Ngmoco's Rolando will become available tomorrow, December 18th and has been one of the most anticipated iPhone gaming titles.

Rolandoland is in peril and the Rolandos need your help! Use innovative tilt, tap and
Multi-Touch controls to guide the Rolandos through four visually-distinct worlds and 36 engaging levels. Solve physics puzzles, toy with the interactive environments and evade pesky enemies as you lead the Rolandos to victory.

Ngmoco has provided another gameplay trailer one day before its release (Youtube version):

  • Flip

    GREAAAT!!! πŸ™‚

    Can't wait to play this...but i'll wait a while...just in case the price drops...

  • Madison

    This is THE game I have been waiting for and tomorrow is the big day! I hope it lives up to its expectations but so far the look, the music: all great. Actual gameplay: we'll see tomorrow.

    Now if Sony would just make a Locoroco for the PS2 *which is very different in terms of gameplay than Rolando* that would make me wet my pants.

  • dirty

    I honestly believe this THE title that ushers the iPhone to be a true gaming platform. This brings what mario brought to the NES, Halo for the XBOX, etc...

    I cannot wait, hope it doesn't disappoint.

  • Dan

    guys, vimeo is surely nice, but I'm sure I am not the only one who reads the site about iPhone entertainment on this device.

    trailer's also available on youtube:

  • http://TouchArcade Quebec Rage

    I simply cannot wait to get my hands on this game. This is one of the most complete (and polished) iPhone game that could eventually ends up on othe platforms (xba, psn, pc). I'll wait for a few reviews just to be sure the controls are fine.

    One of the few games (Hero Of Sparta, Brothers In Arms, Aurora Feint II) that is really worthy of the 9.99$ price tag.

    PS: Please stop refering to this little jewel as a LocoRocco clone. It's like saying that all FPS are Quake clones or platformers are Mario-clones !

  • Wolfgang

    @ Dirty:

    Totally agree. I instantly thought of Mario watching this trailer. I have really underestimated this game up to this point. After watching this, I can see how a platformer like Mario could totally exist on this platform, without buttons/dpad. Very exciting. THIS is the kind of thing I'd pay $10 for.

  • wintermoot

    man some of that looks freakin difficult

  • Diabol

    Design reminds me of 'World of Goo' and i'd love to see it on iphone.

  • Someguy

    I have been waiting for this game for so long, and am so excited to see it coming out.

    Slightly disappointed about the amount of levels though, I mean 36, thats, thats rather less than epic, new super mario brothers has 80, and that game seemed a bit short.

  • Finch

    Man I hope Rolando's soundtrack is in any way reminiscent of the trailer music they have had so far.

  • Yoshi360

    Looks great, just hope the music is better in the full version.

  • fluffy

    Hm, okay, so historically I've been one of the ones saying that this just happens to have some superficial similarities to LocoRoco, but now I can't help but think that as it's come closer to release it's been looking more and like LocoRoco. The squiddy flying enemies look just like the bad guys in LocoRoco Coccoreccho, for example.

    Obviously the game play is vastly different and richer, but the visuals are much more than just a similar style at this point.

  • Someguy

    @ Yoshi360

    I like the music it seems pretty cool to me

  • joni

    i need to play it first... not a wow for me..for now..

  • vectr

    The music in this trailer is Mr Scruff - Kalimba.

  • ArtOfWarfare

    Man, with every day that I don't release Void Masters, other games seem to actually be catching up... and even (godforbid,) surpassing!

    ... but it's not ready!

    I have to get the voice recordings finished! I have to refine the multiplayer! I have to... so much more polish is needed... I can't give into the temptation and release a subpar game just for the money. I have to finish polishing. Profits shouldn't be my goal. They weren't the goal when I started. I wanted to make a kick*** game that would finally usurp StarFox 64 as the greatest dogfighter / railshooter / arcade game ever made.

  • dk206

    don't get it

    why is everyone so hyped up about this game?

    rolando? did i miss some history?
    whats so special about this game?

    debrief me. >:D

  • DukeofAnkh

    @Someguy The levels in the New SMB were really short though. Hopefully this is like Yoshi's Island DS in terms of long levels (YIDS had 48 + 6 to unlock, I think, and they were easily 3 times as long as NSMB levels.)

    Anyway, it's halfway through the 18th here (Australia), why isn't it out yet? πŸ™ Silly Americo-centric release times...

  • Surely

    Wow! LocoRoco 2 looks awesome!