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‘Gabo’ Rejected By Apple for Being ‘Unpleasant’

Kotaku reports that Yoot Saito’s Gabo has been rejected by Apple due to “unpleasant" content. The developer explains:

When is that previously announced GABO for the iPhone going to be finished? I’m often asked that question. Honestly, that was finished a while back. The reason this wasn’t made public was, well, Apple rejected the game. (lol) The reason for this was something like that the interaction with the Peking man was “unpleasant."

We looked at an early video of Gabo back in November which was created by the developer of Sim Tower and Seaman.

While “unpleasant" probably is an accurate description of some of the interaction, it’s still a shame that we’ll not be able to try this strange game on the iPhone.