shrekkartiphonescreen01Here's what appears to be the first in-game footage from Gameloft's upcoming kart racer Shrek Kart.

We first heard about the game just a few days ago alongside news that Konami was releasing their own kart racer for the iPhone as well.

The Shrek Kart video actually looks very nice and clearly integrates a lot of themes from the movie.

Suddenly, we find ourselves quite a bit more excited about this title after seeing this video. Shrek Kart is due in September.

Thanks mallory623

  • Liam (aka TGR)

    It actually looks pretty cool!

  • Captain Capricorn

    Looks good, Mario Kart for iphone but with more endearing charcters. My gf and myself will love this.

  • K

    I hope it has local multiplayer!

  • Capone

    Even though it's fun to play kart games via local WiFi, I prefer online play. Not everybody has friends using an iPhone or iPod Touch.
    I play Mario Kart Wii for about 16 months now, almost every day. I think I just would've played it two or so months without online mode.

  • Alex

    I hope it has a virtual analogue stick instead of motion controls only, I've had a 3GS since launch and I really can't stand games which use motion sensing controls only, just too fiddly for my liking.

    • Capone

      I would love touch controls like in Snail Mail.

    • spiffyone

      It's only "fiddly" on games that use it right if you're spazzing out while controlling the game via motion sensing. Remember: slight movements of the wrist are all that's needed.

      Only reason to have touch control on racers on this platform are for those that don't want to make mistakes on a jostling train/bus/car or those that want to play while lying down on their backs in bed. For the rest of us, motion sensing is the better control method for racers.

      • SSarl

        Still, some of us just don't like accelerometer controls. I just can't get the hang of it and don't enjoy games that require you to play that way. No matter how long I play them I don't seem to get better, it always just seems like it's almost out of control and it's just dumb luck instead of skill if I win. Virtual joypads aren't ideal but at least I feel like I'm in control.

        I'm not going to try to talk you out of liking them, but you're not going to talk me into it either, I will never buy an accelerometer game again. I wish games would offer both schemes since motion control feels more like something that should be an option than forced on you.

  • Tim

    What dev's need to start integrating into games is a 3GS option switch that will add more polygons and a higher frame rate... and stuff...

    just like "the cube" had an option to turn on progressive scan (if you had a tv that would support it) and the XBox360 has options for different output ratios and qualities.

    You still play the same game, but some of the quality depends on your specific hardware.

    Dev's need to start building games like that. This way all the 2G/3G users can join in the fun and the 3GS guys can take full advantage of their JESUS phones.


    • spiffyone

      The problem with that example is this:

      GC games with progressive scan support were developed with progressive scan support. And all you needed was the right TV set and right set of cables to enable it.

      The different aspect ratios depend on what the resolution is on your TV set, not really the 360 game itself. If a game outputs 720p on 360, that means it was developed at that resolutions.

      But adding polys is more work than that. Quite a bit more. And that's one reason why more and more PC developers have gone to the home consoles. Single spec = less time/money during development.

  • TKO

    Neat. I'd like a good Mario Kart clone. I've got a good number of racing games, but nothing so far that quite brings home the feel of this sub-genre.

    I'm happy with tilt controls for racing games. Feels right to be using the device like a steering wheel. The mistake most games make is not tuning it well.

  • PeterM11

    It looks okay... but my main problem is that I think I would get annoyed by having the same Shrek characters all the time. Idk.

  • Qohnn

    This honestly looks good, so does the game play:)

  • Dark NRG

    All due respect, what does "immenent" mean? Krazy Kart and Commodore 64 were BOTH listed on the front page as coming out "immenantly"

  • Carl

    I agree that the iPhone is fine as the wheel for racing games, just make it so you can tune the sensitivity and I'll be happy.

  • fun games for kids

    The game play, graphics, background music and sounds effect, I love them all.

  • benjamin

    i must say that this looks good.but as we all know,gameloft will ask like 5 bucks in the beginning and like 3 three weeks later they will drop it to 0.99 cents.
    this one is bether than crash bandicoot i think.becouse i've deleted crash bandicoot the day i bought it.i expected it to be more like the ps 2 version.and i hope that shrek kart will also have more features of it's biger console versions

  • matriax

    Seems the DS version with animals but with cars in iPhone version.

  • spiffyone

    just hope it has a better framerate than Crash Nitro Kart, which nowadays is friggin' atrocious for an iPhone/touch game.

  • hawks12thman

    My my, Gameloft is on a roll.