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Upcoming Space Shooter ‘Circuit Strike.One’

Shay Casey of h.grenade games has written in to alert us to his upcoming space shooter Circuit Strike.One for the iPhone and iPod touch.  He describes Circuit Strike.One as the perfect game for the Geometry Wars fan who would enjoy a larger playfield and more Asteroids-like pacing.

The game features a music visualizer and changes in sound effects / music that are tied to the gameplay in a fashion similar to Rez.

Some of the features as listed by the developer:

  • Real-time Music Visualizer Effects Synced to Gameplay (hits change tempo, add fills, trigger visuals, etc. in time with the music)
  • Glowing Retro 3D Graphics Style Environment
  • Pulse Pounding Techno Soundtrack by DJ Vitamin Devo
  • 3D Camera Based Menu System + User Interface
  • High Speed Inertia Based Physics + Gameplay
  • Frenetic action and control in Zero G
  • Bullet-time Slow-Motion Game Mechanic
  • Time + Skill Based Difficulty
  • Multiple Intelligent Enemy Classes

Casey intends to provide us with a gameplay video in the next few days, so stay tuned for a closer look at Circuit Strike.One.