Tetris Fans Should Try ‘Puzzle Prism’

Now here’s a game that has slipped under the radar for the past few months that I think is worth a look.

Puzzle Prism [App Store, $3.99] a Tetris variant in which you are dropping blocks onto a rotating 2×2 tower. Fill a level completely to clear it. Let the tower grow too tall and you lose. A simple formula, but one that is implemented very well. The soundtrack is solid, the controls work well, the game has a satisfying feel, and I find myself going back to it regularly.

There are two modes of play:

  • Standard – keep clearing blocks to avoid the tower growing too tall.
  • Extra (for advanced players) – the tower descends slowly and you must build a solid block without spaces before it drops below the line. (surprisingly challenging)

This gameplay video (not filmed by us) shows a rushed look at the game:

In this age of premium $0.99 titles, I fear that some will balk at the $3.99 price. But, you know, they can’t all be gory action-adventure epics. Sometimes you just need this sort of classic “go to" game on your iPhone. One that’s fun, plotless, and has long term replayability. Well, here it is.

App Store Link: Puzzle Prism, $3.99