peggle2At long last, the highly popular mobile game Peggle [link] from PopCap Games has dropped in price all the way down to $0.99. The game was originally released at $4.99.

Peggle, which MSNBC named one of the "Top 5 most addictive computer games of all time," is a 2D game in which the goal is to use an aimable ball launcher at the top of the screen to fire a ball into a screen full of pegs and bricks and eliminate all orange-colored pegs and bricks before running out of balls.

The iPhone version of the game has seen rave reviews and has made converts out of many doubters. For only $0.99, it's definitely a steal. The only real complaint from the iPhone version was the lack of music, but we've heard that music is on the way.

[ Full HD version | Low Bandwidth version ]

App Store Link: Peggle, $0.99 (Until June 14th)

  • Sebastian

    This has finally taught me to not buy a game when it first comes out. Thank you Popcap, I won't be buying "Real Racing" until it's 99 Cents.

    All this is ruining the platform. If this keeps up there will never ever be games out with budgets in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not millions, because you will never be able to re-finance them as long as the competition is willing to whore themselves out like this for dubious reasons like some developers' conference or because the developers wife's mom has a birthday.

    God I'm so pissed.

  • Adams Immersive

    Things go on sale. Special deals are out there--on Amazon, at the grocery store, everywhere.

    I don't get mad about every sale I miss. Some I get, some I miss--to the tune of a few bucks.

    I do much prefer when the sale comes FIRST, but sales later in game's life are fair too.

    The main thing I'm wondering is... should I wait for Peggle Nights, if I'm only planning to get one of the two?

  • DannyV

    Thank you Sabastian, completely agree. Popcap, stop devaluing your great products, you should be embarrassed.

  • Stanley

    This kind of artificial, unsustainable price reduction isn't healthy for the platform in the long run. As soon as a title drops down in popularity, it loses almost all of its visibility.

    Ideally, games and applications would thrive at price point that suits both developers and consumers, free of Apple's ranking constraints.

  • spiffyone

    What's really strange is that Peggle was actually selling well at the original price. Really well. Really really well.

    So I don't understand the need to drop price so drastically. I can only assume that Popcap has fallen into the idea that if they get more "eyes" by lowering the price (and therefore selling more at such a low price) the increased sales will offset the potential loses.

    It's fool's gold, and far too many devs fall into the habit.

  • DannyV

    Yeah, I was about to buy Real Racing at $10 because since I got my Touch i've been supporting the quality apps, but screw it, for all we know Real Racing will be 99 cents tomorrow. I feel bad for developers that actually put the effort into games to make "REAL" games instead of those little GARBAGE apps at 99 cents, because of those apps the app store is so messed up, thank you to all you mediocre developers. Yeah I'm upset.

  • popejohn

    awesome grab! im glad i didnt try this out when it was new

  • Galley

    You know what? I paid $5, but I would've gladly paid $10!

  • Exo

    @ Sebastian:

    So Peggle, a perfectly good game drops down to 0.99, drawing more people who had never heard about it, like me, to go buy it.

    Because of that you refuse to buy Real Racing until it drops in price.

    And you wonder why there are no high-budget games on the system?

  • sekazi

    I like the game but I would have not paid $5 for it. I will gladly pay $0.99 for it.

    I am buying it in about a minute.

  • yupi

    LOL at you whiners. Keep dreaming, for you'll be waiting for AGES to see Real Racing drop to a dollar. The best you can hope for is maybe $5 in 2 months.

  • Measles

    Glad for the sale since I already bought Peggle on my 60 GB iPod, but wanted to add it to my iPhone. Now Sega needs to drop Sonic to 99 cents so they can double-dip me on that iPod title, too.

  • DannyV

    I'm not sebastian, but I agree with his comment. Alright I'm about to respond to your comment and know that I'm not trying to insult you in any way, I'm just trying to state the truth. There are three main reasons why the app store is so messed up:
    1. Because of people such as yourself, that refuse to pay for a quality app. Know that quality work is worth a quality price.
    2. Because of developers that go along with this cheap mindset and devalue their work at the expense of quality.
    3. Because of non-professional game makers that think they can create something worth anything and just end up making garbage that doesn't deserve to be sold.

    Now for your second question. We refuse to buy Real Racing now because the app store pricing is so unstable that who knows, we may be burned again tomorrow because it goes down to 99 cents. I mean developers might as well just price their games at 99 cents from the start if that's inevitably where it's going to end up, because there will be a time where nobody will buy at the starting price. Just being real.

  • Blake

    So is Peggle Nights coming to the iPod touch also? That would be awesome!

  • Jeff

    I just bought it for the $1. There are a lot of games like this which I would not pay $5 for but I have my eye on for when the inevitable price drop occurs.

    I do think there is a problem with the system though as it seems temporary price drops are the best way to boost a game on the Top 25/50 rankings. Peggle is at #3 right now and I would not be surprised if because of this it hits #1.

  • Exo

    I can see where you're coming from, and lol - I've bought Real Racing and it seems you haven't so you're wrong there- but an attitude like that seems to be -to me at least - somewhat hippocritical.

    Likewise I'm just voicing opinion, not trying to insult at all, I can understand your point somewhat.

    Sure the app store has the problems you just said, the apps constantly get sales and quality games are never made. But you and Sebastion and refusing to buy Real Racing because you're afraid there will be a price drop - I can understand that. But in doing so, you criticise the app store, but you're also the ones that are contributing to the price drops and the lack of quality games by refusing to buy.

    I was glad Peggle dropped to 0.99. I hadn't heard about the game before but this price drop made me go out and grab it. But I've also bought Real Racing, and hey, I love the fact that its a rare quality game for the iDevices. If you become reserved and don't purchase games for fear of a sale, wouldn't you get yourself into a catch-22?

    Fear of possible sale -> refusal to purchase game at full price -> Games forced to drop price from lack of sales.

    Just my 2 cents anyway

  • Fokion

    Peggle is not really an original app, and there's hardly anyone that hasn't played it, one way or another. Seeing as I already had this game on DS and 360, there was no way I'd buy it for the iPhone as well. Until it dropped in price, that is. Now I got it without a moment's hesitation.

    Of course, it would have made much more sense if Popcap had dropped the price in anticipation of another major release on the iPhone. Still, can't complain.

  • TKO

    My god that's a lot of whining about a very good product. It was a great deal at $5.00, I bought it. And now it's come down to $1.00 I've been e-mailing all my iPhone/iPod Touch owning friends and telling them to get it.

    The difference is four freaking dollars. It's nothing. Even at the 'expensive' price it's *half* what it costs on the PC. If a company wants to put their stuff on sale, cool, more power to them. I only get pissed when I pay $5.00 for Boulderdash and find they didn't do elementary bug-testing, or $5.00 for Phaze and find it's just not what i was hoping for, or when Namco expects me to pay over $6.00 for Pac-Man or Ms Pac-Man when they've obviously gone to very little effort for it. (or $10.00 as those were previously ..I think those Namco guys must be high.)

    Hope you guys make a boatload of money on this Popcap. It's a very fine game, ported well, and deserves to be widely enjoyed.

  • Nintendo Blog

    I'm glad I waited a while for this but not sure why I did as I knew it was excellent. Maybe I'm psychic and knew of a price cut. Yeah that must be it! 🙂

  • Sebastian

    See that's all I'm saying. Nintendo Blog put it absolutely the way I think we are having a problem here. "I am glad I waited".

    The thing I'm angry about is not that it DID get cheaper. I am angry about WHEN it got cheaper and WHY it got cheaper.

    On the PC platform, you ALWAYS start at around 50 to 60$ for a game and you can be almost sure that in two months the price will drop to 20 to 30$ and in about a year you'll get it for either 10$ as a single game in different packaging OR you'll get it in a game compilation.

    Now, if let's say EA brought you the next version of NHL 200x, which in itself is a game that's already been out and that's basically re-released each year with miniscule changes (and it finally bit them in the ass) that doesn't change the fact that it simply will NOT go on any kind of "SALE" within the first month of being released.

    It's not ME who is ruining the platform with "that attitude". Mind you, there are people out there who are not willing to pay for anything and there are examples given on the net where developers tell you about the rate games are pirated. THOSE people are ruining the platform.

    I myself payd 25$ for Zuma back in the day and if it were to be released now on the iPhone I would've payd 5$ for it in a heartbeat (if Stoneloops wouldn't already be on my iPhone).

    But I would still be pissed to no end if they'd drop the price, even for a nanosecond, to 99 Cents after two weeks. Because that basically means their sweetspot for selling the game has ALWAYS been 99 Cents, and that those 4 extra dollars are the ripoff. Or maybe they made their money back and then dropped the price so their sweetspot changed. That way I (!) payd for all the people who now get it cheaper.

    Next time I won't be the dummy. Period. And about Real Racing: I would buy it if I weren't that invested in playing Go-Go Rescue Squad, Peggle, Blimp, the new version of Flight Control - and with my balls. They came for free and I think in the future I'll play with them until shit drops to a price it can compete with free ball scratching.

    And you didn't address my second point at all. I said that if the prices are in such shift, you'll never be able to put out games that are produced on a higher budget and HAVE to sell for a high price to even remotely make their money back. If this keeps up, 20$ games will never ever be published on the iTunes Store. And I'd be willing to pay that for certain games, especially because the OpenGL|ES graphics will demand a real high production budget this is nothing that's far fetched, it's a damn reality. The 3G S is out there, and if gaming companies whore out their product like this, nobody will ever start producing high quality games for the iPhone, no matter how good the tools are.

  • Crim

    I bought this for $5 for my iPod Mini (3rd Gen) and played it all the way through ... at $.99 PopCap has made it attractive enough for me to buy it again. This is well worth $5 for anyone who hasn't played it, and a no-brainer at $.99 (much like FF VII for PSN @ $9.99)

  • gadlaw

    Ah well, I bought it at five bucks and it's still a good purchase for me. Am I sad I didn't wait until it was 99 cents? Nope. Great game. They're going to sell a heck of a lot more and more folks will see PopCap Games as worth the money and will there with the next release, simple. Things go up and things go down in price. If I must have something now I'll pay the price, if not then I'll wait, well I'm still waiting for all those XBox 360 games to go down in price - 60 to 70 bucks? Crazy and not going to do it. And Peggle games are still 25 or so bucks on the Nintendo DS??? Why the heck would I want to find out if I like a game at that price? iTouch games are bringing the fun back at fuve bucks a shot or a buck a shot.

  • nooooddy

    I can see both points of view here.

    I bought Peggle at $5 and thought that was great value given how awesome the game is. But I appreciate that the arbitrary time between launch and sale is frustrating.

    I mean, c'mon guys, $4 saved = FOUR PURCHASES OF iFART. Am i rite?

  • DannyV

    See, I'm not upset at the fact that I lost 4 bucks, because trust me, the game was wayyyy worth 5 and I definitely got my money's worth out of it by beating the entire game (I would have paid 20 bucks for this game), it's the fact that I want to see this platform succeed and with the things I mentioned above happening, I just don't see it succeeding.

  • Sebastian

    Yeah that's my main gripe as well DannyV. It's not the 4 bucks, that's not my problem. I had the money, I thought the game was worth 5 Dollars but what Popcap showed me is that not even they themselves thought that it was worth the 5 bucks since they are now selling it for less. They devalue their own product, same as other companies having an everlasting "60% off" sale from the start and never actually following through with raising it.

    It's not a new market anymore. The Appstore has been around for a year now. Get your frakking deal straight.

  • Ujn Hunter

    I also bought this game day one for $4.99 and thought it was an excellent value! I had heard all the hype and talk about Peggle on PC for so long that when it came out on XBLA for $9.99 I was still skeptical... but at $4.99 on my iPhone hearing it was just like the PC version, and ported perfectly with nice control... No brainer... I would have gladly paid $9.99 and still felt good about it... at $0.99 it's a steal... why the complaints? Buy it! Have fun! Heck I tried to get my brother to buy it at $0.99

  • Matt

    For those like me , who didn't buy because I heard there was no music in the game, go ahead and buy. I love the music that plays when you get the last peg and that's in there. I don't really care about the other music.

  • iwhore

    I just tried to download it and it said "cannot purchase. item currently being modified"

    wtf? Does that mean they're ending the sale early? It's not midnight on the 14th yet!