Independent developer Mike Smith let us know that his third person shooter game Caster has been successfully ported to the iPhone. The game should be available next month through the App Store.

The game has been a project of his since college and has taken him just over five years to release. It finally came out in January of this year for PC and Mac and seems to have gotten positive reviews.

Caster involves running, jumping and shooting your way around the environments while collecting energy balls and destroying enemies. The game includes deformable landscapes as well as an upgrade system for movement and weapons.

Smith seems particularly pleased with the control scheme on the iPhone, which is certainly a challenge for a third person shooter. Video of iPhone gameplay:

Demos of the Mac and PC version can be downloaded at his site.

  • Marcus

    Wow. This game looks really good graphically, with full 3d environments too! It does look really hard to control though, with all the extra movements like shooting and jumping and stuff. Looks good though, and with a good instruction manual, the game may just be a hit!

  • Ian

    Keeping an eye on this one for sure, if someone can master FPS controls on the iPhone they will have a hit for sure.

  • James

    "Keeping an eye on this one for sure, if someone can master FPS controls on the iPhone they will have a hit for sure."

    Someone already has just a matter of waiting for them to release the FPS game using its controls 🙂

  • Aidan

    this looks interesting, definitely, I'll have to keep my eye on this one.

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  • Hmm


    That's a control scheme quite a few have been implementing, space trader being one of them.

    But I always wonder, how will they implement shooting with the following concerns:

    1) Not automatic or semi automatic (iDracula) fire
    2) Still enable strafe movements and free view while doing 1)

    **A quick solution I can think of is a separate button, gesture or shake that toggles on and off auto fire.

  • Brett Archibald

    The logo says "Easter", not "Caster"... :-/

  • James

    Space trader? I tried the lite version and its a 2d trading game?

  • Nexus-6

    I think the best FPS controls would involve tilt look, a d-pad in the lower left corner for movement, and tap anywhere in the right half of the screen to shoot. Cube nearly got it right the first time around, but not quite.

  • PeterM11

    looks awesome. a little confused about the controls but they don't look too hard

  • benjamin

    now that's what i call a psp/DS like game defenatelly worth 10$
    many have tried but none have suceeded.

  • PeterM11

    wow. i downloaded the demo for the PC and it is really fun!
    hope they get the controls down. if they do it will be amazing.

  • SalsaMD

    @ Benjamin

    Note the Mac/PC version is only $4.99

  • spiffyone

    The developer is "pleased" with that control method?

    Just goes to show that developers shouldn't be play testing their own games. Just by LOOKING at the control method, and the way the camera wonks out, I can tell that the controls leave a lot to be desired.

    A better method would be the "type 3" controls in Brothers in Arms (which mimicked dual analog controls).

    BTW...I think the game itself looks fantastic. Kinda wish the developer had, instead of making yet another shooter, gone for something like a Legend of Zelda-esque action/adventure. Looks like the engine could handle it.

  • M.W.

    mastering FPS controls is one of the many challenges on the iPhone. No one I have seen has really nailed it with non-complicated, functional, easy to use controls; this one could be the first.

  • PeterM11

    @spiffyone if you play the demo on the computer the camera is still kinda weird. it doesnt follow you when you turn which is odd. I actually think he has the controls down pretty well. I recommend everyone who thinks this looks cool goes and downloads the demo for PC or Mac. its pretty fun. and I might even buy the full version after playing it.

  • SalsaMD


    This is a port, not an iphone original

  • hmm
  • Jim

    No ugly D-pad: I like it already.

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  • spiffyone


    I understand it's a port...but the developer stated that he's happy with the control method on the port. Unless you're alluding to the action/adventure idea using this which case I STILL wish the developer had gone for something along those lines.

  • Chad

    Anyone heard anything on when this may land in the App Store. Having played around with the desktop game, I am excited about this title. I think it lends itself much more to multi-touch. Hopefully it's coming soon.

  • Stephanie

    It's out now. You can buy it on iphone today.

  • Jakob

    Hey People
    I have a jailbroken iPhone 3GS V. 3.1.3 (7E18) and downloaded "caster" over Installous. But when just starting up and then closes the game again.
    Have tried with both the HD version and 1.3 (Latest).
    Have you tried something like that?