ghostbusters_logo screenSony Picutres Television has just released Ghostbusters [App Store] for the iPhone and iPod touch.

They’re here to save the world again! It’s up to you to take on the role of the entire Ghostbusters team. Equipped with outrageous gadgets, help our heroes capture a wide range of supernatural baddies in this new casual game, thanks to unique & easy one-touch gameplay.

Features listed by Sony:

  • The authentic Ghostbusters universe: official characters and their outrageous gadgets, funny and frightening ghosts, famous locations from the 2 movies.
  • All 5 NY boroughs and 10 hidden ghost cards.
  • Challenging levels with 3 game modes: Adventure, Time Attack, and Ghost Fever!
  • Interactive objects & environments: teleporters, monsters to avoid, and slime, air-vents, and pedestrians.


Ghostbusters is being discussed by our readers in a forum thread.  Stay tuned for our closer look, shortly.

App Store Link: Ghostbusters, $4.99

  • jackson

    looks like bull-s**t!!!!!!!!!!

  • SalsaMD

    I thought this was a 2009 iphone forum, rather than a 1999 cell phone forum???

  • Juan

    Is it me or these are the sprites from the Ghostbusters Sega Genesis Game?

  • Nightbringer

    This looks like the STRIDER Sega pixles mixed in with umm... a NBA JAM bighead code with sometipe of onscreen gps &^$* mixed in to boot.


  • ZenTigerpaw

    Apparently anything iPhone/iPod Touch has to be 3D now. Ugh, despite the 2D Sega Genesis like look, this looks like a fun game.

    • SalsaMD

      If I have a brand spanking new 60" LED flat screen TV with 5.1 sound and the only thing available over the networks, or on digital medium is 1940's black and white mono flims, I would not be happy, no matter how good the movies are...

      • nsilva1380

        wow...guess Citizen Kane sucks because it is not full color, full of explosions, sex, violence and CGI...your point is lame.

  • Oliath

    That's not even a review!
    It's a press release from Sony.

    And did you mean to write 'our readers are disgusted by it'
    as opposed to readers are discussing?

    • Blake Patterson

      As I indicated in the post, a closer look is coming later. This is an "it's out" post -- to let people know that the game is out. It's a title that many remember fondly on the 8-bits years ago and it's coming from Sony Pictures.

      I will evaluate the game in my closer look, coming shortly.

      • rich_952000

        It appears that Oliath has forgotten his manners.

        Thanks Blake, for letting us know when noteworthy games are released.

        Touch Arcade has done a wonderful job of "informing" the iDevice community thus far people, please let them continue to do so. Nowhere in this article does Blake give any opinion; as he said this is simply a "released game article".

        I don't see what the uproar is all about anyway, some of you are the same people who peed your pants when he craptastic Sonic was released.

  • astrosaurus

    Wow, the art direction looks pretty terrible. Can't comment on it gameplay wise.

  • Alex Hardy

    I think people are right to be disgusted.

    Check out the trailer for Ghostbusters on the Nintendo DS. if *this* was coming out I'd be thrilled, but EA can keep this.

  • wegmans

    this looks so cheap, what a joke game..

  • Anthony

    Ya I am surprised at how bad the game looks in those photos. The DS version of the game looks like Halo 3 compared to this Ipod release. Eh at least the 360/PS3 versions are getting mostly good reviews.

  • Ardent Meridian

    "Slimes" the App Store is about the right phrase ...

    The perfect game for the iPhone would have been the original Commodore C64/Atari 8-bit version of Ghostbusters. Give it the option to run with the original graphics (for purposes of nostalgia) as well as a refreshed view, and you would have had a winner I think.

    Looks like a cheap move to cash in on the name/games on other platforms.

  • mgabrys

    re:"As we indicated back in March, the game features a storyline written by Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis and is effectively Ghostbusters III, according to Aykroyd."

    That's in reference to the PS3 version you schmuck. It's not in reference to this pile of retro-plop pushed out in the school of Spore Origins, an advert pretending to be a game - for another game on another system.

    Oh ya - Ghostbusters III on the iphone - with Sega bobbleheads - that's SOOOO deep! Put - down - the - bong, you're skimming a PR sheet from your marketing lords and masters. And have you ever looked at your hand? I mean REALLY looked at it? Wow...

  • Jim

    I think it looks cute but, if Jeopardy! is any indication, I won't know until Sony releases it to the Canadian store in a few months.

  • SoSkuNky

    Ya obviously a miscommunication, this is not a new game, it's a port of the old sega genesis version. If the word "retro" or "classic" had been inserted somewhere there would have been no "it's ugly" drama going on. I remember the game as being quite taking, so this shouldn't be thought as total garbage. I see the point some are making about the press-release mix type of info we're getting in the news of this site (that suits the app junky we are) but remember that the writers/reviewers are trying to go as fast as they can, and thus commit the common miistake in modern journalism: the copy-past syndrom. If toucharcade wants to keep any edge over the competition, they'll have to get the 'a priori' criticism back. But look at the paid app advertises at the top if this screen, don't expect any decent journalism ethic anyways.

  • Stormchild

    What's with everyone acting like an entitled jackass in the comments around here lately? As if anyone cares about your opinions. Touch Arcade is trying to provide comprehensive info about upcoming games on the platform…what's wrong with that?

    It's a crappy movie license game; almost every movie license game since the dawn of time has sucked. If you don't like it, surely one of the other 10,000+ iPhone games is more up your alley? Why waste your time spouting off about this one if you're not interested in it in the first place.

    • Jim

      Shadows of the Empire is a great game to have grown out of a movie franchise. Terminator Salvation for the iPhone wasn't half bad either. Oh, and don't forget the Goonies 2 for the NES; it had a mermaid in it for some reason. 🙁

      • Stormchild

        You're right. Goonies 2 was AWESOME.

  • Anthony Carmine

    C.R.A.P. !!!

  • Anthony Carmine

    CRAP !!!! .........................

  • Shelli Farahkhan

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  • Ericshuford

    I like this game back on my phone ok