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Introducing Mad Monkey Studios, an iPhone 3GS Exclusive Game Developer

MMS_NewGamingExperience_iPhone3GS_r7_c2Since we first got word about the new iPhone 3GS at the WWDC keynote, we’ve all been wondering when we will be seeing the first 3GS-exclusive titles. We’ve seen a few games so far that have been optimized for the 3GS with fancy lighting, and even a few that take advantage of the compass. None of these games really provided much of a “Wow!" experience though, and basically just served as tech demos for some of the special effects found in the 3GS hardware. None have really pushed the hardware as far as it could go.

Mad Monkey Studios today announced they will be developing games exclusively for the iPhone 3GS, and released the following video benchmark demonstrating the performance difference between iPhone 3G and 3GS. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the 3GS mops the floor with the older iPhone hardware, but this raises the question of whether or not we’re looking at a simple benchmark or a glimpse at their first 3GS-only game.

Their first game will be announced soon, and is said to include a “cutting edge 3D look never before seen on the iPhone." They also have “plans to use the shading capabilities to their full extent to create visually innovative games." Needless to say, we’re going to be keeping a close eye on this project. It will be interesting to see the community reaction of this title, especially with the 40,000,000 iDevices in the wild which will quickly become obsolete for gamers if this trend catches on.