Snood is finally coming to the iPhone according to the official website as Snood Redood. The new Snood game offers both classic and revamped versions of the popular game.

  • All new Snoodity, with redesigned characters and levels!
  • Three gameplay modes for play in short bursts or for hours at at a time. Get your Snood on in Story Mode, Classic Mode, and an all new Time Attack Mode!
  • New magic Snoods, including Joker and Da Bomb, make puzzles and harder difficulty levels even more challenging.

Snood is a matching puzzle game that was originally released in 1996 and became very popular. Basic gameplay is described:

Each turn, the player launches a Snood of randomly-selected color into the play field. If the Snood lands adjacent to two or more Snoods of the same color, all connecting Snoods of that color vanish and any pieces left unattached beneath the vanished Snoods drop down. The player's score increases with the number of Snoods eliminated.

The game is said to be "Coming Soon".

Thanks Steve

  • sticktron

    Looks like Bust-a-Move, which incidentally, is also coming out soon.

    • areg

      clone of the clones of the clones.

  • wegmans

    I've been wondering what's been taking them so long! I think this is a definite buy! I don't think i've played it in like 7 years ha

  • Galley

    Definitely one of the ugliest games ever made.

  • NightCrawler

    There are tons of games on the AppStore already which is the exact copy of this. %80 of the games on the AppStore are clones. Most people take a game, make new graphics and try to make it seem like a new thing.

  • danny

    I love snood

  • Commander Keen

    I never understood how an ugly flash ripoff of Bust-A-Move became a selling title on multiple platforms.

  • Oneiromancer

    Although Bust-A-Move came out in the arcades in 1994, beating Snood's release by 2 years, from what I can tell Snood was the only one of the two games to be released on a Mac. Considering the proliferation of Macs throughout schools in the US, including colleges, it's not surprising to me that a lot of people have fond memories of Snood compared to Bust-A-Move. I'm pretty sure that I played Snood before Bust-A-Move, on my college roommate's Mac.

    For the record, I'm not a fan of this sub-genre so I don't really care much about this release, but I wanted to pass on the history lesson. 😉

  • Lucky

    it looks like a mess XD ugly ...

  • Erick

    Well, I played Bust-a-Move long before Snood. But Snood (prior to version 3.0) was by far the better-designed game. There are subtle tweaks in Snood (notably, danger bar manipulation and loose collision detection), putting the emphasis on strategy rather than aiming precision. At first Evil level looks impossible to win, but with careful planning one can clear a random board 99% of the time. This made Snood a far deeper and more satisfying experience (looking beyond the cheesy graphics).

    Then in 3.0, they added the same type of tacky power-ups as Bust-a-Move and ported to Windows. The strategic depth of the game was lost (although could be recovered by turning off the bonuses), but also the mouse tracking became horribly clunky and unusable in 3.0. I stopped playing Snood after moving to OS X since 2.x was a Classic app.

  • Capone

    Well, Snood is one of the most famous games on the Macintosh platform. Especially in the 90ies almost every Mac gamer loved Snood.
    I look forward to the release. I'm curious how it will work on the iPhone.

    • Septimus

      To be fair, of the 6 or so Mac gamers (of which I was/maybe still am) aren't that fussed.

  • Septimus

    More like, oh shit Bust-A-Move is coming, quick get this announced now!

  • joe

    does it come with trojans too?

  • Donna

    I love Snood! This is a very addicting game - now I'll never get off the iphone! I like the look of the Deep too - will pick that one up today!

  • Dayv

    I'll hold out for Bust-A-Move, even if it costs more, to avoid the ugliness of Snood.

  • Travis

    Snood was the best!!! I can remember all my friends being absolutely hooked on the game. With such a huge following, iPhone Snood is sure to be a huge hit. Maybe even #1 if priced right...

  • Neil Anderson

    Somehow missed Snood back in the good old days ... maybe I\'ll try it this time around.

  • Steve Sabol

    Between Civilization, Snood, and Madden, the time vultures of yesteryear are/will be alive and well and living on my iPhone.