One game we think hasn't gotten the attention it deserves is Puzzle Prism [App Store]. We briefly reviewed the game back in February and found it to be a really well done Tetris variant.

In this age of premium $0.99 titles, I fear that some will balk at the $3.99 price. But, you know, they can’t all be gory action-adventure epics. Sometimes you just need this sort of classic “go to” game on your iPhone. One that’s fun, plotless, and has long term replayability. Well, here it is.

We're not sure if our review drove that many sales to the title, but fortunately the developers have released a Lite version to try [App Store].

The free download actually adds a new "Time Trial" mode that is distinct from the "Standard" and "Extra" modes found in the full version. Time Trial limits you to two minutes to attain a higher score and may even be of interest to those who already own the full game.

Both full and lite versions of the game only track your highest 3 scores, and we agree with some commenters that a more fleshed out high score system would be nice. They have, however, added a global high score submission to the full version which allows you to see how you compare to all other players.

This gameplay video (not filmed by us) shows a rushed look at the full version of the game:

App Store Link: Puzzle Prism Lite, Free, Puzzle Prism, $3.99

  • big albie

    Puzzle Prism is an underrated game that is so much more than Tetris. While it's missing some minor things, the game is solid from the catchy music to the responsive controls. Definitely worth more than the asking price!

  • amoe

    not a new concept but still worth trying i guess... nice execution.

  • kiwi91


    I will most likely be getting this game sooner or later.

  • OmniGeno

    I like. I like very much. I just might buy the full version.

  • TSP

    Says in the description that you can play your own music but you can´t in the lite version. Can you do this in the full version?

  • arn

    @TSP I just checked. You can't play your own music in the background in the full version either.

  • TSP

    Thanks arn!
    Then this got removed from my to-buy list, sad as I enjoyed the gameplay of the lite version.

  • Carlos

    Castlevania called, it wants it's music back ;-p

  • foolishwolf

    Castlevania called, it wants it's own app. Come on! Give us Castlevania on the iPhone!!

  • pante

    i bought the full version today.
    this game is FANTASTIC.

  • Future777

    Wow, this is great game and I love the soundtrack!

  • Plantane

    Thanks to this post, I tried the lite version and then bought the full version. What a great game! It reminds me a little of the more recent "Polycubes" (great, also) but more stylish, complete-feeling and at a frenetic pace.

  • Hkiphone

    Such a good idea of them to release the Lite version. I tried it and fell in live with the music, especially BGM2.... I fall into a trace-like state and can feel my brain firing on all cylinders spacially placing the blocks into combos. I love it!!!!!