towersofwarWe got a tip today from Conniption Entertainment about their upcoming Tower Defense game, Towers of War. While tower defense is becoming one of the more crowded genres on the App Store, in my opinion, there's always room for another.

What sets Towers of War apart from the competition appears to be a unique upgrade system and an epic in-game story line, which all takes place in a medieval fantasy setting. Conniption will be initially including over 12 tower types, and 9 3D rendered play fields (some with paths the creeps follow and some open field). Each level has its own accompanying cut scene to drive the story as well as many different types of creeps and bosses.

towerinfo1In Towers of War, instead of simply tapping "upgrade" on your towers, players will have to make strategic choices when managing resources and upgrades for each tower. For instance, the Archer Tower can be upgraded to hold 4 Elven archers, and then those archers can be equipped with either crossbows or longbows.

You set up these defenses in a world torn apart by war, where the powerful sorcerer Magog leads a dark army seeking to annihilate the inhabitants of the Eastern Lands. King Seth and his alliance of men, dwarves and elves set up defense outposts throughout the region in attempt to turn the invaders away.

Conniption Entertainment provided us this trailer which shows off how the narrated cut scenes segue in to the start of each level, as well as a few different tower types, creeps, and even a level boss in action:

Towers of War 1.0 will be submitted to the App Store soon, and Conniption Entertainment says they already have plans for two substantial updates down the line. The first of which will allow players to design their own fields and creep waves, then share them with the world. For the second update, they're going to be working towards including an elaborate worldwide multiplayer mode.

  • HardcoreEric

    Is there a reason for the all the buildings in the trailer and only one map? Do they have some type of importance in the game?

    • ConniptionMike

      Yes the buildings have major significance in the story line of this game. There's only one field in the video because the rest were still receiving final touches from our graphics department at the time the video was produced.

      Josh Rosen,
      Much time and effort has gone into the game play of Towers of War, 6 months in fact. We have separate teams for programming and graphics/3D so I can assure you, no game play was sacrificed for the sake of the sweet cut-scenes. They are the key to pulling the games story together.

      Conniption Entertainment

      • Josh Rosen

        Hi Mike,
        Thanks for taking the time to reply! I think it's cool that you guys have a story to go along with the game. If you have a story, cut scenes are a good way of expressing it. I guess in my personal opinion, I'm not a huge fan of traditional story telling in games. But, that opinion is certainly not the norm, so I shouldn't "hold it against you" 🙂

        I'm a game developer/designer myself and I've been very interested in this issue over the last year or two. I certainly know a lot people who love stories in games (including myself). But, in hindsight, I think it's always been that we loved the story and/or loved the game. The gameplay and story are usually very separated from interactive and non-interactive states (especially when using cut scenes and not a system like Half Life 2). So, again personally, I've decided to focus my development entirely on interactive gameplay and not traditional story telling (something more like CounterStrike in contrast to Halo).

        Well, I should continue this thought in a blog post 🙂 I'll send you an email if I do. Again, sorry if I was being too critical 🙂

        Good luck on your game!

  • sekazi

    I do not think my iPod can take another TD game. I already have The Creeps!, Fieldrunners, geoDefense, Star Defense, TowerMadness, TapDefense and another one will just make it ridiculous.

  • skamando

    This looks more than a little generic.

  • Josh Rosen

    Hmm... Don't want to be harsh, but maybe put more effort into the game instead of making all the 3D cinematics.

  • cheezeburger69

    Looks sort of like tap defense...

  • trevariousj

    i like the dudes voice in the video its quite peaceful and maybe this will be the td weve been looking for to actually have a good story plot

    • Devilishly Good

      Looks cool to me...yes, there is always room for more TD games...each one of them has something that makes it unique from the others.

  • Adams Immersive

    At least the TD genre is crowded in the GOOD way.

    The bad way would be dozens of shovelware titles that you have to sift through to find anything worth playing, and even then, what you find may not be very unique. (I'm looking at YOU, match 3!)

    The good kind of crowded is to have lots of GOOD games in the genre, with nice variety between them. There are probably a dozen iPhone TD games I've tried, and all were worth playing and have something unique about them.

  • wegmans


  • arta

    Looks like Tap Defense with a long overdue graphics upgrade. Actual gameplay graphics could stand to be a little more better to match the cinematics.

  • Shane

    this looks more than a little bland compared to other recent TD offerings.

  • matt

    I'll give the Lite version a go

  • waveshaper

    This looks really nice ... awaiting for more info and or screens, but it will result in a instant buy i guess.

  • Dark NRG

    nothin new.

  • Kintaro360

    I am so tired of TD games.... please make it stop!

  • IzzyNobre

    Oh look another tower defense game, that sure is an original concept that is not played out at all.

  • Nikola Bathory

    TD is cool, but who needs 10 such games installed?
    I have 1 full (I bought it) and 3-4 Lite versions.
    I don't think I need more.
    Hey, Conniption Entertainment, PLZ update Zombie Invasion! (I have it, yes)

  • André

    I liked it. If it is good, i will buy.

  • winterwaves

    last thing we need are more TD and lame MMORPG apps.

  • cookiemonster

    this "looks" better then all ther est of the td games that have come out...hopefully the gameplay can match and the "epic story"

  • Laments

    The thing about td games is that there ARE a ton but few are actually fun to play. With this game I see the potential of having fun while following an in-depth story line. I have been playing td games for years. Normally on WarCraft 3 Custom games. This game will be a good addition to the iPhone and iPod Touch. I am definitely going to get this game.

    Good job Conniption!!!!

  • Brian

    Looks like a well above average take on the tower defense genre. A lot of high quality TD's been coming out lately, though I'm quite looking forward to this one.

    Isn't Magog some bad guy in Revelation?

    • cookiemonster

      i believe youre right about Magog being some crazy bad guy in the bible somewhere...interesting