warpingI spent the afternoon chatting with Bruce Morrison of Freeverse regarding their upcoming title which was shown at the iPhone Launch Party, Warp Gate. A game that is sounding more and more ambitious each time I hear about it, Warp Gate is a galactic conquest and trading game that is working up to having an amazing amount of depth for an iPhone game.

Players will master commodity markets, battle space pirates, and meet several friendly and hostile alien species. Featuring a fluid and ever changing economy, 6 warring factions including 2 alien species, a full arsenal of weapons including lasers, missiles, shields and beams, all spread over a galaxy of more than 75 planets and space stations in 32 star systems.

Sounds pretty crazy, and I can't wait. This bundle of screenshots is just a small sampling of what is coming in the final version of the game.

  • http://torley.com Torley

    Ooh, feels kinda reminiscent of Escape Velocity, which I enjoyed thoroughly back in the day.

    • http://www.matecha.net/ amatecha

      Exactly what I thought almost the instant I saw it - TOTALLY reminds me of Escape Velocity! I just exclaimed "holy crap" at the video. πŸ™‚ I almost half expected to see a "press L to land" message. haha

      The only thing that concerned me is that it didn't show any of the game UI in the video or screenshots - as in, commodity trading screens, etc.

      Regardless, I'm definitely keeping my eye on this game... Looks super awesome!

  • http://www.myspace.com/moonsofjupitermusic RM imagery

    Getting my spacesuit ready...

  • OhSoleMio

    Wow looks nice. Looks a lot like EvE Online.
    I can only hope it's half as deep as EvE.

  • myrobotwillneverdie

    While Galaxy on Fire was alright, this looks waaaayyyyy better!!
    I can't wait. What's the word on the timeframe?

  • MoneymakerM5

    Reminds me kinda of Mass Effect

  • http://www.slidell4life.com Chad

    EVE Online anyone?

  • Eric

    Yeah, totally looks/sounds like Eve, and that's not a bad thing.

  • Jindofox

    This is totally my thing, and Freeverse has proven their ability to deliver fun, cheap, and good-looking games. I'm a little sad that iPhone is the only place for space games like this, nut I'm sure glad to see these titles coming out.

  • http://shallowbay.org threeze

    Wait, is it more like Elite or EVE? I think I would prefer an Elite game on the iPhone.

  • http://ctsgrsphics.com Daniel

    Wow! Like everything I wanted from GalaxyOnFire β€” but didn't have.

    I look forward to it.

  • Entropic

    @Torley: Yeah, that was my first thought, it looks like Escape Velocity.
    Which is a good thing. It'd be great if EV Nova somehow got ported to iPhone, but I don't know how likely that it.

    This looks really good, though. I can't wait to hear more about it.

  • Noah

    Can someone port EVE Online to the iPhone please? By someone I mean CCP. Please? πŸ™‚

  • thr

    if only it was Homeworld.... here the design is not very pleasing but that's secondary.... wait and see

  • Defiant Soul

    I've been waiting for a respectable Escape Velocity clone since the app store opened. I can't wait!!!

  • DC Universe

    Why is there clouds in space.

  • BeyondtheTech

    Nebula look like clouds in space. Kirk takes the Enterprise into the Motara Nebula in Star Trek II, as well as VGer's cloud-like formation in Star Trek I... Ok, I totally geeked out there.

  • Bobster

    Looks a lik a sweet Elite clone!

  • Fokion

    Oh yeah, Ascendancy on the iPhone. More like that, please.

  • Robert

    Cool! but there is one thing missing: complete control of you ship (xyz-axes).

    But I'm getting this.

  • Dan Dare

    Looks like what Galaxy on fire should have been. Privateer anyone?

  • JD

    Looks so sterile...

  • http://mohammadfauzitaib.com along123

    wOWee ..looks pretty massive and awesome. For, the iphone, that is. I'm not really into this kind of game but I might try this one. he he.

  • http://powso.com Totalsam

    Back in the day, my eyes would bleed from Escape Velocity marathon sessions. If Freeverse packs in 1/2 the depth as Ambrosia did, this'll be a killa title.

    Too bad there's no combat footage in the vid though : /