Kotaku reports that Yoot Saito's Gabo has been rejected by Apple due to "unpleasant" content. The developer explains:

When is that previously announced GABO for the iPhone going to be finished? I'm often asked that question. Honestly, that was finished a while back. The reason this wasn't made public was, well, Apple rejected the game. (lol) The reason for this was something like that the interaction with the Peking man was "unpleasant."

We looked at an early video of Gabo back in November which was created by the developer of Sim Tower and Seaman.

While "unpleasant" probably is an accurate description of some of the interaction, it's still a shame that we'll not be able to try this strange game on the iPhone.

  • LKM

    Is this some kind of joke? Apple rejects a game by freaking Yoot Saito? This is insane. I want this game! I hope he makes a version for the Pré and sells a ton of copies.

    This kind of random behavior by Apple shows that there's something fundamentally wrong with forcing developers to put tons of time and work into an application without knowing whether they'll ever be able to sell it at all.

  • http://spmwinkel.wordpress.com spmwinkel

    I believe that the application/game called Pocket God is similar, isn't it? And that got approved.

  • http://beesbuzz.biz/ fluffy

    There are so freaking many apps I've tried which have been very unpleasant to interact with, and they reject a game which is only slightly unpleasant when it's supposed to be that way? I don't get you, Apple.

  • s0mah

    And iFart still sits as one of the top 4 paid apps...

  • Adams Immersive

    A grave error in the evaluation process has been made... hopefully Apple will fix their error, or change their mind, as has happened with other apps.

    I don't know if I want Gabo... until they told me I couldn't have it!!

  • iamse7en

    I think this developer has mental issues.

  • iSonic

    And after this, Apple want to compete with Nintendo and Sony ? LOL. Go iFart, go !

  • g

    I guess the pissing was a little over the top. Plus that's a mighty big banana the logo is carrying or is that stroking?

    This is funny but a waste of talent.

  • George

    Too sad! Yoot Saito is a GENIUS

  • meridianapp

    Let's face it, the game is essentially a waste of time and hardly entertaining. No loss here.

  • Crastic

    Oh come on. You *know* you've always wanted to manipulate a cave man. 😉

  • http://mohammadfauzitaib.com along123

    haha ..frankly, I don't think I would be getting this. But, c'mon. Let, the people decide. If, they don't want it then they won't buy it. It's that simple. At least tell them upfront if not, no dev would be interested to create more 'creative' game for the iphone anymore. This could be in the 'mature' rating the least.

  • Crastic

    Well, we've entered the generation of iFart... so it could happen.

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  • MilesO'Toole

    Wow.... Someone is in dire need of therapy.

  • Jesper

    release it on cydia 😀

  • spiffyone

    This is what vexes me about Apple. They don't approved this, or red blood in Zombie Mangle...oh, excuse me, ALIEN Mangle (>_>), but they'll allow blatant copyright infringement like that Duck Hunt game.


    Bunch of friggin' geniuses over at Apple. Really.

    Sort it out, Apple.

    Holy hell....

  • spiffyone

    He should resubmit it with a different title. The morons at Apple will probably approve it.

  • spiffyone

    BTW...is there any way that we, the consumers, can contact Apple and let them know that this sort of thing (not allowing games due to qualms over content) is not the kind of thing that we support and in fact hurts them more than helps them?

  • Jesper

    kind of sucks that it has like 15 soduko games but not original stuff liek this

  • Jamie

    Seems to me that this game is hardly a game .... it doesn't seem particularly pleasant

  • Dudehuge

    And yet they approve a fart app. GG Apple, you suck.

  • hyp

    i say we petition to have this come to app store!!

  • meridianapp

    I say save the petition for something worthwhile that gets rejected

  • Ivan

    This is very disappointing to me. The game looks very interesting. Who the f- does Apple think they are? The taste police? I dont see anything illicit in the game, let people play it. Apple are a bunch of control-hungry prudes.

  • Kevin B

    I have absolutely no use for - or interest in - tons of apps in the apple store. That's no reason for me to deny them for the people that want them. Just because you don't want the game doesn't mean it shouldn't be posted.

    Apple's grounds for rejecting Gabo are baseless, especially with an age rating system in place.

  • Ahiru

    as much as i liked sim tower, this looks utterly boring and useless... even ifart is more entertaining (not saying it IS, but) than this...

  • Mcdoodle

    That video is awesome. Apple really scares me. After all it was apple that made the 1984 big brother advertisement and here is apple playing big brother. Apple has should not dictate developer content like this. Perhaps think different means "think how we want you to". No thanks apple. This is why I will never own a mac. What's next? Will macs block all porn and any material deemed unappropriate? Well that's not what a computer should be.

  • MilesO'Toole

    Just wondering... does he also fling his feces at you? If not, maybe they'll put that in version 2.0. Was the developer actually thinking of charging money for this?

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  • Ian

    this looks like it could be a fun "game". personally, Seaman on the Dreamcast was one of my favorite "games" ever. I really wish Yoot Saito would bring Seaman to the Iphone. That would be awesome.

  • dk206

    this is the EXACT reason why we have cydia and due to stuff like this i will continue to support the jailbroken community as well as the "unsettled" app store.


  • DaveIb

    And yet torturing little girls in that flashtastic piece of ass with the cartoon animals is acceptable. Odd.

  • Mark

    "BTW…is there any way that we, the consumers, can contact Apple and let them know that this sort of thing (not allowing games due to qualms over content) is not the kind of thing that we support and in fact hurts them more than helps them?"

    Use Apple's feedback form to explain that this is why you won't be buying an iPhone:


  • http://jessicasideways.com/ Jessica Sideways

    I hope that Apple doesn't do the same thing to Tower for iPad, which Yoot is working on. I loved SimTower and was sad when Leopard killed Classic mode, making it impossible for me to play my old SimTower game...

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  • Xeliorones

    It's not a game, with cartoon effects and graphics it could have made it. Like it is with a crude realism and sadism it's a lot too close to those torture movies and here you take the bad role. Totally insane and I understand the no go. He can release it on PC if that's so important.