had 1 or 2 classes with their special abilities? I'm not a developper but I don't think so.

    - A lot of people erased the game form their iDevice since Zenonia has been out (which is really great) and with Zenonia 2 coming in a few months it may be too little too late for Underworld de re-establish itself on the App Store.

    • Slack

      Agreed that a magic-using class would be great. Probably a ton of extra work but it would make the same levels replayable again.

  • Boomhaurer

    Doubt it, Zenonia blows.

  • http://underworlds.pixelminegames.com OneEye

    There is always room for more than one solid game in a category. IMO Underworlds can stand up to any RPG out there right now.

    Pixel Mine

    • QuebecRage

      You guys did an amazing effort with UW but I still think that you took too much time for 1.2 to come out (especially without new classes). In my opinion (and a lot of user) it can't stand up to Zenonia and Zenonia 2 coming out later this year. If you had upgraded sooner and more often than YES it would have stood against any RPG and you wouldn't had to cut down the price to 99¢.

      Dont take it bad, only my opinion as a gamer.

      • http://underworlds.pixelminegames.com OneEye

        With a large RPG you aren't going to get fast content updates. That's just the way it is. RPG's are the most time consuming games to create.

      • http://www.mentation.nl/thanatist/ Thaurin

        The update took long, but I can totally understand why. It's not that easy to add so much content and have it all be right. Adding a few new classes is not that simple neither, because the whole thing does need to be balanced which can take a ton of time.

        I never deleted Underworlds from my iPhone and it is in fact the only game on iPhone that I have played to completing, I think. That must mean something. These new enhancements will make the game what I've hoped it would be from the first release, i.e. more content, feats and items, side-quests, bigger town area, repeatable dungeons, etc.

      • jon

        Unless there are tons of new graphics it shouldn't take too long to add things. After all the game uses xml levels. Make a map, set creature x to spawn here and there— dropping this set of things. Move on.

        New graphics and classes would mean new sprites and lots of work. I'll wait until I see what's changed to say if this was worth the wait. But as it stands the depth of this game was pretty weak in the first place, so I feel like I've lost interest in it.

    • Slack

      This is also an American style RPG, which appeals to a lot of us who aren't into Zelda/FF clones. I think there's room for both.

      Besides there's going to be a renewed fanbase for Diablo next year (hopefully, if 3 comes out then) so if this game keeps chugging along with updates (and, ahem, new classes) I think it could keep selling for a long time to come.

      Great job on the game, Bill... Thanks

  • NotYou

    Finally!! I've haven't touched this game in months but I left it on my iPhone because I knew this update was eventually coming. It can finally serve more purpose than just taking up space on my home screen.

    Good news.

  • ActionJackson

    Diablo clone

    • Slack

      Yeah so? If you get rid of all the games that could be considered clones the store would be almost empty. Besides it's been a long time since Diablo 2 and who knows when 3 is coming out so it's a great fix for fans of the game.

  • http://costa.kofeina.net CoSTa

    Finally I'll have a reason to not to drop this game from my iPhone. Waiting for this update cause it is a good game and I spent some good time with it.

  • http://www.negativeformat.com distraub

    Will there be a map in the update? I found myself getting lost in the crypt.

  • Tim

    Ok! This is why Apple needs to create a save game management program that is syncable to iTunes darn it! I played the heck out of this game and then deleted it to make room for other games. Now there will be a massive update and I have nothing to show for myself!

    I know that I can use AppBackup - and I do... but I didn't find out about that program until after I deleted Underworlds. Can't say that I am going to play the entire game again just to be able to play all the new content.

    When it comes to RPG's I'm a play and throw away kind of guy. Exept for final fantasy tactics... I beat that like 12 times... BUT THATS NOT THE POINT!

    Ok, I guess I should have asked if I can play the new content without my old save data before I started on my rant... so can I?


  • SheiknetChris

    I'm afraid. There goes my precious free time again!