tw1EA's Tiger Woods PGA Tour has finally arrived in the App Store [link].

Features of the game include:

  • Touch and drag to engage the Swing Meter
  • Swipe your screen to activate the Ball Spin
  • Golf through 7 of the most famous courses in the world
  • Play as or against Tiger Woods and challenge 4 other PGA Tour golfers
  • Enjoy 3D graphics, realistic sound, and moving environments
  • Personalize your User Profile and customize your very own golfer
  • Record and track your game statistics


Early adopters are reporting their first impressions in our discussion forum and we'll provide impressions and gameplay video shortly.

App Store Link: Tiger Woods PGA Tour, $9.99

  • Mannion

    Nice to see you used my picture 🙂

    Really is a great game, buy it!

  • smokin okin

    nice, i'm probably gonna pick this one up on my other accoutn and get a refund for it, thanks EA, furthermore showing how iminent the NFS release is

  • yourofl10

    I will most likely get this, look fun.

  • Some_Dude

    $10?!?! Meh, I'll stick with my perfectly enjoyable Let's Golf.

  • Yoshi 256

    And where is Need for Speed, EA???

  • popejohn

    1. its too expensive
    2. I hate tiger woods
    3. did i mention i hate tiger woods?

    On another note, Let's Golf seems to be more of a fun game and at a better price, ill wait for the lite version of Mr Woods before i put my money on the table.

    • Mythbuster

      @popejohn: who cares if you like Mr. Woods ...

      • erik

        who cares what you say?

      • Alichan76

        ...who cares about what you say about what he said about what he said about...oh sorry. Broken record syndrome!

  • Mythbuster

    Tried the game and it is just grrat. It's worth the price!

  • Greg

    Boohoo, $10.

    I could buy 3 iPhone games for the price of a single DS cart and especially if they're DS quality like the improved Assassin's Creed, we're getting a bargain. I just hope EA is willing package all the game content as this seems like half of the Tiger Woods experience. No create-a-player, Only 7 courses...

    I'll pay $10 gladly if the game is a full blown game. There's only so many $.99 and $1.99 games I can handle before I want something I can actually spend some time with. I just hope they give the game some TLC after the release such as multiplayer with the OS 3.

    • SalsaMD

      From the game description:

      "Personalize your User Profile and customize your very own golfer"

    • popejohn

      thats right, keep saying $10 is a bargain, and when they raise the price to $30 or whatever let me know if its still a bargain.

  • QuebecRage

    I've played 1 hour so far and this game completely destroys Let's Golf by a long shot. More deep in gameplay, more control, more game modes (Yes there's a carrer mode for those wondering). The graphics lack details but they run at a really great framerate. The only thing lacking for me is the online mode (which is coming in the next update). Compared to the DS version of TG (at 30$) this one should get your 10$ if you are a golf fan.

  • Jeremy

    i'll wait for a few videos and reviews before i drop $10 on this one.

  • Acidbottle

    ive already given this a more complete first impression in the main forum.

    anyone sat on the fence wondering if this is worth $10, well if you like golf games then yes it is! awesome app and with online multiplayer it will be near perfection!

  • TheBennster

    Looks pretty cool! Although the graphics on Lets Golf look way better than this. Can't decide whether to drop 10 bucks on this or get Lets Golf...

  • ringring