Ngmoco has released a gameplay video of their upcoming Star Defense game. As a tower defense game, the gameplay should be roughly similar to Fieldrunners, The Creeps or 7 Cities.

The general goal for these games is to protect your base from wave-after-wave of enemies by building up tower defenses. You can traditionally purchase new towers based on money you receive from destroying the enemies.

Ngmoco has provided very few details of this game beyond an early screenshot and this video:

  • Pat

    Another seemingly great game from Ngmoco. I think they'll be a force to reckon with as more games are being released from their camp. Good work!

  • JCat

    I like the way tower defense games are becoming more and more elaborate, and this looks like it could be another winner. Yep, Ngmoco continues to impress.

  • darwiniandude

    Not sure if the 3d nature will actually improve gameplay, however it looks awesome and I will be buying it ๐Ÿ™‚

  • NienorGT

    Talk about great MultiTouch use.
    This game may come the best TD game right now...

  • dunkee

    Meh, why makes something simple more complicated? Ngmoco is way too overhyped. Their games haven't really lived up to the hype. Hopefully LiveFire will. Chillingo is better.

  • arn

    @dunkee I like chillingo, but if you're comparing quality per title, ngmoco wins. You should try some of chillingo's their lesser known titles.

  • dunkee

    agree, if you sum it up Ngmoco wins. But Chillingo hasn't got one tenth the hype Ngmoco has, and if you compare the hype surrounding their game from in early development days (eg: Rolando), their games don't really live up to the hype.

    Sure many people bought and got excited about it, but it's just because it's new. In the forums, thesedays not many people still recommend Rolando, Dr. Awesome or Topple.

  • arn

    @dunkee - hype or not... given the choice, I'd blindly buy the next ngmoco title over the next chillingo title. Again, I'm not saying this to disparage Chillingo. I love them too. But I think your perception of the hype has blinded you to otherwise solid games that, if they were released by anyone else, you'd admit they are amongst the highest quality games on the platform. (and I'm not even saying I really liked every one on ngmoco's games.)

  • benjamin

    the game looks awesome,defenattely the best TD game on the appstore right now.bether than geodefense,sentinel,fieldrunners,7 citys,...etc
    also,the new aspect that this is 3D it will allow us to have bigger maps
    so longer playtime(i guess)

  • dunkee

    @arn: Not too sure about that. I still wouldn't like Dr. Awesome or Topple even if Chillingo (or Illusion Labs) publish them. But if they did, I'm sure it won't be overhyped, just well-balanced. The hype often makes the game sound better than it actually is, it distorts reality.

  • Dudehuge

    Hype is a double edge sword dude. A publisher that is overhyped like you say would have a lot of press but in the end if they didn't deliver the fallout would be worse. Just admit it dunkee, you reallllyyyy like Chillingo, and your opinions are clouded. What app did you purchase from ngmoco that you absolutely hated? Or did Neil Young sleep with your wife? ๐Ÿ˜›

    Here's a better idea, approach a game with an open mind, Ignore the publsher, just judge it by the gameplay experience. Now you won't have any bias or hatred. I guess this is the start of the dreaded fanboy wars for the iPhone gamers. Chillingo and Ngmoco fanboys, time to duke it out.

  • arn

    the other irony to this conversation was that neither topple nor dr. awesome were particularly hyped. not like Rolando, Zen Bound or iDracula were.

  • Alza

    @ dunkee
    I can see where you are coming from with the hype thing, but I've tried to put that aside when I purchase an ngmoco title, and I've found some of their games to be among the best available.
    I still recommend Rolando, because I personally believe it to be the very best game on the entire store.
    Nothing angers me more than reading a forum here on toucharcade and seeing all the ngmoco, and particularly Rolando hate.
    The only way I can understand it is to suggest that some people not only fall for the hype, they expect the second coming as soon as a game looks promising - leading to their feeling let-down and bitter when it's not up to their ridiculously high standards.
    I would say ngmoco and Gameloft are probably the two premier developers on the appstore, maybe chillingo next

  • dunkee

    @Dudehuge: I agree hype is a double-edge sword. No I'm not Chillingo fanboy, I'm just taking them as an example because they're one of the underrated publisher, though things are not as bad now. I indeed got upset with Ngmoco games: Rolando, Topple, Dr. Awesome.

    @Alza: I agree, "The only way I can understand it is to suggest that some people not only fall for the hype, they expect the second coming as soon as a game looks promising - leading to their feeling let-down and bitter when itโ€™s not up to their ridiculously high standards."

    @arn: I did mention Rolando in my first post. Topple did get more hyped than it should have, and I doubt it would get such hype if it was not from Ngmoco.

    All I'm saying is, Ngmoco games always get more hype regardless they're good or not. Of course they're at least average, mostly above average, but if Ngmoco don't publish them, I doubt they won't get the same publicity / hype though they're equally better.

  • your personal robot

    Don't mix up developer and publisher.
    To the game: Already looks very polished and promising. I like, that the sound volume depends on the distance to the planet. This game will bring along a huge hype ๐Ÿ˜‰ And I still am willing to buy it ๐Ÿ™‚ ngmoco simply knows perfectly how marketing works. But in comparison to chillingo their focus is way more on quality tinstead on quantity.

  • Alza

    @your personal robot
    Yes sir!

  • Liam(aka The Game Reaper)

    I'm really looking forward to this!!!!!

  • estyst

    Every level should start with landing of enemy spaceship to start invasion ;d

  • -=XX=-Nephilim

    This looks cool ๐Ÿ™‚

  • No DPad

    I think the graphics in this are looking great and I will definitely get this when it's released.

  • Man of Mystery

    how can anyone say this is 'defenattely the best TD game on the appstore right now.bether than geodefense,sentinel,fieldrunners,7 citys,โ€ฆetc' when all they've seen is a video and some screenshots? that's just dumb

    plus it isn't even on the app store right now

    however the graphics look great, controls seem really nice, and i like the music a lot

  • Josh

    I have played a few TD games on the iPod and so far geoDefense is my favorite but extremely difficult. I hope this one is a little easier and has level progression because right now it looks really good but I would really like to see more information on the towers and upgrade system as well as enemies.

  • izoong

    I'm dispointed. I was thinking of ennemis coming from outer space not directly on the small tinny planet we see... This seemes just one another traditionnal tower defense game with a non so traditionnal look. to bad to me. I'm searching something with a more original concept now

  • ZZMitch


    Looks like another quality from ngmoco! I still love Rolando and this one looks very awesome. Gameloft is still my favorite developer though :p

  • ArtOfWarfare

    I question whether placing it on a sphere will really change the game in any way other than making it impossible to see the whole maze at once.

    I think Super Mario Galaxy's use of spheres rather than flat surfaces for the levels truely changed the gameplay and it was utilized in several of puzzles very nicely.

    IDK whether anything similar could be done in a tower defense sort of game.

  • beekeo

    The graphics look great and the touch interface looks like it should work very well.

    Even though I'm likely to buy this game and enjoy it, I'm going to have to reinforce my suspension of disbelief since I don't understand why that red spaceship decided to land at the end of a long heavily defended road instead of right next to its target. :-/

  • Danny-Doggy

    This looks like it could be really hard since you can't see the whole maze at once.

  • Fred

    The 3D feature is a bad idea and it seems they just added it to separate themselves from other TD games, but it adds a lot of control disadvantages without providing much new possibilities.

  • TareX

    Game looks freakin' awesome. If they make great use of 3D (and not just a gimmick as I've seen in this video) it could be a contender for best iPhone game yet.

  • Big Albie

    While the video looks good and I'm looking forward to this, I'm little wary of the playing field which is the globe/orb. It's seems a bit limiting and may make maneuvering less than idea. 3D is great, but I have to say that the verdict is out on the way it's used here.

  • SalsaMD

    Perhaps the 'jury is out". The verdict can't be made until the game is released. ; )

  • Big Albie

    @SalsaMD: Thanks for correcting me. I was typing faster than I was thinking ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Michael

    I've been a big ngmoco fan and have all of their games, but this doesn't impress me. I might be jumping to conclusions, but the gameplay appears the same as the 10 or 20 other TD's out there. It looks very polished but I hope that there is more than meets the eye. I've been trying to consider the uses of 3d in TD games, but I haven't come up with anything besides bad guys coming from space, or a REALLY 3d environment where you run around building the guns. It appears as if all they did was take a mixture of Geodefense and the other TD's and make a sphere. I hope I'm wrong because if I'm not, it may be the first ngmoco game that I don't buy. ๐Ÿ™

  • Adams Immersive

    I am here to hype Dr. Awesome ๐Ÿ™‚ It's Awesome. Well, I definitely like it anyway! The controls are great and the address book integration is pretty clever.

    You can't quickly judge the nuances that can make a TD great: look at GeoDefense with its hidden depth and challenge. All I can say quickly is that this sure LOOKS nice ๐Ÿ™‚

  • RegularStormy

    At first glance this looks awesome. At second glance, It looks overly complicated. By making the playing field a sphere you can't see the whole maze at once. I don't like that. In the video there are lots of dialogs popping up that block your view and have to be closed constantly. I don't like that either. I don't like when games add "iPhone features" when it doesn't add to the game (pinch and zoom etc).

    Don't get me wrong, I'm buying this as soon as it is released, but I wonder if it's all flash with no thought about actual fun. I just hope it isn't frustrating to play like the video makes it look.

  • Neil

    @RegularStormy - RE:Pop ups, these are happening when the player is touching towers to upgrade them.

    Really appreciate everyone's insights/thoughts here - thanks.

    --- Neil.

  • Moff

    I can't believe that people can judge a TD game alone from the looks of if. TD games are all about balance and gameplay. Fieldrunners and especially geoDefence nailed the balance, the others did not. I'm sure they sell loads of copies just because it looks somewhat nice and it is 3D. 3D! Wow! Not.

  • Gilly

    @dunkee I'm with ya on the needless complication angle. Not all things benefit from going 3D. This design seems to make it impossible to view the entire field all at once.

  • Coral

    So what if you can't see the whole field at once? It adds another element to the game. I really like the fact that you have to be active in moving around and placing towers. Some TDs like Fieldrunners allow you to sit for multiple waves and not do anything. Plus if you use the zoom in feature it doesn't allow you to see the whole field. I give ngmoco:) props for doing something different, it looks great.

  • Tiltboy

    the basic ideas in tower defence games simply work, they are addictive to play. adding new features and depth on top of that well-working basis should result in even better games. this looks like a piece that could be one of those better games.