Gimme5games has recently released an iPhone port of their charming, cartoonish mobile platformer known as Balloon Headed Boy [App Store] that Pocket Gamer called "a cute, cleverly designed platformer that delivers more fun than a balloon animal sculptor at a kiddies' party!"

bubble_headed boy screen

Help Balloon-Headed Boy race through more than 20 levels of rubberised madness - collect farty flowers to inflate his head and soar between the platforms, thwop those frogs, keep your head above the rising waters, and rescue the balloons so the birthday party can go ahead as intended!

As the developer's description indicates, Balloon Headed Boy is a platformer (touch controlled) that goes beyond the typical run and jump scenario, adding the element of floating -- thanks to an inflatable head -- to the mix.  Collect all the balloons to move to the next level and gain the gift of flight by snatching flowers.  It sounds a bit corny -- and it is -- but the presentation and overall gameplay does bring a smile to the face.

See our brief video of the first few levels to get a better notion of the game.

[ Full HD version | Low Bandwidth version ]

The developer has released a limited, "lite" version [App Store] for those wanting to try before they buy, or play the full web-based Flash version here.

App Store Link: Balloon Headed Boy, $3.99, Balloon Headed Boy Lite, Free

TouchArcade Rating

  • ramon raux

    I just bought this game. I thought it was okay. Not the best of platform games, but it was okay.

  • arn

    yeah, I'd recommend playing the Flash version (linked in article) before buying. The levels seem identical. I thought the game was well done, but "ok" gameplay-wise.


  • Dan

    Not my favorite game, but I still want to stay tuned to the dev because of it's quality.