Chillingo has just posted the official trailer to the upcoming "synthetic" shooter Circuit Strike.One from Chillingo and H.Grendade.

Audio/Visual effects like music, environments, vocal samples, and sound FX are mixed in real-time and triggered in sync with the music while playing. As intensity levels change so does the game world. also features a dynamic, sliding time scale where audio speed and pitch are warped in real-time when using the bullet.time hack. Hypercube hits, Teleportation and some Chain Reaction kills also trigger slow motion effects. 3l3tronic, aka. DJ Vitamindevo and Bianca Dino, stepped up to deliver pulse pounding beats, fills, breaks, and hits that create a fully interactive audio soundscape.

Screenshots and additional info can be seen in our earlier post, here. A release date has not yet been indicated.

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  • Alichan76

    my brain hurts...

  • istopmotion

    That looks insane! I love those types of games - can't wait πŸ™‚

  • JPanther

    Second that...but still cool! Mix of GiTS-esque environment + space shooter? Awesome.
    But the release date...?

    • Big Albie

      The game was submitted yesterday so expect something in the next two weeks give or take.

      • JPanther

        SWEET!!! Can't wait!!

  • Kamazar

    Can't frickin' wait!!!

  • GodSon

    That hurt my brain more than i enjoyed the vid...

  • ZoopZilla

    Zzz... Migrane!

  • Mega-Zord

    Phew! that was, well a head fry! What the hell was happening there?

  • Ataru-Hori

    Looks amazing, especially since there was no "SUP BITCH!" in sight. Glad to see someone had the sense to drop it, Quality control rules!
    1st day purchase for me!

    • Tim

      Good call Ataru! I wondered the same thing when I saw the entry, remembering the preview some time back...

    • Chad

      Hope it's in there bitch. I'll buy it just because it has it in there.

  • VoodooVyper

    Visually, this game is stunning and beyond impressive. But I'm afraid I know not what the hell is going on gameplay-wise. Mayhaps I'll just have to play it for myself.

  • Ataru-Hori

    I wonder why the left it out of this video then? I'll be mega mad if I buy this and all that cringe worthy text is in there! I'm so looking forward to this. I hope this is not some marketing trick. Surely Chillingo has the sense to drop "SUP BITCH!" & has the final say over quality control.

    • Alichan76

      I hope your right.
      It'll take only a few minutes after release to find out from someone TOFTT'ing it.

    • Chad

      The only thing cringe worthy is the sad obsession with a phrase. Juvenile? It's a hacker theme and we all know there's a legion of candy kid hyperactive immatures with mad computer skills. No one else would have invented such goofy "leetspeak".

      If the game is good but someone can't get over something like "Sup Bitch", I will have to immediately ignore any review I read from that person.

  • Santos

    Interesting to see that since this game was mentioned (ages ago!) that sup bitch etc has been a real sticking point in every forum, website, thread. I wonder if the developer & Chillingo are listening, it kida looks like it from the new video. If I could just add my 2 cents? I must agree that it does look better for not having sup bitch in.

  • Ballpeen

    Hard to tell what is part of the game and what was added for the video.

    I would like to have seen 30 secs of *just gameplay* at the end..

    • Jimmy_James

      Yes, have to agree!

  • Jimmy_James

    What a mess of color, sound, text, explosions, nothing seems to go together! I need an asprin!

  • Rocco

    I absolutely don't understand all this trouble about a 'sup bitch'.
    It's like hating a movie, because someone is saying 'f**k' in it.
    This is a lame side of the free America I can only laugh about.
    I hope the dev sticks to HIS decision. Because it's HIS creation.
    If somebody wouldn't purchase it because of this little detail,
    I would just say, poor guy, miss your fun and use the time to grow up.

    • Alichan76

      We're not all from 'free America' you know! It clearly just doesn't sit right for a lot of people. Why get so personal about it. Take a breath of fresh air mate...

      • Rocco

        Haha, that's funny, I seem to be the only one who is relaxed in this case πŸ˜‰

      • Rocco

        Sometimes a dev just should do, what he want's to do. He himself wrote some great lines about too many cooks. I see a time coming, where people want to decide, which color a wall has to have in DOOM 9 (just example). Every dev needs to have his own freedom. If you have a problem with a sup bitch (which is ridiculous), then simply don't buy this game πŸ™‚ But then it's not the devs fault, it's simply you and your psyche.

      • Alichan76

        ...Your grasping at straws. And don't give me that 'just don't buy it' nonsense. If it weren't for the consumer the developer would be no where except the shi**y end of a stick.
        This will be a great game I'm sure. Swearing in a game is ok by you, not by others...fine. End of story...

    • Blake Patterson

      It just hit me as a little juvenile, in the context of such a game. Just seems an odd blurb to pop up there. Maybe it would seem less odd to me in GTA or something.

      • Rocco

        Perhaps the GTA dude is flying that ship πŸ™‚

  • Big Albie

    The big sticking point for CS.One as for any game will be the controls, and they will make or break this game.

  • RM imagery

    Agreed. If this controls tight and intuitively, this has mega potential.

  • Chad

    Watch me shut down the credibility of everyone here who complains about an immature phrase. Fart app: Best seller. "Immaturity" isn't going to hurt your game. Do what you want se7en. You'll do fine if the gameplay rocks. Some of these trolls must be confusing it with some linquistics app.

    • Jimmy_James

      "Shut Down The Credibility" I think not Chad. What's so annoying about "Sup Bitch" is the context it is within. This game looks amazing but it's just a pain that it's ruined with unecessary phrasing, it just doesn't sit right in my opinion.
      The fact that your defending it is rather strange, as i quote a previous post by you

      "Hope it's in there bitch. I'll buy it just because it has it in there".

      your quote says it all really & you appear to be the target audience for adolescent content.
      You also mention the fart App which is confusing, this has nothing to do with Circuit Strike on any level, the fart App's target audience is a very different one from Circuit Strike & the content is very different. Circuit strike's gameplay doesn't seem to be immature or juvenille in any way so why ruin it with some unnecessary phrasing?
      And I'd thankyou not to call certain posters on here "Trolls" we are afterall passionate about gaming & have the right to our opinions. Some of us just think that some of the content in Circuit stike one is a little misplaced & could be bettered with just a few changes.

    • Alichan76

      But it's in context with the game. Blake is right. It just feels pretty daft to see that bit of blurb pop up in a game like this. GTA yes, top down shooter? Not for me. But we are all different apparently...

  • h.grenade

    Hehe - Man, I love this debate!! : ) Just so everyone knows I did remove "sup Bitch" but not because its offensive to some. Honestly in context of the game you would barely notice it. There are 12 insults in all and they come up random. I decided to pull it personally because I didn't want Apple to reject it right now. I want everyone to be able to play yesterday!

    That said, I am going to bring it back in a future update as a hidden option. Then I can rate the game 17+ and make the insults way more in your face. I have been an online hardcore gamer for a long time now and I have heard some funny stuff that I would love to put it. But it will be offensive for real ; ) Again, it will be a setting that players can choose.

    I might even do a completely political correct spoof version to and it will all be rainbows, butterflies and unicorns : ) Watch what you ask for!! haha

    I can't wait to own you all on the global leaderboard : p

  • h.grenade

    BTW - There are some new gameplay videos floating around the net too but I am sure by next week it will be easier to find.

  • Alex